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  1. It is subject to a diurnal change that depends on the position of the sun relative to the meridian, and that varies with the seasons and with the hour of the day.

  2. The title of this paper was Astronomical Observations on the Rotation of the Planets round their Axes, made with a view to determine whether the Earth's diurnal motion is perfectly equable.

  3. Astronomical observations on the rotation of the planets round their axes, made with a view to determine whether the earth's diurnal motion is perfectly equable.

  4. This not only obtains in the annual, lunar, and diurnal catenations of animal motions, as explained in Zoonomia, Sect.

  5. For if movement were ascribed to all the rest, why for that same reason is not diurnal rotation ascribed rather to the primum mobile than to the earth, particularly when our senses seem to decide thus?

  6. From her I had got but one other letter--a brief acknowledgment of some of my fullest budgets, but 'twas enough to keep me at my diurnal on every occasion almost on which the priest slept.

  7. Let the eccentric will fly off at ever so wide a tangent for a time, back it must come to a regular diurnal path, or wander away into the "blackness of darkness.

  8. For let no one hope to determine the question whether the earth or heaven revolve in the diurnal motion, unless he have first comprehended the nature of spontaneous rotation.

  9. For the attraction of the planets and the progression and retrograde motion communicated by the earth's diurnal revolution, can plainly affect the sea together, and have a simultaneous influence on its surface.

  10. He first supported the diurnal motion of the earth round its axis, and its annual motion round the sun.

  11. Finally, at the south pole the circles of diurnal revolution are again apparently horizontal, but are described in a direction apparently (but not really) the reverse of that near the north pole.

  12. By revolving on this axis it follows a star in its diurnal motion, so that the star is kept in the field of view notwithstanding that motion.

  13. We determine the apparent position of an object near the pole on the celestial sphere at any moment, and again at another moment, twelve hours later, when, by the diurnal motion, it has made half a revolution.

  14. The unceasing diurnal motion of the image of any heavenly body relative to the cross threads of a telescope makes a direct accurate measure of any co-ordinate except the declination almost impossible.

  15. The uniform speed of the diurnal motion is 15 deg.

  16. When at the pole his zenith coincides with the celestial pole, and as the earth revolves on its axis, the heavenly bodies perform their apparent diurnal revolutions in horizontal circles round the zenith.

  17. Here we have to make a distinction of fundamental importance between the diurnal motions of the sun and of the stars.

  18. As he travels South, his zenith moves along the celestial sphere, and the circles of diurnal rotation become oblique to the horizon.

  19. The other two systems, including the vernal equinox, are fixed on the celestial sphere, and so seem to us to perform a diurnal revolution from east towards west.

  20. Relation of the Diurnal Motion to Spherical Co-ordinates.

  21. Diurnal Motion is to its last distance from the Earth a little more than as 1.

  22. December last, at which time, according to his reckoning, the Diurnal motion of the Comet should already amount to 17 or 18 minutes.

  23. The Earth's Diurnal motion prov'd by the motion of the Comets, 1.

  24. To Mr. Hawkins I am indebted both for the fixing of the stakes and the reduction of the measurements to their diurnal rate.

  25. They are reduced to a pair of tiny outgrowths in the eagles, sparrow-hawks, and other diurnal birds of prey, and in pigeons, and perching birds.

  26. Many of the mottled moths, which take their station of diurnal repose on the north side of the trunks of trees, are with difficulty distinguished from the gray and green lichens that cover them.

  27. The warmer and more unclouded his beam, the more insects are there upon the wing, and every diurnal species seems fitted for longer or more frequent excursions.

  28. Turning now to local factors we find on the west coast a regional topography that favors a diurnal periodicity of air movement.

  29. For the whole period of nearly a year the diurnal variability never exceeds 9.

  30. Among these, diurnal temperature changes operate indirectly by making the snow more compact and also by inducing motion directly.

  31. The critical condition of this hypothesis is the diurnal migration across the freezing point of the air temperature at the bottom of the schrund.

  32. For dry snow masses above the zone of effective diurnal temperature changes, an increasing gradient is required.

  33. Camaná shows a diurnal temperature range of under 10° F.

  34. The diurnal range diminishes with the elevation.

  35. This faculty of temperature adjustment, however, appears to be absent or weakened in most if not in all hibernating mammals both in their normal nocturnal or diurnal sleep and in their winter sleep.

  36. Diurnal currents of wind, which are established from the plains to the mountains during the day, and from the hills to the plains during the night, are important agents in distributing the rainfall.

  37. We, of all the earth “Beheld by Sol in his diurnal course, “We two alone remain.

  38. To change the creature into a wholly diurnal bird is impossible, inasmuch as the entire bodily structure, as well as the temperament, is that of a nocturnal being.

  39. But no diurnal bird will feed in the dark, and as the canary effectually darkens each hole by introducing its head, it will not crack and eat the seed until it has withdrawn its head and restored itself to light.

  40. Great pains was also taken during the summer to measure the advance in every twenty-four hours, as well as to compare the diurnal with the nocturnal movement, and to ascertain the amount of surface waste.

  41. There are a number of works upon general entomology, containing chapters upon the diurnal lepidoptera, which may be consulted with profit.

  42. It is well, in my judgment, to use a drop or two of chloroform in the jar charged with carbonate of ammonia, for the collection of diurnal lepidoptera.

  43. The first description and figure of this insect were given by Doubleday and Hewitson in their large and now very valuable work on "The Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera.

  44. Butterflies are diurnal in their habits, flying between sunrise and dusk, and very rarely taking the wing at night.

  45. This habit is so universal that these insects are frequently called by entomologists "the diurnal lepidoptera," or are simply spoken of as "diurnals.

  46. Drawing on his boots, therefore, is no part of the diurnal duties of a Jamaica hog-hunter.

  47. Both the style and the profuseness were of diurnal occurrence--the mode of Jamaica.

  48. The diurnal appearance of this smoke proved the presence of a human being within the Duppy's Hole.

  49. An uncarpeted floor, composed of the hardest sorts of native wood, and subjected to a diurnal polish, contributes to increase the coolness.

  50. Quashie was not on his usual diurnal duty: his present errand was one of a far more important character, and the duty confided to him of an exceedingly delicate nature.

  51. Not that either cared to look abroad for that diurnal messenger--more welcome to those around whom Hymen has not yet wound his golden chain.

  52. Many of them, it is true, begin the day with weeping and end it with death; but for the most part, thanks to their diurnal allowance of stripes, they are tolerably submissive.

  53. Would you attempt to declare seriously to me, that you never heard the project of Saturninus for reducing imperceptibly the diurnal allowance of provisions?

  54. Already the experiments of Faraday on the rotation of magnets have led him to speculate on the manner in which the earth, when once it had become magnetic, might produce electric currents within itself, in consequence of its diurnal rotation.

  55. The houses that are not so floated are built on posts driven into the mud, and raised above the bank, a precaution rendered necessary both by the diurnal flow of the tides, and the annual inundations to which the country is subject.

  56. The barometer which, previous to this change in the weather, had scarcely indicated any perceptible variation, even in its ordinary diurnal tide, being almost constantly at 29.

  57. Here one or more of the priests of Buddha were guiding their little canoe on its diurnal eleemosynary excursion.

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