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Example sentences for "blocky"

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  1. The Englishman put up his hands automatically when he faced his enemy, and the next moment black-haired blocky bull of a fellow charged furiously.

  2. The mate flung up a club-like head and threw back his blocky shoulders.

  3. He took in the blocky shoulders and the square head, and he pictured the little eyes at a vanishing-point in lines of a bargain.

  4. But suddenly he was brought up short by the blocky body of Mr. Hopper, who grunted with the force of the impact.

  5. Glancing back, he saw the irresolute guards scattered by the enraged charge of a square, blocky man in civilian robe--the usually smiling Provisional President, Senator Mollon.

  6. He was still youngish looking, of powerful, blocky build.

  7. The information robot was a blocky green-skinned synthetic planted in a kiosk in the middle of a broad well-paved street.

  8. They were neatly typed; Alan recognized the blocky purple characters of the voicewrite Hawkes kept in his room.

  9. Better take the alley there," I told the blocky one, on impulse.

  10. Thanks for the steer," said the blocky one, "but we can stay till morning.

  11. Except for that twitch, and the high tension of his blocky hands gripping the witness chair, nothing in Rankin's solid front suggested he might himself be lying.

  12. Warner guessed, to have the blocky sandy-haired athlete sitting down.

  13. From beneath the red-and-gold portico of this edifice there issued a blocky man in a checkered suit, with a hard hat draped precariously over one ear and with a magnificent jewel gleaming out of the bosom of a collarless shirt.

  14. He mounted his blocky horse and rode away.

  15. A blocky white and black cow with a calf at her heels bolted toward the end of the field and the rest followed.

  16. The other was a blocky paint owned by Watson Charters, a quarrelsome man who was greatly impressed with his own importance.

  17. And so you ran down to meet us--that was bully," said the blocky man.

  18. Henry Birdseye and the aforesaid blocky chieftain of the band.

  19. The world narrowed to a corridor of space with the blocky figure of Beldman at one end and himself at the other.

  20. That blocky figure that was all the rest of the world was no more than a target.

  21. That big blocky figure was just another obstacle standing in his way, to be blasted aside.

  22. In front of the store stood the delivery sleigh, receiving its load of parcels, which were thrown in with an air of unconcern by a blocky young man with bare red hands.

  23. Aa, a basalt with a rough, blocky appearance, much like furnace slag, is shown at the top.

  24. Like Judge, she possessed a good, short, blocky head.

  25. He turned over one after another rapidly until he came to a photo that showed a strange blocky figure, four-armed, bright green in color.

  26. Security Keep was a big, blocky building beyond the city limits proper, a windowless tower near Nyack, New York.

  27. The blocky production chief looked coldly at them as they approached the car.

  28. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "blocky" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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