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Example sentences for "clouding"

Lexicographically close words:
cloude; clouded; cloudes; cloudie; cloudiness; cloudland; cloudless; cloudlet; cloudlets; cloudlike
  1. Instantly Dan was sorry he had made the request, for he saw the sudden clouding of the girl's brow.

  2. The mountain girl noted the sudden clouding of her new friend's eyes and although the reply was lightly given in the negative, Meg knew that something was wrong.

  3. Why do we call thee foe, Clouding with darksome mists thy face divine?

  4. Over hill and over plain, I see but smoke of cannon clouding through the mountain rain.

  5. He asks no taper lights, on high surrounding The priestly altar and the saintly grave, No dolorous chant nor organ music sounding, Nor incense clouding tip the twilight nave.

  6. So from the trodden ways of earth, Seem some sweet souls who veil their worth, And offer to the careless glance The clouding gray of circumstance.

  7. The male is fulvous upon the upper side, all the dark markings being heavy and black, and the basal areas of the wings clouded with fuscous, this dark clouding on the hind wings reaching down and nearly covering the inner angle.

  8. The black markings on the upper side of the wings in both sexes are narrower, the dusky clouding at the base of the wings is less pronounced, and the ground-color is brighter reddish-fulvous than in aphrodite.

  9. The destroying spirit, who works in the commonplace, is ever covering the deep and clouding the high.

  10. It was weather to live and love in, weather for red lips and the clouding down of perfumed hair.

  11. Their white faces and clouding hair lay close together on the pillow.

  12. Often she would lie out upon Pelleas's arm, her head upon his shoulder, her hair clouding over his red harness.

  13. Bien," he muttered, his brow clouding as he strode off.

  14. Beyond the clouding of his features he gave no indication of his feelings.

  15. She was dressed in some sort of delicate misty stuff that alternately clung and floated, outlining or clouding her glorious young figure as she moved with leisurely free-limbed grace across the hall to meet him.

  16. Then you had to pull down the entire front of your helmet and stagger on with your sight impaired, for in a cold that was almost beyond endurance, helmets had a way of clouding over from time to time.

  17. The clouding over of the vision plate was not too important.

  18. But if his brain started "clouding over" too.

  19. Yes--Mrs Denbigh is her name," said Jemima, clouding over.

  20. And there was a clouding over of the speaker's face that was not lost upon her escort.

  21. Hyland Thornhill for one, the probable fate of his father clouding his brain as with lurid flame, raked the struggling bodies again and again with charges of heavy buckshot.

  22. Before the clouding up began the mercury may have stood at ten degrees below zero.

  23. In summer clearing is much more abrupt, as is the clouding up.

  24. Those that follow a sudden clouding up are of no importance.

  25. For a little space her life was pure joy, without one clouding thought of--after; without conscious knowledge of the envy and calumny, the conflict and detraction going on about her.

  26. Sybil had noted the swift disappointment clouding his face when he learned that it was not Dorothy who shared the honors of the twenty-fifth of June with Mrs. Lawton.

  27. The sky, which had been gradually clouding over since they saw the vessel, began to be rapidly and heavily overcast as they approached.

  28. On landing, their first business was to shelter their powder, for the sky was clouding fast, with long blue belts, that promised rain before morning, and the night was rapidly coming on.

  29. Now as she moved back and forth, in such sunlight as the clouding sky permitted, she appeared the picture of pleased content.

  30. Therefore I did not worry because the fickle March sky was clouding up again with the promise of rain.

  31. She could no longer disbelieve, so simply did he tell his tales, his white teeth showing, and his dark eyes rapidly brightening and clouding as he mentioned different spells and their effects.

  32. Not infrequently the fore wings are greyish white with some brownish clouding between the two blackish cross lines.

  33. The pretty greenish moth with black cross lines, white spots, and reddish-brown clouding on the outer area (Plate 107, Fig.

  34. Except that the black clouding sometimes spreads over a greater area of the fore wings, there is little to note in aberration, at least in a general way.

  35. The ground colour is sometimes purplish tinged; the dark clouding may spread over the greater part of the fore wings.

  36. Sometimes the freckling is heavy and the clouding very dark, becoming almost black on the outer margin; such specimens seem to be referable to var.

  37. The black clouding on basal area of hind wings sometimes extends further towards the marginal band.

  38. As far as one can see all should be well for our return to-morrow, but the sky is clouding to-night and a change of weather seems imminent.

  39. It was difficult to follow with glasses frequently clouding with the breath, but we saw the instrument detached when the slow match burned out.

  40. Say, it's clouding up all right," declared Jack, as he glanced from the window.

  41. He checked, his eyes clouding without cause apparent to the girl.

  42. George Tankerville, whose vigorous methods had roused Matthias, stood over him, with a look of deep and sympathetic anxiety clouding his round, commonplace, friendly countenance.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "clouding" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    burial; coating; covering; darkening; deception; eclipse; envelopment; hiding; incrustation; interment; invisibility; mystification; occultation; overcast; secrecy; secretion; shading; shadowing; sheathing; subterfuge; upholstery; wrapping