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  1. The general law is that value tends to preserve, and it has been remarked that all the oldest codices which have survived in free environment are sumptuous copies.

  2. The combination of pieces of different origin may proceed partly from the possessors of the codices from which Zaid compiled his first complete copy, partly from Zaid himself.

  3. To prevent any further disputes, they burned all the other codices except that of Hafsa, which, however, was soon afterwards destroyed by Merwan the governor of Medina.

  4. Sacred Codices which had eluded the vigilance of previous Critics.

  5. To these 30, should be added the 3 Liturgical codices referred to at pp.

  6. For the plain reason that it must needs have been once attested by an indefinitely large number of codices more ancient by far than any which we now possess.

  7. Mark's Gospel, which those codices exhibit more unfaithfully than any other codices that can be named?

  8. It can only be proved, in fact, by one who has laboriously collated the codices in question, and submitted to the drudgery of exactly tabulating the result.

  9. The following is some account of those in existence:— Codices in the Imperial Library, Paris: 1.

  10. The codices or manuscripts which exist of Strabo’s work appear to be copies of a single manuscript existing in the middle ages, but now lost.

  11. He was a diligent student of Latin letters, one "who conned not only the books in the monastery, but others in divers places, from which he formed a goodly library of codices of the divines and also the philosophers.

  12. They and their congeners would also make extracts from manuscripts, of which they might have but the loan, or from unique codices in order to preserve the contents.

  13. But we regarded books not pounds, and valued codices more than florens, and preferred paltry pamphlets to pampered palfreys.

  14. Between the glyphs of the carved inscriptions and the codices it may be stated roughly that there is not more difference than might naturally be looked for between a carved and written script.

  15. The Maya writing may again be divided into two classes--the Inscriptions carved in stone or moulded in stucco, and the Codices or Manuscripts.

  16. Of these Codices there are four only known to students preserved in the museums and libraries of Paris, Dresden, and Madrid, and all four are in a more or less damaged condition.

  17. Up to the present time more efforts have been made to interpret the codices than the carved inscriptions.

  18. The inconvenient Scriptio continua in the biblical Codices led first of all the Alexandrian deacon Euthalius, about A.

  19. There are two old codices in the British Museum which have in addition, in a Syriac translation, 37 chapters on biblical weights and measures and 19 on the biblical science of the heaven and the earth.

  20. A careful study of the native Codices has shown me that such was the native allegory which indeed can be further traced.

  21. As I write, I have before me a whole series of painted representations from the Codices of what has heretofore been misinterpreted as images of the diurnal sun.

  22. III), which is found associated with five dots or circles in the Codices and also with the Tecpatl-symbol of the North (fig.

  23. The Codices contain numberless pictures representing a priest, in the act of kindling fire by inserting the drill in a simple wooden beam, usually exhibiting several small holes or sockets.

  24. The Maya and Mexican fire altars and sockets and their association with the earth-mother and alligator in the native Codices has been discussed.

  25. An examination of the originals of many of the Codices reproduced in Lord Kingsborough's 'Mexican Antiquities' will be necessary to determine important points and during the forthcoming year my line of researches will be in this direction.

  26. In the native Codices and in the sculptured bas-relief at Chichen-Itza, there are, moreover, illustrations of navigation by boats.

  27. In his extremely valuable work, Die Goettergestalten der Mayahandschriften, this careful investigator records the various combinations in which this God C occurs in the Codices and impartially weighs the possibilities of its meaning.

  28. However, copies of a goodly portion of the contents of these old books are preserved to us in one form or another, but mainly in a series of huge miscellaneous codices ranging in date from the 12th to the 16th century.

  29. All these five codices have been published in facsimile by the Royal Irish Academy with a description of their contents.

  30. For our purpose it will be sufficient to mention the three most important codices containing Old Irish glosses.

  31. The Milan and the St Gall codices just mentioned both contain several short poems in Irish.

  32. The language in which the huge miscellaneous codices enumerated above are contained is called by the general name of Middle Irish, which is a very wide term.

  33. Among the libraries of other countries, there is hardly one of any importance, which has not like Codices of more or less value to exhibit.

  34. But no one of these codices bore any incontestable mark of its age.

  35. Aids to the Study of the Maya Codices 6: 253.

  36. Cyrus= abstract of papers on aids to the study of Maya codices by =6=: LV sq.

  37. Scholz further states that in four, (he means three,) other Codices very nearly the same colophon as the preceding recurs, with an important additional clause.

  38. Even if we grant them all they ask, the Codices in question remain, by their own admission, defective.

  39. That we are thoroughly acquainted with all of these, as exhibited in Codices of the viiith, ixth and xth centuries,—is a familiar fact; in illustration of which it is enough to refer the reader to the works cited at the foot of the page.

  40. One or other of the four Codices which he employed seems to fill up almost every hiatus which is met with in any of the MSS.

  41. These two Codices shewn to be full of gross Omissions (p.

  42. In consequence of a similar misconception, both Codices are observed to present us with the word “wine” instead of “vinegar” in S.

  43. Codices, (including H, M, and the Codices from which the Hharklensian Revision, A.

  44. But on the contrary, Have the codices been supplemented which contain them?

  45. Instead of beginning practically in the fourth century of our era, with the earliest of the great vellum codices of the Bible, it now begins in the third century before Christ.

  46. In the second of these he brought back upward of two hundred copies of valuable codices from the monasteries on Mount Athos.

  47. Then they reverted to the subject of the classics, and to the valuable codices which Lascaris was bringing back from Greece.

  48. That the upper part of plate LXVI, 25 and 26, and of other similar figures in the codices which might be shown, do make a close approach in form to the ben symbol, must be admitted.

  49. It is also frequently represented in all the codices as on a platter or vessel placed as an offering to some deity, and is often given a yellowish tint in these places.

  50. Copies of glyphs from the codices 242 LXVII.

  51. Copies of glyphs from the codices 226 LXVI.

  52. Copies of glyphs from the codices 260 LXIX.

  53. The usual forms in the codices are seen at 40-42 of the same plate.

  54. Fracassetti informs us that in one of the codices the following remark is added: “This turned out to be true, for the complete Quintilian was found at Constance.

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