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  1. A high stature and aquiline nose rarer than with Indo-Gangetic tribes.

  2. A flat nose seems the characteristic feature, but it is not so flat as that of the Cafirs of Africa, nor are their lips so thick, though generally thicker than the inhabitants of the plain.

  3. The nose is not large, and is generally a good deal flattened; the nostrils are often larger laterally than forwards, and the nose is then much depressed at the upper part between the eyes.

  4. His nose is flattened, his cheek-bones project, his eyes are often oblique, and his skin is more yellow and brown than red or copper-coloured.

  5. As compared with the African he would differ most in the parts between the nose and chin.

  6. Another character not less remarkable is the small projection of the nasal bones, which gives the nose an appearance of being flattened at its root, and to the countenance a singular resemblance to that of the orang utang.

  7. All she could see of him was a shock of sandy hair, two eyes tight shut, and a freckled nose half buried in the bed-clothes.

  8. It wasn't under his nose at all, of course, for the rock was far above him, and it wasn't game either.

  9. The villain, whose nose is painted white, vanquished by triumphant virtue, dies a gory death; he remains dead just long enough to satisfy you that he is dead, and then gets up and serenely walks to the side.

  10. To think that I should be looking everywhere for a foe, when he is under my nose all the time.

  11. With her pointed nose and large gray coif, she resembled a guinea fowl, and when she spoke the resemblance was more striking than ever.

  12. The Spectacle Man tapped the end of his nose with his pen and began to hum absent-mindedly:-- "The bridge is broke and I have to mend it.

  13. It bit the nose and ears of the baker's boy who started out with a basket of fresh loaves of bread on his arm for delivering at the kitchen doors.

  14. Patience held her primer up close to her nose and studied very diligently, but Peregrine's eyes wandered out of the window and toward the blue sky.

  15. His grandfather rubbed his nose that the cold had painted as red as a cherry.

  16. He would be a jolly, fat little old man with twinkling eyes and a nose like a cherry.

  17. He pulled the blankets up over his nose and buried his head in his pillow so that he should not hear the sound of the clock.

  18. Santa Claus is an old man with white hair, and twinkling eyes, and a nose like a cherry--" but the Child suddenly stopped.

  19. Then the Monkey jumped off the Goat's back, and, catching up the stick, on which he climbed to the top when the string was pulled, the Monkey began hitting the Goat over the nose with it.

  20. This bunny was larger, and his nose was not so pink.

  21. Monkey jumped out of his box, and, laying down his stick, ran across the table and shook paws with a beautiful Candy Rabbit, who had a pink nose and pink glass eyes.

  22. At first the Monkey thought it was Carlo, the dog, coming back, but in another moment he saw a pink nose and two long, flapping ears.

  23. His thinness and his small stature were made up for by the length of his blond mustache that curled around his pink little nose as if it were trying to reach the straight, scraggly bangs on his forehead.

  24. He was surprised at her greenish pallor, at her mouth, drawn with irritation, at her hard eyes which flashed yellow flames, at her nose which curved down to her upper lip.

  25. My nose being somewhat fastidious as yet, I moved to the other side of the cabin.

  26. But when the ship began to put her nose into the waves freely, a total change seemed to pass over him.

  27. Indeed, when the New Zealander is fully tattooed, which is the case with the old aristocrats, there is very little of his original face visible, excepting perhaps his nose and his bright black eyes.

  28. At intervals my nose streamed with blood, and I grew sensibly thinner.

  29. Next to the bear who almost thrust his nose into my bed next morning, my most vivid recollection of that camp was the blueberry bread we concocted in the frying-pan, which was fit for the very gods of old Olympus.

  30. Just as a savage had got one hand on the stern and with the other was about to deal a blow with his club which would have killed Charley, the boat glided off into deep water, and the savage warrior toppled down with his nose in the surf.

  31. For several minutes old Boris ran on with his nose to the snow, then, missing the sound of the scratching feet and the dry husk of the runners, he paused and listened with ears cocked and eyes in close scrutiny of the back trail.

  32. This crocodile measured fourteen feet from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, and was said to be the largest specimen captured at that time, but they have been known to reach from eighteen to twenty feet in length.

  33. The Malay drew his parang and hacked away at the creature's nose until he let go.

  34. After we did have conversation for some time, I happened to think the mamma did say to hurry; so I said good-bye, and when I did, I put my nose to the flower to smell it.

