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Example sentences for "citizenry"

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  1. There must be a social contract among the citizenry to obey a certain sovereign.

  2. Many of its top citizenry had reached their positions by hard work applied to opportunities for upward mobility.

  3. A considerable number of girls of other backgrounds such as the yeomanry and the town citizenry somehow learned to read and write.

  4. From the beginning its speech was a curious polyglot; the hissings and bubblings of the melting-pot out of which a new citizenry is poured.

  5. The boys around him took it up and the citizenry of Detroit, in the balcony, were treated to such a song recital as they had never before heard.

  6. In the college town a meeting was called and the citizenry swarmed into a church where the president of the University was to deliver an address.

  7. We must depend in every time of national peril, in the future as in the past, not upon a standing army, nor yet upon a reserve army, but upon a citizenry trained and accustomed to arms.

  8. The attitude of the citizenry appeared to be that of passive acceptance of conditions which must not be interfered with.

  9. There was no such thing as a citizenry trained to artillery.

  10. A whole citizenry was abruptly turned to infantry.

  11. The citizenry and floating population of the town joined in the merriment, and the lowering clouds of tragedy were swept away on a gale of laughter that echoed along the jagged business front.

  12. Rhetta did not give him much time, to be sure, but ran on with her denunciation of the citizenry of the town.

  13. Extension and equalization of opportunity opened the way for an informed citizenry to express itself and defend its interests.

  14. To town he came to collect his mail, to cast his ballot, to have his silver or his carriage repaired, to sell his tobacco or his wheat, to join the citizenry in celebrating Independence.

  15. To the citizenry with Southern sympathies, war meant bitter severance once again from Virginia.

  16. No nation can long persist that does not have this kind of citizenry in the background.

  17. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "citizenry" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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