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  1. This name is applied at Yale College to the printed scheme which is used at the Biennial Examinations.

  2. The printed papers which are given to the students at Yale College at the Biennial Examination, and which contain the questions that are to be answered, are denominated schemes.

  3. How is the quadriennial or the biennial period of the games to be reconciled with the annual growth of the crops?

  4. The biennial (trieteric) festival of the Eleusinian Games is mentioned only in the inscription of 329 B.

  5. The festivals of Dionysus were biennial in many places.

  6. It is unlikely, therefore, that the Greeks ever made much use of a biennial cycle of this sort.

  7. The theory of Censorinus was that the Greeks started with a biennial cycle of twelve and thirteen lunar months alternately in successive years for the purpose of harmonising solar and lunar time.

  8. M62 The biennial period of some Greek games may have been obtained by bisecting the quadriennial period.

  9. That the games were distinct from the Mysteries is proved by their periods, which were quadriennial and biennial respectively, whereas the Mysteries were celebrated annually.

  10. Biennial Reports of the Board of Education, consult annual reports of the U.

  11. Under this constitution sessions of the General Assembly are biennial (meeting the second Monday in May in even-numbered years) and are limited to sixty days.

  12. This biennial Umbellifer is wild in the south of Europe, from Spain to Turkey.

  13. It is a biennial composite, found wild in Greece, Dalmatia, Italy, and even in Algeria.

  14. To obtain these changes, Carriere sowed in September, so as to make the plant almost biennial instead of annual.

  15. The last formations of each yearly or biennial growth vary most; in other terms, the results of vegetation vary more than the organs which cause vegetation.

  16. The thickening of the root was the natural result, since many biennial plants have fleshy roots.

  17. At the Biennial of the General Federation of Women's Clubs held in Boston every mention of suffrage was cheered and no one got such an ovation as Mrs. Howe, the fraternal delegate from the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

  18. By an interesting coincidence the day the suffrage resolution was passed by the Biennial the State Supreme Court pronounced the Suffrage Law constitutional.

  19. Turning from the myth to the ritual, we find that the Cretans celebrated a biennial festival at which the passion of Dionysus was represented in every detail.

  20. A proposal to introduce biennial budgets was for this reason regarded with great suspicion by the Opposition as a reactionary measure, and rejected.

  21. The advent of the Lenbaki is still commemorated by a biennial ceremony, and is celebrated on the year alternating with their other biennial ceremony, the Snake dance.

  22. At the biennial of the Federation of Women's Clubs in 1906 Mr. Enos Mills delivered an address on forestry, a movement which was beginning to engage the attention of the clubs.

  23. Six years later, at the biennial meeting held in Cincinnati, Ohio, in June, 1910, an entire evening was given up to an exhaustive discussion of both sides of the question.

  24. Ladies," she said to the delegates at the biennial meeting of 1904, "Dante is dead.

  25. At the St. Louis Biennial of 1904 part of a morning session was given up to the suffrage organizations.

  26. A biennial is sown one year, blossoms the next and then dies.

  27. Someone might like to know also if the seed was that of an annual, biennial or perennial plant.

  28. The present Ministry also favour the biennial retirement of half the members of the Assembly, in order to secure continuity in its composition, and the institution of the referendum.

  29. Reconnoissance of the State of, being the Author's First Biennial Report.

  30. Since about half the adult females were fecund, it was concluded that a biennial reproductive cycle occurs in this species.

  31. In captivity, at least, some females may not follow this biennial cycle; Stanley Roth (M.

  32. One on the biennial election of representatives was considered the best, and is the only one given in his works.

  33. I consider biennial elections as a security that the sober second thought of the people shall be law.

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