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Example sentences for "codeine"

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  1. Other salts of Codeine are not described because used substantially as the above.

  2. This blue colour is apparently common to all ethers of the codeine class.

  3. Morphine and codeine are believed alone to give this reaction.

  4. Ammonia= dissolves only traces of morphine; but narceine and codeine readily.

  5. The codeine in the ammoniacal solution can be recovered by shaking up with benzene, and recognised by the red colour which the solid substance gives when treated with a little sugar and sulphuric acid.

  6. Concentrated sulphuric acid dissolves codeine without colour, but after eight days the solution becomes blue; this reaction is quicker if the acid contains a trace of nitric acid.

  7. The precipitates produced in solutions of narceine and codeine are crystalline and very characteristic.

  8. The treatment consisted of emetics, and afterwards tannin and codeine were given separately.

  9. The physiological action of codeine on animals has been investigated by Claude Bernard, Magendie, Crum Brown and Fraser, Falck, and a large number of others.

  10. The codeine has the advantage over all other opium preparations that it does not affect the digestive organs, and still acts in a soothing manner.

  11. Codeine is only about one-third or one-fourth as toxic as morphine and consequently it may be given in a proportionately larger dose.

  12. Begin codeine early and use freely when a painful reaction develops.

  13. Codeine is the most satisfactory agent for preventing the patient from feeling pain during the most acute stage of the reaction.

  14. Other agents may be used to relieve pain, though none offer the advantages of codeine without disadvantages.

  15. Codeine does not put the patient to sleep as does morphine, nor does codeine constipate or make the skin itch.

  16. Later codeine was placed upon the market, supposedly an innocent alkaloid of opium, non-habit-forming, but still capable of eliminating pain and suffering due to illness or injury.

  17. Codeine is one eighth the strength of morphine; heroin is three times as strong as morphine.

  18. Morphine is the chief active principle, and codeine and heroin are the chief derivatives of morphine.

  19. I also found from my clinical comparisons that codeine has only one eighth the strength of morphine, yet in the end just as surely a producer of the drug habit similar to that of morphine itself.

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