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Example sentences for "clouded"

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cloud; cloudberry; cloudburst; cloudbursts; cloude; cloudes; cloudie; cloudiness; clouding; cloudland
  1. Woe and pain, pain and woe, Are my lot, night and noon, To see your bright face clouded so, Like to the mournful moon.

  2. And did the Countenance Divine Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

  3. So spake he, clouded with his own conceit, And hid Excalibur the second time, And so strode back slow to the wounded King.

  4. Why should we live so remote from the centre of things, and have to grope our way to life and light, clouded by doubts, beset by misleading and disturbing influences?

  5. It seemed a veritable battle-field, and to add to the glamour rays as of moonbeams, shone now and again clouded by the shadows of an approaching storm.

  6. Seldom do I require to deliberate so anxiously, but parental anguish has clouded my active brain; the recent combat, also, has exhausted my nervous system.

  7. For as I start aside with blank alarm, Dreading the glitter which begins to arm Thy clouded brows, lo!

  8. On such occasions, the calm face of Assarac was observed to denote secret triumph and gratification, yet clouded with something of anxiety and deep earnest thought.

  9. His sense of gratitude was strong, and his personal friendships sometimes clouded his judgment.

  10. It not only clouded my future prospects of lawful commerce, but broke off, at once, the correspondence with my generous friend Redman in London.

  11. But they move, in dignity, splendour and passion, through all that he deeply conceived and nobly wrought; and their triumph and immortality in his poetry are never for one moment clouded with doubt or subject to death.

  12. Then her face clouded and, with a deep sigh, she added that ere his arrival her heart had almost broken with grief and tears; but Hosea should learn what a woman would sacrifice for the most ardent desire of her heart.

  13. She dared not frankly tell the old man what she beheld, it would have clouded his joyous hope.

  14. If you can forget the bitter words which clouded our peace at Dophkah--and you say you have done so--let us in future keep together like brothers and stand by each other in joy and grief, in need and peril.

  15. The streets, having no pavement, are always either clouded with dust or loaded with mud, as the weather happens to be dry or wet.

  16. The sun is sometimes clouded by dews and mist so dense as not to subside until the forenoon is far advanced.

  17. The Cross had dipped into the clouded crest: miles to the west a shorefire bit into the black mantle that draped the Gulf.

  18. All of soul-inspiriting fled with sleep, and dark melancholy clouded every thought.

  19. Before I knew it I had told them all about my mother and her pitiful condition, and Katharine's expressive face clouded with sympathetic pain.

  20. Always poor, and for many years a cripple, I never heard her complain, and no one, I think, ever saw her face clouded with a frown.

  21. I don't know why this was so, but a growing bitterness clouded his voice.

  22. The wind shifted, the sky clouded over, and the morning dawned raw and threatening.

  23. The sky had clouded over, and rain began to fall, a chilly, sullen drizzle.

  24. His brows contracted,--and a sudden shadow of pain clouded the frank clearness of his eyes.

  25. His voice grew feeble, and his eyes were clouded with pain.

  26. We uns never does git letters from maw," and poor Tom Tit's eyes clouded sadly.

  27. We uns must have lost her and never can find her--but there are lots of other things to find," and his blue eyes that had looked all clouded at the sad thought of never finding his mother, now began to sparkle.

  28. He hung about the outskirts of One Hundred-and-tenth Street till he saw her enter the Park and till he saw her leave it--safe, but with an exceedingly clouded brow.

  29. The man crossed to the opening in the floor and seated himself a little back from where it gave into the room; the knife which he drew from inside his clothes seemed a trifle clouded and he sat idly polishing it.

  30. He paused, studying the driveway with clouded eyes.

  31. It was too bad to have clouded the bright mirror, but it was inevitable, given youth and red blood.

  32. His eyes were grown clouded again now, and his voice dragged leaden.

  33. His clear eyes were slightly clouded to a look of apprehension, as they roved the room furtively.

  34. But he loved her, loved her still, though he knew the shame that had clouded her life, knew the motive that had led her to accept him as a husband.

  35. His face thus was turned toward the windows that gave on the corridor, and his eyes grew yet more clouded as they rested on the grim doors of the cells.

  36. The latter was observed, with a clouded countenance, strolling around, occasionally approaching the carreta, and glancing somewhat rudely towards the group.

  37. Vizcarra's death would have given him that station at once; but Vizcarra was not to die just then, and this knowledge somewhat clouded the joy he was then experiencing.

  38. A passing shadow of sadness clouded his bright young face.

  39. Leaves and tree-bark will give a brown with a very green tint, and these different shades used in different rags woven together give a very agreeably clouded effect.

  40. All the misery, all the pent-up bitterness of the past three months rose within him in a sudden storm that clouded his reason.

  41. She glanced up at the tossing boughs above her; felt the great tree trunk quiver when a fresh blast swept the top; looked out at the misty whiteness of the storm, clouded with swaying pine branches.

  42. Their breaths clouded before them in the stinging air, and down the length of the enchanted highway lights sprang out of the gloom and winked at them like naughty eyes.

  43. Her breath clouded the plate-glass, and she drew her initials in the circle and yawned again.

  44. It is at least only fair to believe that the light which shines from so many canvases is the true expression of many a life which is clouded to our superficial view.

  45. The later years of his life, until his death in 1865, were passed with a clouded intellect.

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