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Example sentences for "fortnightly"

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fortissimo; fortiter; fortith; fortitude; fortnight; fortnights; forto; forton; fortoun; fortress
  1. Fortnightly Review, 1869: 'The Worship of Plants and Animals.

  2. Fortnightly Review, the Athenaeum, the Spectator, the Academy and other London critical journals.

  3. And Lord Grey, not forgetting the lonely subaltern in the middle of Asia who once held forth on Imperial affairs sketched out by the cloistered lawns of the Cam, has sent me kind messages and a fortnightly parcel.

  4. Amongst them I started a fortnightly paper called Smoke, the Kastamuni Punch and Tatler.

  5. At the outset the employers intimated that they were perfectly willing to abolish the bond, and establish in its place either monthly or fortnightly agreements, giving preference to the former.

  6. On the one hand, the employers suggested monthly notices on both sides; but the men on the other hand were unanimous in the request for a fortnightly notice, with the option of either giving or receiving the same on any day except Sunday.

  7. The first move made was to hold fortnightly delegate meetings.

  8. The men proposed in the place of the yearly bond to establish a fortnightly agreement, and it was ultimately decided to discuss the terms of the agreement at a second meeting to be held shortly.

  9. It was further arranged that the delegate meetings should be held once a month, and that the contributions be forwarded fortnightly to the general treasurer.

  10. The Pope, the Vatican, and Italy In The Fortnightly Review for July E.

  11. Outis" in The Fortnightly Review concludes that "the Allies are winning, but very slowly.

  12. It had been decided by the Board of Management, somewhat in opposition to my own ideas on the subject, that the Fortnightly Review should always contain a novel.

  13. Signatures to articles in other periodicals have become much more common since The Fortnightly was commenced.

  14. In The Fortnightly everything has been signed, and in this way good has, I think, been done.

  15. It seemed as if her wish were to be fulfilled indeed, and the thought of the new friends and the fortnightly visits to Brantmere filled her with delighted expectation.

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