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Example sentences for "blowing"

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  1. But what if the joy of the summer is past, And winter's wild herald is blowing his blast?

  2. I'm not fond of wasting my breath as those fellows do; That want to be blowing forever as bellows do; Their legs are uneasy, but why will you jog any That long to stay quiet beneath the mahogany?

  3. Saul lays down the dignity of a human being to puff out his cheeks, bulge his eyes and grow red in the face blowing a brass horn.

  4. Close by are the two leading comic journals, the one tinkling a triangle, the other blowing the pandean pipes.

  5. A welter of lather from head to foot and blowing bubbles from between my lips!

  6. Blowing up some building that furnish cover for the enemy's approach in front of our infantry positions!

  7. Soon the cloud passed, and the herald advanced across the open space blowing a horn, and waving a branch in his hand to show that he came upon a mission of peace.

  8. At the sound of the blowing of a horn shall each of them advance unarmed and alone from either camp.

  9. It had been blowing from the west, now it blew from the east with the force of a gale.

  10. To the blowing of the trumpet upon the walls and watch towers of the Council, but more particularly to the obligation, "that when the last trump shall sound, I shall be forever excluded from the society of all true and faithful Sir Knights.

  11. We went over the first day about eleven o'clock--a cold, clear day, a biting wind blowing down the valley.

  12. The wind continued to increase, blowing from a clear sky, without scuds.

  13. The wind, which had been blowing high, increased to half a gale.

  14. The day is fiercely hot, but a breeze is blowing and the roads are good.

  15. How the wind has been blowing to be sure, and how wild and spiteful the waves have been; how they have leapt and dashed and foamed, wrecking everything within reach, and tearing up even the asphalt on the promenade!

  16. They are in the dark, we in the sunshine, with the cool breeze blowing in our faces, and as free as the birds.

  17. He felt he must say something at once to break the silent charm of the beautiful witch, who, sure of her final victory, was smiling and blowing puffs of cigarette smoke toward him.

  18. To keep the wind from blowing them over you have to plant two or three together in a clump.

  19. The wind, that has been blowing hard all through the night, subsides soon after sunrise.

  20. Once round the point, we had a beam wind till we entered the fiord, then we had to beat to windward all the way home, by which time it was blowing quite a gale.

  21. A faint breeze is blowing off the sea, the west grows golden, and Aunt Hetty rises from her seat on the beach.

  22. She worked on until the old clock in the hall struck ten; and at the same moment a sudden gust of wind swept through the room, strewing the table with petals from the over-blown roses in the jar, and blowing Clarissa's curls about her head.

  23. Mrs. Benson was crying peacefully, and Dick and French were blowing their noses in an offensive and boisterous manner.

  24. For suffusion of the eye a purge of aloes or agaric is recommended, and local treatment by blowing the powder of aloes and sugar-candy into the eye.

  25. Afterwards, when the pipe stopped blowing off the steam, I could hear better, and I liked the music very well.

  26. The wind was blowing pretty fresh, and the middle of the lake was very rough, and some of the ladies were afraid to go; but we told them there was no danger.

  27. The wind was blowing through the opening at the end of the yard with a compressed violence due to the confined space.

  28. Then, blowing a contented puff of smoke, he crossed his legs and leaned back.

  29. The sky was an unclouded blue, and a fresh breeze was blowing in from the sea.

  30. For a woman to dream of blowing a horn, foretells that she is more anxious for marriage than her lover.

  31. To see children blowing up bladders, foretells your expectations will fail to give you much comfort.

  32. To dream of the wind blowing softly and sadly upon you, signifies that great fortune will come to you through bereavement.

  33. The breeze had freshened with the approach of dawn, and blowing full upon him as he lay bathed in perspiration, the effect was like that of a refrigerator.

  34. All night it had been blowing a wild gale, which dropped at dawn, and from the soft land the mist rose instantly.

  35. The difficulty of arranging the escape lay in the impossibility of knowing from what quarter the wind would be blowing at any hour that might be determined.

  36. Only the sound of the wind and the hiss of blowing sand came back to him.

  37. She heard in the music the wind blowing through trees, the noise of the stream, the song of wild birds and the cry of the Thunder Bird.

  38. Illustration] One day the herald went through the town blowing his trumpet and calling in a great, loud voice: “Close your doors!

  39. A chill wind was blowing up from the water, but he did not observe it; in the fever which consumed him the air seemed absolutely stifling, and he hurried on, increasing its excess by rapid movements.

  40. Only the wind," he said, "blowing one of the shutters to with a crash.

  41. An engine or machine for destroying ships by blowing them up.

  42. Relating to the lake of Serbonis in Egypt, which by reason of the sand blowing into it had a deceptive appearance of being solid land, but was a bog.

  43. Any revolving vane or vanes used for producing currents of air, in winnowing grain, blowing a fire, ventilation, etc.

  44. A blowing or breathing into; inflation; inspiration.

  45. A cooling periodical wind in the Isle of Cyprus, blowing from the northwest from eight o'clock, A.

  46. An officer who went before procession to clear the way by blowing a horn, or otherwise; hence, any person who marched at the head of a procession; a harbinger.

  47. Because it may have been a dynamite explosion blowing up somebody's safe, and of course Mace would say I did it.

  48. It was dark as Erebus and the wind was blowing a gale.

  49. When they got through they'd be smoking punk tobacco in pipes while the Indian would be blowing the smoke of perfectos in their faces, and they'd stand for their craggy end of it without a whistle.

  50. He went to the fire and snatched up a burning peat, moving it rapidly from hand to hand, and blowing it into a red glow with his misty breath.

  51. Roderic came slowly towards him, blowing his warm breath into his cold, crisped fists.

  52. From the sea a warm breeze was blowing in broad, moist gusts.

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