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Example sentences for "felines"

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felicities; felicitous; felicitously; felicity; feline; feling; fell; fella; fellah; fellaheen
  1. Felines of Terra, in fact a great many other of our native mammals, have a similar affinity for this.

  2. This species is distinguishable from all the preceding felines by the shortness and breadth of the face and the sudden elevation of the forehead--Gray.

  3. They were combated by means of cats, and it was the best hunters among the felines that succumbed.

  4. In the last-named and in other Brazilian felines an echinorhynchus (E.

  5. Under its fierce glare all felines appear alike.

  6. Lastly, I ought to mention one special quality which all felines have--at least they possess it more than other animals.

  7. The principal felines are the tiger, the lion, the leopard, the puma, and the jaguar.

  8. But there is a fifth quality which all felines have, though I did not mention it before, because a few other animals also have it.

  9. But, as I said, a few other animals besides felines are able to see in partial darkness.

  10. All felines have sensitive whiskers; that is, each hair can feel any object it touches.

  11. So these felines that live in the dense jungles have got used to keeping their tail stretched out like a hand; and the tail is curled upward so as not to rub against the ground.

  12. In the same manner there is another quality which all felines have, as well as a few other animals.

  13. That is why the lion, the tiger, and all other felines can see at night in the jungle.

  14. But, as I said, a few other animals besides felines have sensitive whiskers.

  15. All felines have a special kind of fangs, tongue, claws, and paws, which I shall now describe in detail.

  16. The cat and all felines can give a bigger bound because of the muscles under their paws.

  17. The fourth quality the lion has like all other felines is that his paws also are padded with thick muscles underneath.

  18. There is a commodious cat's house where pets may be boarded during their owner's absence; and a separate house where lost and deserted felines are sheltered, fed, and kindly tended.

  19. It is a significant quality in the felines that they simply cannot keep in condition without hours and hours of sleep.

  20. It wasn't a lynx--one of those curiosity-devoured little felines that will mew all day on a trail and never dare come near.

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