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Example sentences for "blown"

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  1. This tree was blown down in July 1906 and its place taken by a cutting made from the tree some years previously.

  2. The term "bull's eye" is applied to many circular objects, and particularly to the boss or protuberance left in the centre of a sheet of blown glass.

  3. And to show what bad sailors they were, I suppose, they stowed the sail villainously, leaving bits of the leech sticking out, and making a bunt that must have blown out to the first cap-full of wind.

  4. The sea was now heavy, and furiously lashing the weather bow; avalanches of spray ran high up the side, and were blown in a veil of hurtling sleet and froth across the forecastle.

  5. An ammunition depot situated in the south-east portion of the ramparts, between the Gates of Valenciennes and Douai, about 400 yards distant from the railway station of St. Saviour, had blown up.

  6. Once his father had promised that when an old garden wall at Holland House was blown down with gunpowder before replacing it with iron railings, he should see the explosion.

  7. The workmen blew it down in the boy's absence: his father had the wall rebuilt in its old form that it might be blown down again in his presence, and his promise kept.

  8. William, my man, don't let's talk any more, for I feel completely blown already.

  9. We had a very good passage on Wednesday night, since which it has blown very hard.

  10. All our tents of course were blown down, and we passed the day very uncomfortably; but at sea it was terrible.

  11. Gone and blown in all your cash On a fad?

  12. This was the perfect, well-blown human flower, the woman.

  13. The rain had ceased falling, but there was a mist in the air, blown from the trees that lined the road.

  14. What ship dare set out towards the unknown blown by a constant wind against which she could not return home again?

  15. A glance at the map, then, will show that in summer the Mediterranean area is within or near the sphere of action of the dry trade winds, which are continental, sweeping into the region after having blown over land surfaces.

  16. A wind was blowing that had blown just so since time began, and the forest was filled with the sound of the sea.

  17. Sometimes the sea was thickly set with full-blown pale red bloom, the jellyfish that was a flower to the sight and a nettle to the touch.

  18. From the marsh arose the cry of some great bird that made its home there; it had a lonely and a boding sound, like a trumpet blown above the dead.

  19. It has blown through the fields and barnyards and all the common places of the land.

  20. Here also they landed, but on a shore of fine white sand, very level towards the sea, but blown into hummocks, whereon grass grew, towards the land.

  21. The country looked to be low-lying, with a sandy shore blown into small pointed hills.

  22. The shore was sandy, with hummocks of blown sand upon it, covered with grass; the surf very heavy.

  23. Oil in a compressor was blown into fine particles, too small to be seen.

  24. The tank had blown through its devastating course so fast that they had not even had time to get outdoors.

  25. By the time the scientists approached the pier, the boys had explored the central part of the island and had returned to the cottage lugging planks found in the ruin of a cottage apparently blown down by some long-past hurricane.

  26. The storm had blown in colder water from the open sea.

  27. By this time the first frogman would have blown the water from his mask and recovered his spear.

  28. For a moment it fluttered in the breeze, and then was blown back again to their feet.

  29. At the hall door an uncouth figure was standing, awaiting him; it was Tom, bearing news of widgeon in the marshes and woodcock in the spinny, blown in by the gale last night, but the story was cut short.

  30. Hardly had they got below, before away went the fore-topmast staysail, blown to ribbons.

  31. I have often been laughed at myself, and joined in laughing at others, pitching themselves down in the sand, trying to swing a large hide upon their heads, or nearly blown over with one in a little gust of wind.

  32. This was still worse, for the body of the sail had been blown over to leeward, and as the yard was a-cock-bill by the lying over of the vessel, we had to light it all up to windward.

  33. He came very near being blown or shaken from the yard, several times, but he was a true sailor, every finger a fish-hook.

  34. Before night it began to rain; and we had five days of rainy, stormy weather, under close sail all the time, and were blown several hundred miles off the coast.

  35. If we had started anything toward taking it in, either tack or halyards, it would have blown to pieces, and carried something away with it.

  36. We once came very near running one down in the gig, and should probably have been knocked to pieces and blown sky-high.

  37. Maybe it was because there remained of herself only the shadow of a living person, which was soon to be blown away; but for the time there was in it undisturbed calm.

  38. He sought out a tall oak tree, climbed up to the top, and felt devoutly thankful that his big smoothing-iron was in his pocket, for the wind in the tree-tops was so high that he might easily have been blown away altogether.

  39. Houses and trees were being blown down, the mountains were being shaken, and pieces of rock were rolling in the sea.

  40. Then he seized a pipe, and when he had blown into it for some time Nina sprang up alive and well.

  41. The four-inch gun and its crew were blown high into the air, the gun landing forward on the well deck, and the crew in various places.

  42. It is as if a wind from the East had blown the seed of humanity, the seed which makes vigorous and powerful nations, elsewhere.

  43. He awoke, and exclaimed to Lannes and Bessieres, who were with him in the coach, "We are blown up.

  44. The Castilian pride took fire at the idea of striking to an equal foe; and, unhappily, an action took place, in which three of the Spanish ships were captured, and one blown up.

  45. She has blown offending natives from the cannon's mouth, when deemed necessary to cure them and their country of the desire for independence.

  46. There are times too, when a boat caught by the wind and drifted into a current would be as helpless as a cork in a mill-race; and when a whole fleet of fishing-boats might be blown out to sea, with perhaps half their number capsized.

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