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Example sentences for "felicity"

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feliciter; felicitie; felicities; felicitous; felicitously; feline; felines; feling; fell; fella
  1. How finely does the bard of Hope write, in reference to the anticipation of eternal felicity in the hour of dissolution!

  2. The first visitor with whom he had the felicity of shaking hands was Marmaduke Milestone, Esquire, who arrived with a portfolio under his arm.

  3. To this note, after a day or two, the Baroness replied by a letter so beautifully worded, I doubt whether Madame de Sevigne could have written in purer French, or Madame de Steel with a finer felicity of phrase.

  4. Jasper, already much troubled by duns, became naturally ardent to insure his felicity and Arabella's supposed fortune.

  5. For a prohibited correspondence is one of the great incidents of a sentimental life, and a letter clandestinely received, the supreme felicity of a sentimental lady.

  6. IT is the peculiar property of genius to strike out great or beautiful things: it is the felicity of good sense not to do absurd ones.

  7. I see plainly the nature of that felicity which attends the virtues of the good, and of the misery that follows the vices of the wicked.

  8. Sidenote: Because by the attainment of felicity men become happy, and as felicity is the same as Divinity itself, therefore by the attainment of Divinity men are made happy.

  9. Sidenote: Now that thou hast had a faithful representation of future felicity as well as of the true happiness, I shall show thee in what the Perfection of Happiness consists.

  10. Then, knowing the difference between true and false felicity you must now learn where to look for this supreme felicity.

  11. Sidenote: Who then can think that felicity resides in honours given by vicious shrews?

  12. Sidenote: O earthly animals, you have an indistinct perception of your beginning, and you have ever the true end of felicity in view, but your natural instincts are perverted by many errors.

  13. Sidenote: But it has been shown that God and happiness are the chief good, wherefore the sovereign felicity and the Supreme Divinity are one and the same.

  14. Sidenote: Why then, O mortals, do ye seek abroad for that felicity which is to be found within yourselves?

  15. Sidenote: But now consider wherein this felicity resides.

  16. Sidenote: But if these things cannot make good what they promise, if there still be something to be desired, then they are delusions, and the felicity after all is a counterfeit.

  17. Sidenote: And as we have seen that the perfect good is true happiness, it follows that the true felicity resides in the Supreme Divinity.

  18. Unaffected simplicity, an easy effortless style of drawing, natural grouping, and the most perfect felicity in rendering graceful attitudes and depicting faces, unequalled for a certain innocent beauty and expressiveness.

  19. The Nixons were wealthy, and had the felicity to be well enabled to enjoy life according to their own liking.

  20. This plate represents the domestic felicity of well-to-do citizens being rudely broken in upon by robbers and threatening assassins.

  21. But poor Charles was doomed to be hurled from the height of his felicity to the lowest depths of despair.

  22. The felicity of many of those fine or forcible conceptions is emasculated in a foreign and artificial idiom; and the invention of novel terms in an ancient language left it often in a clouded obscurity.

  23. The Queen considered the aptness of their application, and the singular felicity of transferring the inordinate ambition of Philip of Macedon to Philip of Spain.

  24. Anstey has made the most happy use of characteristic names in the "Bath Guide," which is an evidence that they may still be successfully appropriated, whenever an author's judgment equals the felicity of his invention.

  25. The singularity of the subject, which gives no bad picture of the hurry of a disorderly mob, and the felicity of an old translation, induce me to preserve a partial extract from the manuscript.

  26. His style is not always polished, and is sometimes perplexed; but no writer has exceeded him in the felicity and boldness of his phrases; and his pen, though busied on higher matters, sparkles with imagery and illustration.

  27. The three qualifications of poetry; endowment of genius, judgment from experience, and felicity of thought.

  28. Again, in discussion, some men have felicity in replying to a question, others a felicity in replying to the motive which prompted the question.

  29. The hope of ultramundane felicity is, therefore, an illusion, and man is to seek such happiness as is possible only in this life.

  30. What consummation of Oriental felicity to sit on cushions in this glittering apartment and watch the caravans which fill your coffers defiling below!

  31. Mr. Coleridge now began to console himself with the suspicion, not only that felicity might be found on this side the Atlantic, but that Clevedon concentrated the sum of all that Earth had to bestow.

  32. It would be tedious to inflict on the reader a recapitulation of the same, but suffice it to say, that in all the primary pervading principle is plainly perceptible, namely, the long life and conjugal felicity of the happy pair.

  33. Barren women to whom Providence has denied this inestimable blessing must go without this domestic felicity resulting in religious consolation, and not only mourn their present forlorn condition, but pray for a happier one at next birth.

  34. In this sublunary vale of tears, where unalloyed felicity is but transient and short lived, even a temporary exemption from the cares and anxieties of the world adds at least some moments of pleasure to life.

  35. Age and experience have taught them to regard the enjoyment of unalloyed domestic felicity as the chief end of life.

  36. Leaving this happy and innocent couple to enjoy their felicity we proceed to Castle Hermitage.

  37. My thoughts raced ahead of ships and pursuing men, into a dream of cloudless felicity without end.

  38. For suffering is the lot of man, but not inevitable failure or worthless despair which is without end--suffering, the mark of manhood, which bears within its pain a hope of felicity like a jewel set in iron.

  39. Our library furnishes an inexhaustible store for the mind, and our harp shall sound in the evening, to record the unenvied felicity of two loving souls in the shade of our own grove.

  40. On the other hand, the Story of Rimini does possess indubitable merits: directness of narrative, minute observation, sensuous richness of pictorial description, and occasional delicate felicity of language.

  41. There is not the least need of maintaining the perfect fitness and rhetorical felicity of every phrase and every word used by him in his interview with Lord Clarendon.

  42. Ripley, whose character he has drawn with exquisite felicity in a sketch read before The Social Circle of Concord, and published in the "Atlantic Monthly" for November, 1883.

  43. I esteem it a chief felicity of this country that it excels in woman.

  44. But this felicity has never been permitted me.

  45. One specimen has been preserved of Mr. Clay's felicity of repartee and charm of conversation, as exhibited while in Paris, immediately after the conclusion of Peace at Ghent.

  46. The image of a felicity at once so great and so holy wore to her gloomy sight the aspect of a mocking Fury.

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