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  1. The background for the pin-hole should be the sky or other bright surface.

  2. On looking through a pin-hole at the edge of an object silhouetted against the bright sky the edge will appear red if the light from the pin-hole enters the pupil near its periphery.

  3. That is, the lamps R illuminate C, which "fills" the hole and apparently is the hole; and the lamps F illuminate the diffusing white environment E.

  4. Light streaming through the pin-hole into the eye casts an erect shadow of the pin-head upon the retina, and this erect image is projected into space and inverted in the process by the effect of the lens.

  5. For example, an orange flower-pot amid the green foliage of its surroundings will appear decidedly different in color and brightness than when viewed through a hole in a white, black, or gray cardboard.

  6. Through a hole in it an assistant's head and shoulders projected and the edge of the opening was covered with a draped cloth.

  7. The sky in a landscape may be thousands of times brighter than a deep shadow or a hole in the ground.

  8. The hole H may be cut in thin metal, painted a dull white, and may be of the shape of a star.

  9. If the hole is the shape of the star in Fig.

  10. This shape provides an intimacy between the hole and its environment which tends to augment the effects of contrasts.

  11. Punch a pin-hole in a card and hold it about four inches from the eye and at the same time hold a pin-head as close to the cornea as possible.

  12. Incidentally a hole in a box lined with black velvet is much darker than a piece of the black velvet surrounding the hole.

  13. The same scheme can be applied to lamps R, with the result that a vast array of colors may be seen through the hole H.

  14. The importance of simultaneous contrast is easily demonstrated upon a painting by isolating any colored object from its surroundings by means of a hole in a gray card.

  15. The Sparrow leaves the hole and flies to the corn.

  16. Yes; usually the top of a tree that has a hole in it, or a big limb.

  17. It was always started in a cleft, or a hole in the ground, nor did they ever keep it going after night set in.

  18. Ve haf you in ze hole and zis game eet ees in our hands.

  19. A square hole in the floor formed at one time the only means of access to the chamber beneath, which may now be reached by a doorway from the porch.

  20. Al the hole Close is environid withe an highe stronge wawle havynge dyvers Gats in it, whereof the principall is the Escheker gate.

  21. At the button-hole of the coat worn by Gaston hung a tiny piece of red ribbon which she had drawn from her sleeve on the terrace twenty-seven years ago, and tied there with the words: "Do you think you will wear it till we meet again?

  22. They talked a little on unimportant things, and presently Lady Dargan said: "Pardon my asking, but will you tell me why you wore a red ribbon in your button-hole the first night you came?

  23. You couldn't see any blood, and I fixed his hair so that it covered the hole in the forehead.

  24. It is a certain little filigreed hole in the throne-back which falls conveniently close to the sovereign's ear when he leans back between the periods of the wise, beauteous, and thrilling address to his subjects.

  25. For doubled up in a dark, close box behind the chair of state is a humble, drab individual who, from time to time, applies his mouth to the wrong side of the filigreed hole and whispers things.

  26. I suppose Grignan is asleep in a hole in the hedge, and the chickens will be all right any way.

  27. It clearly takes its name from a hole in the ground not far distant, commonly spoken of as “Dick Turpin’s Cave.

  28. It may very well be, therefore, that the famous highwayman did, at some time or other, use this hole as a place of refuge.

  29. King is of opinion that it is probably named after the once-well-known COAL HOLE Tavern in the Strand.

  30. Helping him along between us, we crawled up to the hole by which I had entered.

  31. Part of the gilding torn off, is also found forcibly driven into the hole made in the paper by the stroke.

  32. And when the spark is drawn through paper, all round the hole made by it, the paper will be blacked by the smoke, which sometimes penetrates several of the leaves.

  33. The electrical spark will strike a hole thro' a quire of strong paper.

  34. Every spark in that manner drawn from the surface of the wheel, makes a round hole in the gilding, tearing off a part of it in coming out; which shews that the fire is not accumulated on the gilding, but is in the glass itself.

  35. The great door was opened, and our supper handed in through a small hole in the inner door, which still remained locked; but at length the key was turned in order to hand in the pot of coffee.

  36. With all those people looking on and my lawn mower hitting a rock or a hole every seven revolutions, I felt cheap.

  37. The gold had a hole as you see, he pulled hair from his head, tied the nugget in the braid, and thus hid it for the next two years of his life.

  38. At the mention of God the Devilkin plunged into the ground like a stone thrown into water and there was nothing but the hole left.

  39. At the mention of God the Devilkin plunged into the ground like a stone thrown into water, and there was nothing but the hole left.

  40. The digging was difficult because of the stones, but he worked away at them with his file and at last made a hole beneath the wall big enough to crawl through.

