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Example sentences for "cloudless"

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cloudes; cloudie; cloudiness; clouding; cloudland; cloudlet; cloudlets; cloudlike; clouds; cloudy
  1. When last noted the westward signal was puffing slowly up into the cloudless sky from a point in the range perhaps six miles below Patterson's station in the rocks.

  2. His father was in an unexpectedly soft mood on that night, when the moon swam in a cloudless sky over the begrimed shadows of the town.

  3. He chose an appropriate time and place--one of the star-bright, cloudless nights which in the southern hemisphere so glorify the majestic solitude of nature.

  4. But 'cloudless skies had lost their power to cheer.

  5. The sun had set more than half an hour since; the red light lay broad and low in the cloudless western heaven; all visible objects were softening in the tender twilight, but were not darkening yet.

  6. For the first time she saw the whole sequence of events--saw it as plainly as the cloudless blue of the sky and the green glow of the trees in the sunlight outside.

  7. The dreaded month of July came, with its airless nights, its cloudless mornings, and its sultry days.

  8. From cloudless ether looking down, The Moon, this tranquil evening, sees 1815.

  9. Thin, vapoury smoke was beginning to rise from the chimneys, and the heavens were so cloudless that it ascended straight into the blue arch without being pressed down to the earth again.

  10. A drenching rain followed, but in half an hour all was again calm and the full moon appeared sailing in a cloudless sky.

  11. The sun had shone all day through a cloudless sky untempered by a breath of wind, and the sands had become heated by it to a degree that rendered walking over them with our bare feet impossible.

  12. At that early period of the day the sky was invariably cloudless (the thermometer marking 72 or 73 Fahr.

  13. Yet the sun beams gloriously many a cloudless day in midwinter, casting long lance shadows athwart the dazzling expanse.

  14. The air was warm and scented, a cloudless moon flooded the roadway with mellow light and sketched in the silhouettes of the trees in the background.

  15. The intense heat had abated, a delicious breeze was blowing, and the sky was of a cloudless blue.

  16. October began with magnificent weather--a sultry autumn in which the fervid heat of summer was prolonged, with a cloudless sky.

  17. Say, shines the Star of Love, From the clear and cloudless sky, The shadowy groves above, Where the nestling ringdoves lie?

  18. Ever and ever through long months the everlasting white glitter of the snow and ice, ever and ever the cold stars, the cloudless sky, the moon at full, or swung like a white sickle in the sky to warn him that his life must be mown like grass.

  19. It was a cloudless day in January--a marvelous combination of white and blue.

  20. There, when the seraphs sing, In cloudless day; There, where the higher praise The ransom'd pay.

  21. The setting sun, the setting sun, How glorious it gaed down; The cloudy splendour raised our hearts To cloudless skies aboon!

  22. And yet, the morning dawned fair and warm, with an almost cloudless blue sky over the world, and life looked very different indeed.

  23. And the further truth is that when he awoke to as sweet a November morning as ever peered down from a cloudless sky through golden sunlight, he felt, as he phrased it to himself, like a sock that had just come through the wringer!

  24. And presently, because the blue, sunlit, almost cloudless sky was too dazzling to gaze at long, he closed his eyes.

  25. The hot Mediterranean sun poured down out of a cloudless sky as the Sea-wolves made their offing; out of sight of land they lay, but right in the course which the galleys of the Christians were bound to take.

  26. High overhead the sun blazed in a cloudless sky, but down here all was cool, green shadow.

  27. It was a cloudless day overhead, and the air seemed kindling and fresh round him as it blew across the stretches of heather from the western sea.

  28. It was a cloudless October morning overhead.

  29. The haul was a failure, but, being out in a boat on a waveless sea under a cloudless sky, I was scarcely depressed at this!

  30. The melody in the latter part of this nocturne took me back at once to a cloudless day in an open boat in the Bay of Combemartin, with oars up and the water quietly and regularly lapping the gunwales as we rose and fell.

  31. The keen bracing air, brilliant sunshine, and cloudless blue sky somewhat made amends for the sorry lodging and execrable fare provided by mine host at the Hôtel Prevôt.

  32. Seldom has Nature seemed more beautiful than on that bright cloudless morning, as we rode through sweet-scented uplands of beans and clover, meadows of deep rich grass.

  33. Far behind us the tallest minarets of the capital are dipping below the horizon, while to the left the white and glittering cone of Demavend stands boldly out from a background of deep cloudless blue.

  34. There were great stars above him in the sweep of cloudless indigo, and the low murmur of voices emphasized the stillness, while the heavy scent of the orange flowers was in his nostrils.

  35. The lamp on the table burned without a flicker in the still air, and a cloudless vault of indigo stretched above the sun-scorched town.

  36. Italian song under those fragrant groves, on the shore of a blue sea, under a cloudless sky, and to clasp each other thus!

  37. The sweet tones of your voice blended with the tender harmonies that filled the quiet air, the cloudless sky.

  38. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cloudless" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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