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Example sentences for "bugler"

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  1. It was a long while afterward before a bugler blew the first call to reveille, which is the "Army alarm clock," the signal to rise.

  2. That bugler sounded first call to reveille.

  3. When tattoo was sounded by the bugler that night both chums were glad enough to turn down their beds and get into them.

  4. Every call by the bugler has a 'first call,' sounded just a little while before.

  5. The orderly bugler was tilted up in a chair, leaning half asleep against the whitewashed front, but his was a weasel nap, for he sprang up and saluted as the young officer approached.

  6. Captain Conkey ordered his bugler to sound "Boots and Saddles," and in less than ten minutes ninety troopers were mounted, and with the captain at their head started after the Indians.

  7. The bugler for a moment became intensely excited, and actually forgot the notes.

  8. The little bugler was just rushing out as Merritt dashed up.

  9. Let him do his best," was all Rob had said, when Andy Bowles, the diminutive bugler of the Eagles, brought him this information.

  10. At the battle of Song-Hwan, a Japanese bugler named Shirakami Genjiro was ordered to sound the charge (suzume).

  11. The Marine bugler steered an unsteady course to the quarterdeck hatchway and sounded the Officers' Dinner Call.

  12. Presently the bugler sounded the "Disperse"; the Divisions turned forward, stepped outward, and broke up.

  13. At the last stroke of six bells in the Forenoon Watch the Marine bugler drew himself up stiffly, as one on whom great issues hung, and raising his bugle sent the imperious summons echoing along the upper deck.

  14. Therefore, as he galloped to the rear his bugler sounded "Retreat" long and shrilly.

  15. The Union forces drew together on a distant eminence, from which the bugler of the colonel in command was blowing a lively call to rendezvous.

  16. Graham on the right of his line directed his bugler to give the order to dismount, and a moment later his line of battle plunged into the forest.

  17. The bugler was burnishing his instrument upon his blouse beneath his rubber, hazarding some chance notes under shelter, as he laughed and chatted with his friend.

  18. The blouse, being dark, had given me much hope; the air gave me certainty; and before the bugler could wind his final note, I became one of the group.

  19. Bugler Morgan, who was the first to ply his bayonet, was shot in three places, but it is believed that he will live.

  20. When the allotted time had expired the bugler blew "Fall in," the notes of which during the next two years became so familiar to the ears of the 200th.

  21. Now I can meet Corporal Tim Kelly and Delaney the bugler without a blush.

  22. Bugler Clarke (of the Queen's Own) sounded "the halt" at my request several times.

  23. He got the bugler to sound the "halt" several times, and I heard the bugler say he was tired sounding the "halt.

  24. I there saw the bugler come from the field on Lieut.

  25. Thus only Sergeant Smith and Bugler Hawthorne lived to wear the honor so nobly won.

  26. Then Lieutenant Home, seeing that the way was clear, ordered Bugler Hawthorne to sound the advance, and the assaulting column came rushing forward with a cheer, and burst through the gateway into the city.

  27. A bugler and ten men were left below, and the rest joined the party in the castle.

  28. Bring all--every son of a gun--bugler and all.

  29. I leaped from the roof, and ordered the bugler to sound the assembly.

  30. The bugler sounds a fanfare; the soldier waves his white flag.

  31. The little bugler comes down, and is at once taken to the fatherly heart of Papa Plauche, who declares him to be a sucking Hector, and is for adopting him as his son on the spot, but is restrained by thoughts of Madam Plauche.

  32. General, and sends to the English colonel, with his bugler and white flag, to find out.

  33. The bugler was a stout red-bearded man with blue eyes: he looked just like an Irishman.

  34. His house was just opposite a low tower where the chief bugler took his stand morning and evening to sound the royal salute.

  35. And as he was musically inclined, possessing a fine tenor voice, and being able to play on "any old instrument," as he claimed it was only right that he assume the duties of bugler to the Cranford Troop.

  36. The bugler blew "hammocks," whereupon all hands lined up to receive them from the stowers.

  37. As the last high note died away the ship's bugler began that lovely call, "tattoo.

  38. A moment more and the service was finished, the bugler sounding "pipe down.

  39. The visitors gathered on the bridge, the ship's bugler sounded the assembly, and in obedience to the call we lined up on the forward deck.

  40. When "hammocks" was blown by the ship's bugler at a quarter to seven, we found it difficult to make our way forward to the nettings.

  41. The men went to their quarters, and so stood till the bugler blew "retreat.

  42. Their bugler returned the compliment soon after by playing "Yankee Doodle.

  43. I had a bugler in my company who played 'Hail, Columbia' during the whole of the fight.

  44. Well, sir, I think that bugler did more than any other man in the charge of the light brigade.

  45. Well, I should not be willing to take oath that the time was just five minutes after the bugler died.

  46. Three others joined him, and one who was a bugler sounded a call, which brought the whole of them into the open.

  47. It was hardly light before my bugler blew the assembly, and out we trotted on to the plain.

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