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  1. If it be a paine You have this comfort that you past it are.

  2. Every courier reaching the city would bring news of fresh outrages, and our panic-stricken citizens had hardly time to recover from the effect of one disaster before the news of another would be received.

  3. They arrived at New Ulm just in time to assist the inhabitants in driving the Indians from the upper part of the village, several citizens having been killed and a number of houses burned.

  4. When the remains arrived in St. Paul they were met at the steamboat landing by a large number of citizens and escorted to Masonic hall, where they rested till the time of the funeral.

  5. It was presented to Bailie Peyton by the citizens of New Orleans at the outbreak of the Mexican war, and was carried by Col.

  6. Prince, mayor of the city, presided, assisted by half a dozen prominent citizens as vice presidents.

  7. No person ever went to the front in whom the citizens of St. Paul had more hope for a brilliant future.

  8. This fair was very successful, the patriotic citizens of St. Paul having enriched the funds of the sanitary commission by several thousand dollars.

  9. Two public-spirited citizens of St. Paul, John McCloud and Thompson Ritchie, purchased in the East and brought to the city at their own expense the first fire engine introduced in the Northwest.

  10. Our citizens then congratulated themselves upon the possession of a first-class fire department and they predicted that thereafter a great fire would be a thing of the past.

  11. The situation was appalling, and many of our citizens were predicting the most direful results should the army fail to check the savage hordes in their work of devastation and ruin.

  12. Of course there was consternation along the line of this young man's masterly retreat, and it was some time before the panic-stricken citizens knew what had actually happened.

  13. At the outbreak of the war Minnesota was required to furnish one regiment, but so intensely patriotic were its citizens that nearly two regiments volunteered at the first call of the president.

  14. Foreigners may become citizens in five years by naturalization.

  15. The house of representatives, whose members are chosen directly by the citizens for four years, one-half retiring every two years, has the special power of impeaching the president and cabinet officers.

  16. At that time he lived, a welcome pauper, on the citizens of Susanville, in Lassen county.

  17. These little men, while possessing so many admirable traits that I am quite willing to take off my hat to them, are not desirable citizens in a white man's country.

  18. But I did not walk five miles to talk politics with a woman after a day of law and the citizens of Rosewater.

  19. They walked down the hill, stopped many times by returning citizens anxious to impart information.

  20. Should my fellow-citizens of like views manifest their preference for a different candidate on that basis, it is not my purpose to embarrass them.

  21. The impressions with which this law has been received by the community have been upon the whole such as were to be expected among enlightened and well-disposed citizens from the propriety and necessity of the measure.

  22. In the course of the attempts which have been made some valuable citizens have fallen victims to their zeal for the public service.

  23. The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.

  24. The importance of this last to the liberty and property of our citizens induces me to urge it on your earliest attention.

  25. The roaring of musketry, the pealing of the alarm-bells, and the growing tumult apprised the awakening citizens of their danger.

  26. The citizens and soldiers had mostly left the walls, and the few who remained were overcome with sleep.

  27. To supply this deficiency, the citizens were armed--a desperate expedient, which produced more evils than those it prevented.

  28. Many were suffocated by the smoke; many found rich booty in the cellars, where the citizens had concealed their more valuable effects.

  29. But the council of war assembled on this occasion, declared for an assault, citing the example of Maestricht, which had been taken early in the morning, while the citizens and soldiers were reposing themselves.

  30. Both citizens and soldiers left their posts upon the ramparts early in the morning, to indulge themselves, after their long toils, with the refreshment of sleep, but it was indeed a dear sleep, and a frightful awakening.

  31. Magdeburg, one of the most flourishing towns in Germany, enjoyed under the government of its magistrates a republican freedom, which inspired its citizens with a brave heroism.

  32. Immediately occupying the principal streets, he drove the citizens with pointed cannon into their dwellings, there to await their destiny.

  33. The recent development in European political affairs has impressed upon the citizens of this country as never before the results of a profound ignorance with respect to conditions in foreign countries.