  41. There was a hole in its head from which the dark blood was oozing, laying the dust for a yard around.

  42. V Jilin went down the hole and made it a little bigger so that Kostilin could crawl through, then they sat down to wait till all grew quiet in the village.

  43. For years it has peeked out at me from a certain pigeon hole in my desk with the anguish of a prisoner in the Black Hole of Calcutta, and with as little hope for its liberation into the glad air of a free press.

  44. It is a horizontal convex wheel of granite, curiously carved in hieroglyphics on the perimeter, and having a hole and gutter on top, that received the victim's head and carried off the blood.

  45. Dick, once more shaking his fist upward in the direction of the fort; "they've put a hole through the flag.

  46. Harry MacDougal's establishment was hardly more than a hole in the wall--a narrow, long hallway between two larger stores.

  47. Through the gaping hole of the shattered window, he could see the towering spires of the two-hundred-year-old Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

  48. He drilled a hole in the power pack, which is supposed to be sealed off.

  49. The ball had passed through, tearing a big hole in the tin.

  50. He went around behind the tent, cut a hole through the canvas, and after borrowing a brace and bit from an extra-duty man in the quartermaster's department and a faucet from another comrade in the commissary department.

  51. Yes; but it required a good deal of strategy to keep Pemberton's army cooped up in Vicksburg till they were so weak for want of grub that they couldn't skedaddle even if they had found a hole to crawl out of.

  52. Jes' you hole on to that as you plough the furrer thro' the ups an' downs o' your caryeer.

  53. Yes, sir; she jes' grabbed hole of it, give it a wrench, and out it come.

  54. For all the ram had got his eyes on the big chap, he slewed his head round quicker'n lightning, his horns went down, and the next thing that yeller critter was lying on his back yelping, with a hole in his neck.

  55. Into the hole I was about to thrust my arm when I saw on the bark long scratches.

  56. Jimmie pushed his rifle through a hole in the wall, with a gasp in his throat.

  57. He guv me a schreik when I went for a drink an' saw his eyes gleamin' up outer the green bough I poked in the hole to cool the water an' prevent it shakin' out.

  58. Tom he stood up in the room tremblin' and loadin', his face black where the smoke stuck to the tears, and once and again he'd jump to a hole and shoot.

  59. None o' yer rough and ready sheds for me, with a hole in the roof after the fust rain.

  60. They was deadly pisen, and when I laid some leaves about the house they killed all the flies, and a piece o' bark laid in a rat-hole brought all the rats out corpses.

  61. Nex' minute I felt his tongue on my flesh--for he'd worn a hole right through them cord tweeds I were wearin'.

  62. Then he slunk away, but bymby when I looked ag'in he were standing up against the fence with his nose jes' peeping round, and his near eye squintin' at me through a hole in the leaves.

  63. And Old Jack--as was his way--blundered obediently and promptly right into the hole that was shown him.

  64. Say you were hidden in the great chimney--which is truth; for the Priest's Hole is but a recess at the back of the chimney.

  65. Memory, or wits sharpened by anxiety, enabled Denzil to avoid this trap; and he was at the door of the Priest's Hole before Fareham began the descent.

  66. And yet we have hunted in every hole and corner," said Denzil, dejectedly.

  67. A deep gulf separated them from the town, while from every loop-hole and wall behind, the French musketry swept the breach.

  68. Yes, massa; no good make fire; make hole bofe ends, suck 'em.

  69. When the life-blood of the car began to trickle out in a stream he stopped the hole with a small wooden peg.

  70. Immediately from the air hole and the wide chinks in the sagging walls came a blaze of shots.

  71. He did not know that the biscuit happened to strike a hole that had been temporarily stopped up with putty and paint.

  72. It soon had him flat on his back under the car, boring a hole in the bottom of the gasoline tank.

  73. There's an old shipmate o' mine down in the stoke hole working like a nigger.

  74. Cut a square hole in the centre of the platform, corresponding with the thickness of the beam.

  75. He is dozing in a drunken slumber; his clothes hang about him in tatters; his hat is partially drawn down over his forehead, his matted hair protruding through a hole in the crown; face bloated, from the effects of liquor.

  76. But though I wandered a long two hours into every hole and corner where trouble might have its breeding-place, nothing but noise took place in my sight and hearing.

  77. In the bottom is a single small hole out of which spurts into the drinker's mouth a little stream of water as he holds it high above his head, as once he drank wine from his leather bota in far-off Spain.

  78. In the matter of Omnipresence; it would be pretty hard to find a hole on the Canal Zone where you could pull off a stunt of any length or importance without the I.

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