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Example sentences for "fleshy"

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  1. The lumat are roundish with small fleshy protuberances and continually emit watery pus.

  2. A3; a12] be hit on the solar plexus or on the fleshy part of the palm or sole of the foot.

  3. It has a fleshy rootstock which produces a sticky sap, used as a glue for guitars.

  4. A; a] pat successively and shake or massage lightly, usually on a full and fleshy part of body.

  5. The fruit is fleshy and acidic and consumed fresh or pickled: Averrhoa carambola.

  6. At the same time it must be remembered that the granulating process of repair is always more rapid upon the plantar cushion and fleshy sole than upon the bone, or upon tendinous or cartilaginous structures.

  7. Clinical observation teaches us that animals of a lymphatic nature, with thick skins and an abundance of hair, with flat feet and thick, fleshy frogs, are far more liable to attack than are animals with reverse points.

  8. He presents you jerkily--a tall lean man of ascetic visage and ample garments, a soul clothed not so much in a fleshy body as in black flaps that ever trail behind its energy.

  9. The stem at one extremity is truncate, but at the other is terminated by a vermiform fleshy appendage.

  10. In all these respects, in the muscular gizzard adapted for vegetable food, in the arched beak and fleshy nostrils, short legs and form of foot, the Tinochorus has a close affinity with quails.

  11. The cavities leading from the fleshy compartments of the extremity were filled with a yellow pulpy matter, which, examined under a microscope, presented an extraordinary appearance.

  12. It consists of a thin, straight, fleshy stem, with alternate rows of polypi on each side, and surrounding an elastic stony axis, varying in length from eight inches to two feet.

  13. He smiled, his depressed nose and fleshy lips being entirely good-natured.

  14. Its broad, good-natured upper lip thinly veiled with hairs, its fleshy eyelids and thick brows, expressed a strength which she had not, yet would gladly imitate.

  15. This spring, instead of freeing him from his enemy, made him penetrate the ear still farther, and sink his sting still deeper into the soft fleshy part of the same.

  16. Her two alabaster thighs, worthily supporting by their large well-rounded fleshy forms, the exquisite perfections of the upper body, I have already described.

  17. Through it all I saw Hoefer's great fleshy face with the big spectacles peering into mine.

  18. A dense blue smoke hung over everything, and through it loomed the German's great fleshy face and gold-rimmed spectacles.

  19. His grunts were full of expression, and his fleshy face with the dull eyes was absolutely sphinx-like.

  20. His fleshy face went pale, and I saw by its contortions that the left side had become paralysed.

  21. The fleshy portion is reduced to a pulp, and the mixture of pulp and liberated seeds (each still enclosed in its parchment) is carried away to a second tank of water and stirred.

  22. The flowers are unisexual; the male blossoms have five stamens with sinuous anthers, the female have reniform stigmas, and an ovary with three large fleshy placentas.

  23. The flowers are borne in enormous fleshy spadices, the male and female on distinct plants.

  24. After eating the contents of the egg, the larva moults and becomes a fleshy grub with short legs and with paired spiracles close to the dorsal region, so that, as it floats in and devours the honey, it obtains a supply of air.

  25. The flat-topped "tussocks" of hair on many caterpillars look like conspicuous fleshy projections of the body, and they are held prominently when the larva is attacked.

  26. The fruit is a fleshy berry, having the appearance and size of a small cherry, and as it ripens it assumes a dark red colour.

  27. The larvae have soft, fleshy bodies, with the head and prothorax large and broad, and the legs very much reduced.

  28. This stem is supported internally by a coral rod, but its outer part is composed of fleshy matter belonging to the whole colony.

  29. A barnacle is simply a kind of crab enclosed in a triangular shell, and attached by a fleshy stalk to fixed objects.

  30. Animals also act as the agents of distribution in the case of fleshy edible pods containing seeds with a hard smooth testa, which will pass uninjured through the body, as in tamarind and the fruit of the carob-tree (Ceratonia).

  31. The embryo has generally flat leaf-like or fleshy cotyledons with a short radicle.

  32. The sponge is found to be filled with a glutinous substance that is the fleshy part of the animal.

  33. This fleshy substance, in life, has somewhat the appearance and composition of the white of an egg.

  34. He had him by the ear and was pricking him with his sabre in the fleshy parts.

  35. His mouth, full and fleshy in the lips, had a lovely curve.

  36. My notes say that their mouths were yellow-lined, and that the fleshy growths at the corners of their bills were yellow.

  37. When I placed it on the ground, it hopped away a few inches, and by accident punctured the fleshy corner of its mouth with a sharp cactus thorn, and had to jerk itself loose, bringing the blood from the lacerated part.

  38. The stem is ridged with rows of fleshy mammae or tubercles, which are curiously humped, and each bears a cluster of spreading, brown spines, 1 in.

  39. It consists of a branch, or joint, modified in form, and bearing on its flattened apex a flower, with the ovary buried in a slight depression in the fleshy joint.

  40. When young they bear small fleshy leaves along with the spine-tufts; but the former fall off at an early stage, whilst the spines are altered in length or number as the joints get old.

  41. A tall-grower, the stems fleshy when young, and very spiny.

  42. It has sixteen ribs or ridges, composed of rows of thick fleshy tubercles, upon every other of which are six or eight horny spines, 1 in.

  43. This is one of several species of Opuntia which are remarkable in having thick, fleshy roots, not unlike those of the Dahlia.

  44. All the kinds have fleshy stems, which ultimately become cylindrical and woody.

  45. At first they consist of fleshy joints, superposed upon one another, the joints varying considerably in size and shape.

  46. The very soft, fleshy stems of some of the kinds such as the Echinocactus, should be exposed to the air for a time, so that the cut at the base may dry before it is buried in the soil.

  47. The stems are slender, cylindrical, not ridged or angled, bearing at irregular intervals rather fleshy tubercles instead of spines, and branching freely.

  48. He says their tails are as long as the two joints of the middle finger, fleshy and stiff.

  49. Close observation of the newly-opened lobster would soon show that all its movements are due to the same cause--the shortening and thickening of these fleshy fibres, which are technically called muscles.

  50. As to the muscles, there is a short flexor, a short extensor, and a peronaeus longus, while the tendons of the long flexors of the great toe and of the other toes are united together and with an accessory fleshy bundle.

  51. Time after time he planted his blows with those ominous dull thuds upon the trader's fleshy face; now and again he drove into the big man's ribs with strokes that made him wince again.

  52. In a second or two another arrow transfixed the fleshy part of my upper arm.

  53. It is he who slew my youngest born,' cried the old woman, casting a malignant look at the mummy above her, and shaking a clenched hand at it which was hardly more fleshy than its own.

  54. The first Sort lean and throw all their Weight upon the Hand, either as they happen to be weak, or too heavy and clumsy in their Fore-parts, or from having their Mouths too fleshy and gross, and consequently dull and insensible.

  55. In the fleshy part of the neck, quite a little back of and below his ear and just above his collar.

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