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Example sentences for "fleshpots"

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  1. Throughout the period there was a hankering for the fleshpots of Egypt in the region of the Metropolitan boxes.

  2. Leo's desire was for victory, victory in the great struggle of modern life, and not for the fleshpots which that victory would entitle him to.

  3. Tug desired victory, too, but it was that he might taste the sweetest morsels which those fleshpots contained.

  4. This young and gallant neophyte will 'lord' it over the fleshpots of Egypt and those about to seek them.

  5. Is it possible that not one of you ever feels a longing for the fleshpots of Egypt?

  6. Then she'll find out what's what and sigh for the vanished fleshpots and fripperies.

  7. They should do God's will one earth as it is in Heaven, absolutely abstaining from the fleshpots of Egypt, thereby discouraging the blotting out of animal life, proving conclusively by their lives that their God is just and kind and merciful.

  8. If you had studied your Bible, Jocelyne, with that care that I should have expected from you, you would have remembered that forty odd years the Israelites hankered after those very fleshpots of Egypt to which I have been alluding.

  9. The masses have forgotten the fleshpots of Egypt, and will be glad to get pork and poultry when no beef is to be had.

  10. What assurance had I that, when they saw me coming, the sandwiches were not rushed across the border and into Germany, so that I might find the fleshpots of Egypt where the gaunt specter of famine was said to have its lair?

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