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Example sentences for "blocs"

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  1. Hardly had hostilities ended than the ideological divisions between Marxism and liberal democracy burst out into attempts to secure dominance between the respective blocs of nations they inspired.

  2. The threat posed by a new crisis in the international order was heightened by breakthroughs in nuclear technology and the success of both blocs of nations in equipping themselves with an ever-growing array of weapons of mass destruction.

  3. Usefulness is there certainly; card catalogues are above all useful, especially when there is variety and diversity to deal with, as there is coming to be in a Senate ruled by blocs and frequented by undisciplined individualism.

  4. Much better turn it over to the blocs and see what they will do with it.

  5. The blocs and minorities that are appearing in American public life are accomplishing a measure of decentralization.

  6. He left it with its name covering an agglomeration of groups and blocs and personal followings, supporters of various interests difficult to reconcile, whose votes fluctuate from year to year.

  7. Blocs will be positive, not merely negative as the parties have become.

  8. And then these blocs push through laws on hospitalization and social security and death benefits that cut into a mine owner's profits nearly as much as the wage increases.

  9. You don't pass laws--as the Popular Front has--forcing employers to bargain with the unions without making the unions so powerful that they can and do elect whole blocs of union deputies and senators.

  10. Doubtless these are blocs perches, the relics of extinct glaciers, like the similar blocks on the road from Salamanca, or those near Ribadavia above the Mino vale.

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