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Example sentences for "bloke"

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  1. I have been making the bloke a lot of oak candlesticks, and human heads with sparkling eyes, for walking-sticks, &c.

  2. I learned one bit of sense out of that mass of folly they call antiquity; and that was the story of the old bloke with his twelve sons, and fagot to match.

  3. I believe the bloke was no madder than I am," said he.

  4. Then you just opens the door and me and that redheaded bloke we comes in.

  5. There's many a swell bloke 'ud give 'arf a dollar for that to put 'is baccy in.

  6. Had another bloke about there this fortnight.

  7. And that 'ere bloke down near we, he's another of 'em.

  8. What sort of looking bloke is it who's been murdered?

  9. I didn't tell all what happened in the stall to-day when that bloke were here.

  10. It was while using one of those places I first met a sparring bloke (pugilist), who taught me how to spar and showed me the way to put my dukes up.

  11. You're that doctor bloke what's selling the Rheumatic Balm, ain't yeh?

  12. You can't send a bloke up on th' say so of a Missin' Link," he said.

  13. Why, there's fifty quid reward offered, fifty quid--a fortune to a pore bloke like me.

  14. A bloke can't argue 'less 'e 'as a bloke to argue with.

  15. A bloke would think, to see you stare, There's visions on the 'ill-tops there.

  16. An' as we talk, I sees along the road A strange bloke 'umpin' some queer sort uv load.

  17. But just the same, don’t give the next bloke the same kind of opportunity.

  18. Next time don’t be so blasted heroic, and give the other bloke first cracks.

  19. The bloke must be mad, and completely off his topper.

  20. Now your countrymen here will see what happens to a bloke who insults the honored and traditional drink of the English.

  21. Then the other bloke wouldn’t see him either.

  22. I wouldn't like to see a cove collar a cove's job an' not tell a bloke about it.

  23. A bloke worked me out of one billet, and I worked myself out of the other.

  24. Generally used with the affix of bloke when referring to a man.

  25. The bloke with the steeple felt will never snickle," spoke the ruffian.

  26. I popped this bloke last night," he said, "and thought the scold's cure had him.

  27. What kind of coves are you to let a black bloke fight a white man?

  28. That bloke over there hasn't been home for twenty-eight.

  29. That's what the bloke always says to the 'angman.

  30. Oh, I wish I was as tough as the old bloke is.

  31. It seems that the old scientific bloke had a sister in the wilds of Northumberland, to whom he gave fearful offence, years ago, by blowing her cat up, or something of that sort, and she vowed he should never have sixpence of hers.

  32. You know I told you all about her, the daughter of the old bloke down at Ludred.

  33. This 'ere is my idea--shaking your hand and sitting cosy with the bloke that's sent me down more times than I can think.

  34. But there's a bloke asleep upstairs as calls 'isself Brum.

  35. Poor old Bill was put across the metals, only the bloke didn't do the job properly.

  36. Ain't a miser a bloke 'oo grabs all wot 'ee gits?

  37. That gerenum there looks proper; which I bought it of a bloke What does the "All a-blowin'!

  38. There's one long bloke up there recites, I tell you--he's a treat.

  39. I don't know 't any one bloke thought of it.

  40. It does seem to me that if Mr. Bloke had let the intoxicating bowl alone himself, he never would have got into so much trouble about this exasperating imaginary accident.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bloke" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.