  34. Citizens of the older communities of Europe pass their lives among the accumulated art treasures of past ages.

  35. This means export of capital, hence, plans for colonies, closed doors, preferential markets, and demands for the protection of citizens abroad and political stability in backward areas.

  36. Yet from another point of view it may be looked upon as the vocational conception "writ large" and is the art of training men to be citizens in a republic.

  37. It would be exceedingly desirable if all citizens would take general courses in education, and would come to understand the meaning of educational processes and past and present practices in educational procedure.

  38. Blessed is the nation whose annals are uneventful--America is safe with fifteen million children in the public schools and three thousand citizens to one soldier.

  39. The embryo soldiery regard him with pride; admiring citizens look on him with poorly concealed reverence.

  40. We have been generous in extending the elective franchise to naturalized citizens and all who declare their intention to become such--probably too generous.

  41. It is also reassuring to such typical, representative citizens weighing three hundred pounds each as still have misgivings.

  42. I'm going to drop down close, Joe, while you hail one of the citizens and ask him if I've got the name of the place right.

  43. This conduct on the part of the citizens annoyed the professor considerably at first; then it grew monotonous, and he became disgusted.

  44. You are filling up these abodes of wretchedness and guilt, and then asking your fellow-citizens to pay enormous taxes indirectly to support this traffic.

  45. Do they know how the intemperate entail hereditary diseases and a thirst for ardent spirits upon their descendants, and how rapidly, therefore, the bodily vigor of our citizens is giving way before their deadly influence?

  46. You are engaged in a business which is compelling your fellow-citizens to pay taxes to support the victims of your employment.

  47. It is admitted that upwards of thirty thousand of our citizens have annually descended to the drunkard's grave.

  48. What they did not realize was that this man with his queer name was probably as well read as any man of the town, certainly far better read in European affairs than any of the leading citizens of Sabinsport.

  49. She had never quite grasped the fact that men ran back and forth to London and Paris and Berlin now-a-days on legitimate business quite as freely as a few of her own citizens ran back and forth to New York.

  50. The War Board was made up of socially inclined guests and a group of citizens whose number varied with the character, the importance and the heat of public questions.

  51. One of their objects was to enlist quietly the aid of German-American citizens of position and education who had seen enough of Germany to understand and sympathize with her aspirations.

  52. But if pro-German citizens are introducing such lecturers into quiet towns like ours, all over the land, I should feel it was distinctly a disloyal act.

  53. Those who are living today under the inspiration and the spirit of the great citizens who have gone before are gathered to do you honor and do your country honor.

  54. I thank you in behalf of the millions of citizens in the United States.

  55. Your lessons have taught what are the rights to be exercised by citizens in nations ruled by democratic institutions and what their duties in order that governments should be the true representatives of the people's will.

  56. California may be said to be the child of the State of New York; her citizens may be said to have been pre-eminent in its development and present greatness.

  57. It is desirable that the usual trade between the citizens of the United States and the Mexican provinces should be continued, as far as practicable, under the changed condition of things between the two countries.

  58. Noticing a policeman talking to a boy around whom a crowd of dusky citizens had gathered, I, true to journalistic instinct, went up to investigate.

  59. Cortes may have had a suspicion, or a desire for more blood and more stolen wealth, for without the least warning, he attacked the citizens of Puebla and killed outright 6,000 besides terribly wounding thousands of others.

  60. A large crowd had collected at the station, but only two hotel runners were there to bother us, and as all the other passengers were citizens they clung to us faithfully.

  61. The country had been cultivated for centuries, the Barbarians could not turn it into a desert; the inhabitants had been organized as citizens for a thousand years, the Barbarians could not reorganize them feudally.

  62. Thus they grew into citizens and Italians; but for a long time they kept hankering after feudalism, and looking towards the German emperors who claimed the inheritance of the Lombard kings.

  63. Moreover, as industry and commerce develope, the citizens become unwilling to fight, while on the other hand the invention of firearms, subverting the whole system of warfare, renders special military training more and more necessary.

  64. Restore those soldiers, heroes of the day When fell Désilles, pierced by their murderous balls, And blood of citizens bedew'd the clay!

