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Example sentences for "bugle"

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  1. If the late Mr. Joseph Strutt is to be believed, this house, at the beginning of the present century, was known as the BUGLE HORN.

  2. Bugle Horn at Braintree, and proceeded in the afternoon to Dunmow, where we arrived before sunset.

  3. The BUGLE HORN might easily be connected either with coaching, hunting, or heraldry, were it not situated in Barrack Street, *Colchester.

  4. Then the Colonel's voice cut the stillness like a bugle call.

  5. Out from the stillness a bugle spoke from the lines of the Leinsters; the Scottish bagpipes, far away down the hillside, took up the note with a shrill scream of triumph, like the challenge of an eagle in its eyrie.

  6. A bugle call--a rattling of accouterments and then, from the other side of the hedge, came a half dozen troopers in blue, led by a Sergeant with a red face and bloodshot eyes.

  7. The effect was like that of a sudden and peremptory blast of a bugle in a deep stillness.

  8. Then the bugle and the rolling drum called the men back to their colours, and the fight awoke once more.

  9. In many of us a primitive instinct survives which blinds and warps the reason, and calls us like a bugle to the silly and atrocious field.

  10. My enemy's laugh is a bugle blown in the night"--that has a keener flavour.

  11. At the first note of the bugle Alfred sprang up in bed, sure that the drill-sergeant would come to pull him out first.

  12. He raised the bugle to his lips, and for all reply, blew one long loud blast, waving back La Brousse who was following him, and then sprang once more into the cottage.

  13. A sharp blade glitter'd at his hip, Flamed like a star his lance's tip; His bugle sang at bearded lip.

  14. Another blast from the bugle and all the torches on the castle itself disappeared, although the fire on the bailey wall remained intact, and the reason for this soon became apparent.

  15. Aye," said the Highlander calmly, raising his bugle again to his lips.

  16. As he said this the girl fled away in the darkness, and then he raised his bugle to his lips and blew a blast that speedily brought answering calls.

  17. And with that, bowing to the king as if to ask permission, he raised his bugle to his lips and blew a blast.

  18. There was a bit of a scuffle at the gate, then the bugle sounded and we surrounded them, trying to disarm them peaceably at first, but they fought like demons, and so there's some sore heads among them.

  19. The first red streak of dawn was beginning to glow in the eastern sky, when the note of a bugle rang out from the Prince's tent and was responded to by hundreds of other horns.

  20. He wound his bugle and rode towards the gate, but at the moment he expected to cross the drawbridge, Ferragus suddenly backed, and he perceived that it was raised.

  21. He sett his bugle to his mouth, And blew his bugle still full south.

  22. He blew his bugle lowde and shrill; The lady heard, and came him till.

  23. Sayes, 'the gyant lyes vnder yond low, And well he heares your bugle blow.

  24. The king has a bugle horn, which always stands before him, and often amuses himself by experimenting with it.

  25. Bugle is a spring and early summer flower, and self-heal blooms much later.

  26. Make a note in your nature diaries that you found bugle on 15th April.

  27. I didn't say I knew everything; but I'm certain this is bugle all the same, and I stick to it!

  28. A bugle sounded twice or thrice sharply without, and occasioning some bustle at the lower part of the ball, interrupted for a brief space the converse of the lords.

  29. Then she turned again to the casement, for her quick eye had discerned a party of about ten horsemen approaching in the direction of the tower, and on the summons of the bugle she advanced from her retreat to the centre of the apartment.

  30. On the instant it was recognized as the bugle of the warder stationed on the centre turret of the keep, as the blast which told the foe was at length in sight.

  31. And you will list the bugle That blows in lands of morn, And make the foes of England Be sorry you were born.

  32. The only one available was an Indian trumpeter, who had not blown a trumpet or bugle since 1914.

  33. Very early in the morning the bagpipes would sound the Scottish reveille--a rather long affair compared with the usual bugle call--and it did not please our London friends to be awakened in this manner.

  34. Gregory loitered about until long after the bugle had sounded, and then, summoning up all his courage, descended to take his place in the saloon.

  35. Many amongst the Tehuelches could blow the ordinary bugle calls which they had been accustomed to hear when in the Rio Negro or at Punta Arenas; and most of them appeared to possess a good ear for music.

  36. A bugle call brought the Houssas into line and the tapping of Bosambo's drums assembled his warriors.

  37. A shrill bugle call aroused the sleeping lines, and Hamilton went back to his quarters to make preparations for the journey.

  38. He stood knee-deep in secesh blood; but a bugle sounded away off on the hills, and the d--d scoundrels who were able to get away ran off as fast as their legs could carry them.

  39. The morning (Friday) broke clear and beautiful, but with its bright light came the bugle notes of the enemy's cavalry, who were in the pines close by us.

  40. Then a single tap of the drum or note of the bugle awakened thoughts of the old times of chivalry, and regrets that the days of glory had passed away.

  41. But not until the clear notes of a bugle blazed their echoing way up the rock walls did he, the Fire Eater, think the truth.

  42. And as they were sitting thus, thinking of nothing but eating and drinking, the bugle blew outside a long blast and a loud one, the echoes of which died far away in the distant mountains.

  43. George had but ten sous left and I had nothing, when, on the third day, as we were lying in the hayloft, about two in the morning, the bugle sounded.

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