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Example sentences for "clarion"

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clarify; clarifying; clarin; clarinet; clarinets; clarionet; clarionets; clarions; clarissimi; clarity
  1. Emerson was the clarion voice of Harvard; Whitman was the voice of the great movement that so soon was to take away the scepter from Harvard and transfer it upon the strong new learning of the West.

  2. Burroughs's later studies of Whitman are more finished and more mature than this never-republished volume, but they lack its clarion quality.

  3. And with a simultaneous movement all those eyes of varied colours turned to the lean brown face of the Chief, as the sweet young clarion rang out: "Gentlemen--the Queen!

  4. The clarion voice mounted on a great note of triumph.

  5. Not thus Amphion tuned the warbling lyre, Nor Joab the sounding clarion could inspire, Nor fierce Theodamas, whose sprightly strain Could swell the soul to rage, and fire the martial train.

  6. Three cat-calls be the bribe Of him whose chattering shames the monkey tribe: And his this drum whose hoarse heroic bass Drowns the loud clarion of the braying ass.

  7. With Mr. Wade driving slowly, he read the newspaper clipping that sounded the clarion call that summoned men of probity to public office, and at the close formally notified Cap'n Sproul that he had been elected first selectman of Smyrna.

  8. His clarion voice rings like magic through the ranks, while his busy form, always in the thickest of the fight, elicits the warmest enthusiasm.

  9. Fresh ’midst the murky skies the rainbow glows; Heimdal rejoicing loud his clarion blows!

  10. The brazen-throated clarion blows Across the Pathan's reedy fen, And the high steeps of Indian snows Shake to the tread of armèd men.

  11. And he that in a good hour was born, his clarion voice rings out, And clear above the clang of arms is heard his battle shout: "Among them, gentlemen!

  12. Monsieur de Meroul was holding in his hand the Gaulois for himself, the Clarion for his wife.

  13. Peril around, all else appalling, Cannon in front and leaden rain Him duly through the clarion calling To the van called not in vain.

  14. Let us look further into the matter: His brow was sad; his eyes beneath Flashed like a falchion from its sheath, And like a silver clarion rung The accents of that unknown tongue, Excelsior!

  15. Nor ended thus the strain; but slow Sunk in a moan prolonged and low, And changed the conquering clarion swell, For wild lament o'er those that fell.

  16. No one of these; not one, but all Who answered Freedom's clarion call.

  17. And they clashed together with a great noise, and the wide earth groaned, and the clarion of great Heaven rang around.

  18. Clear as the voice of a clarion when it soundeth by reason of slaughterous foemen that beleaguer a city, so clear rang forth the voice of Aiakides.

  19. They may hear these deathless strains and feel the thrill of these clarion notes.

  20. It rings with the clarion of war and of battle.

  21. The thought and life of our people find their high-water mark in the poet's clarion note and the statesman's impassioned appeal.

  22. For sounds, the chirping of crickets in the grass, the clarion of chanticleer, and the distant cawing of an early crow.

  23. For undertones, a neighboring wood-pecker tapping his tree, and the distant clarion of chanticleer.

  24. From earliest boyhood Josè had heard this clarion call within his soul.

  25. He was up at cock-crow--though there was no clarion call from Shrimp to awaken.

  26. And as the signal banner came down, there sounded a clarion note, as if of victory, from the crest of a neighboring sand dune.

  27. Time was I thought that precious name Less meet for Court than Alley; But now, no thrilling sound hath Fame, No clarion note, like SALLY!

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