  35. Then one day, when his nose was sore, he did give such an odd pain squeal.

  36. I gave him pats and he cuddled his nose up under my curls.

  37. Then I push his nose back and I cut from the big piece of cheese delicate slices for Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus.

  38. And I gave unto him more pats on the nose and pats on the neck.

  39. To-day I did go on, and then I did come back to give him more good-bye pats on the nose until I was come again.

  40. And she did give me a kiss on each cheek and one on the nose when she lifted me onto her lap.

  41. She did rub the nose of Mathilde Plantagenet.

  42. He did put his nose against my hand for a pat.

  43. To-day, when I did squeak calls for Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus to come out of his house, he did come out, and he did crawl up on my shoulder and cuddle his nose up close to my curls.

  44. Some way he got his nose too near that trap they set for rats in the barn.

  45. I gave him pats on the nose and I talked with him about it.

  46. He did just crawl up and put his nose against my curls.

  47. I was just going to show her what a nice nose and little hands Nannerl Mozart has, and what a velvety mouse Felix Mendelssohn is.

  48. I am sorry to have to end my yarn on this prosaic note, but that is the way of things in an existence where the necessity to blow your nose or change your socks breaks in on the most exalted moments.

  49. It thrusts fur coats, frocks, and blouses under your nose as you walk.

  50. They lurk round corners and materialise under one's very nose out of blank walls.

  51. Flora came over with them, made a small circle, with her sensitive nose to the damp earth, and then went rushing down the fence.

  52. Phineas rubbed the side of his nose thoughtfully.

  53. Don Quixote was left with a face as full of holes as a sieve and a nose not in very good condition, and greatly vexed that they did not let him finish the battle he had been so stoutly fighting with that villain of an enchanter.

  54. They dashed at the grating and escaped by it, save one that, finding itself hard pressed by the slashes of Don Quixote's sword, flew at his face and held on to his nose tooth and nail, with the pain of which he began to shout his loudest.

  55. And though my nose be rather flat, And though my mouth be wide, My teeth like topazes exalt My beauty to the sky.

  56. To tell the truth," returned Sancho, "the monstrous nose of that squire has filled me with fear and terror, and I dare not stay near him.

  57. The fine down went up the Princess's nose and into her mouth, she sprang up and began to sneeze and cough, and spat out the enchanted ring on to the counterpane.

  58. But the godson turned up his nose and said to the godmother: "Thine is sorry fare!

  59. The little she-fox scented out the fowls that were right under her very nose in the wood, and determined to pay a visit to Kuz'ma's hut.

  60. Well, I'll take half your kingdom if you like, but I wouldn't turn up my nose either at your daughter with half your golden treasure for a dowry.

  61. But the lower part of the elder brother's countenance was fuller than that of his junior; his nose was larger, his chin was square, and his mouth broad and firm of contour.

  62. Barroux for his part was of decorative aspect, tall, and with a handsome, clean-shaven face, which would have looked quite noble had not his nose been rather too small.

  63. Laveuve's unkempt beard straggled over his features, suggesting an old horse that is no longer cropped; his toothless jaws were quite askew, his eyes were vitreous, and his nose seemed to plunge into his mouth.

  64. The latter, who was slim and dark, with a sprouting beard and hair cut in brush fashion, had bright eyes, a straight nose and thin lips set in a pale and slightly freckled face, betokening great intelligence.

  65. And withal he looked a pleasant companion, full of wit to the tip of his little pointed nose, the nose of a sporting dog that is ever scenting game.

  66. But her nose was long, her face deviated to the left, and her chin was pointed.

  67. He shut his eyes again; the dog kept on barking and finally put his cold nose against his master's face.

  68. Shrewdly thrusting its nose into the wind and glancing around to the right and left out of its big brown eyes, it stalked along on its delicate feet with an easy grace.

  69. He sighed again, and rubbed his nose perplexedly.

  70. The lady's nose grew deeper of tint, and the look she shot at him had quite a killing vindictiveness.

  71. And the large mouth and broad chin and rather big nose undoubtedly make the superior face.

  72. I can't decide whether to cultivate my mind and be a great dramatist, or to thumb my nose at the Golden Treasury and be a Princeton slicker.

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