  65. On another stand, the citizens of the Faubourg Saint Antoine exhibited a plan in relief of the Bastille, the flag of the donjon, and a young girl, in the costume of an Amazon, who had fought at the siege of this fortress.

  66. I think that it would be an excess of severity to be inflexible to a fault, the origin of which is in your decrees: it would be an insult to the citizens to imagine they had any evil designs.

  67. I demand that before these citizens are introduced they lay down their arms.

  68. I demand that these citizens be instantly permitted, to defile before us.

  69. What, shall attack be permitted to the emigrés, and good citizens forbidden to defend themselves?

  70. The pride of the colonists revolts at sitting beside us: was the pride of the nobility and clergy consulted when the equality of citizens was proclaimed in France?

  71. It was one of those days of public hope, when faction retreats into the shade, to allow the serenity of good citizens to shine forth.

  72. For the massacre of its citizens at Torreon even the Chinese demanded and obtained an indemnity of five million dollars.

  73. There he found assembled the forlorn rank and file of the defense, the local lawyer and three character witnesses--prominent citizens from Tandy's home town who were to testify to his good repute in the place where he was born and reared.

  74. When they got this placed to their satisfaction, Daniel the Mystic, smiling in a friendly way, asked that a committee of local citizens kindly step up and see that no fraud or deception was practiced in what was about to follow.

  75. Under its terms this reward was open to citizens and to officers of the law alike.

  76. Who then were these citizens of Jerusalem, these men and these women, who raised the great cry?

  77. On various pretexts, both white and colored men had from time to time established themselves among the Cherokees and taken up their residence as permanent citizens of the nation.

  78. Cherokees committing crimes against citizens of the United States to be delivered up and punished by United States laws.

  79. Especially had this been the cause of much controversy with the citizens of Arkansas.

  80. And all rules or regulations discriminating against the citizens of other districts are prohibited and shall be void.

  81. Citizens of the United States or others not Indians settling on Cherokee lands to forfeit protection of the United States and be punished as the Indians see fit.

  82. The entire line of this road must be open to the free use of citizens of the United States.

  83. Citizens of the United States are forbidden to enter upon lands herein ceded by the Cherokees until ratification and proclamation of this treaty.

  84. The United States shall protect the Cherokees from domestic strife, foreign enemies, and from war with other tribes, as well as from the unlawful intrusion of citizens of the United States.

  85. It was also insisted by the Cherokee committee that reservations should be made to such of their people as desired to remain in their homes and become citizens of the United States.

  86. The fellow shook his head in perplexity, and Master Howell added: "Having given us shelter we are his guests, and as such he would be bound to aid us, provided we had proven ourselves honest citizens of Carolina.

  87. The square around the court-house was black with citizens awaiting an opportunity to enter the building.

  88. If the citizens of upper Carolina made any error on this day it would not be from lack of advice from those who were in a position to know what might be best for the colony.

  89. Thus it came about as Master Howell and Hunter desired, that the citizens were well informed as to the reason of our coming before we had asked for an audience with the representative of his majesty in the Carolinas.

  90. We have come as citizens of upper Carolina to safeguard several witnesses, and have no mind to interfere in any way with the proceedings.

  91. A full thousand of his men are citizens of the Carolinas, and should be our equals in both riding and fighting.

  92. We shall take good care, my lad, to talk with many citizens of Brunswick before presenting ourselves before him.

  93. Must all citizens have their minds poured into the same mould, and varieties of gifts and cultural traditions be extinguished?

  94. It would be a denial of the first principle of nationality if the power of conscripting the citizens of the country lay not in the hands of the National Parliament but was exercised by another nation.

  95. I'll jest keep Lieutenant Boggs and Lieutenant Skaggs close by me, and we'll pitch our camp right here in the Gap whar we can pertect the property of Confederate citizens and be close to our base o' supplies, suh.

  96. Good citizens and loyal republicans were fed chiefly from their stanch virtues, knowing how to prize their independence, and to secure it to their descendants.

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