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  1. This statue, usually called the Apoxyomenos, may possibly be a copy in marble of the Athlete of Lysippus which Tiberius wished to remove from the Baths of Agrippa.

  2. The Trojan heroes fall with smiles upon their lips; the athlete draws the strigil down his arm; the sons of Niobe lie stricken, beautiful in death.

  3. This performance excited considerable admiration from those who witnessed it, and the young athlete was called upon to repeat it frequently.

  4. Fortunately, there was a well-known athlete in one of the seats directly opposite the ladies, and he interfered at once, begging the two men to discontinue their objectionable language or to retire to the smoking-car.

  5. To call, then, on the name and trust in the spirit of Christ, is to invoke the restoring power of God; to give symmetry and speed to our lame affections, and the vigour of an athlete to our limping wills.

  6. So that when he reported to Reddy and submitted to his inspection, even that austere critic could find no fault with the sinewy athlete who smilingly extended his hand.

  7. In a second the athlete had the giant's shoulders touching the floor, and the referee called a "down.

  8. Reddy had an eye for every athlete on board, and woe betide the man who was found shirking, even in the slightest degree.

  9. Then there would be a wild scramble to get out of his way, and more than one laughing athlete was sent sprawling in a head-on collision.

  10. He was now firmly intrenched in the affections of every athlete on board, and had been accepted unreservedly as their mascot.

  11. He had been a champion athlete at college and his face would have made a painting of a young Greek god look like a poor copy.

  12. He had the build of an athlete without the bearing--a laziness of movement and a slouch of the shoulders that was almost insolent, except when he walked before a crowd.

  13. Milo=, an athlete of Croto┬┤na, noted for his amazing strength.

  14. I wiped his face, and then I recognized in him an officer who had been a crack athlete when the Munsters were in India and against whom I had competed more than once.

  15. Though coach's manner was mild enough, there was look of the resolute eyes of this famous college athlete that made Phin Drayne realized how I hopeless it was to expect any consideration from him.

  16. It was Dick Prescott, erect of carriage, and brisk and strong of stride, as becomes a young athlete whose conscience is clear and wholesome.

  17. The stout and muscular lady also danced on a tight rope, which with her bounces acted like a taut bowstring, projecting the athlete high into the air.

  18. Instead of fulfilling her promise, Sophie wrote to ask for a further advance of money, and when this was refused, disappeared altogether from the knowledge of the athlete and her daughter.

  19. And he picks out the best athlete we've got, and tries to blackmail him.

  20. I told them that when I was really in form I was the greatest athlete who ever wore a shoe, and that as soon as I got some money from home I was willing to back up what I said.

  21. A fellow's got to take his exercise every day, whether he's a star athlete like Dave, or the worst grind that ever wanted to swallow a Greek dictionary, roots and all.

  22. You can learn that no matter how good you are, there's always some one that will beat you and the greatest athlete in the world has to go down with the rest.

  23. There's a dandy prize for it, too--a silver shield with an athlete on it, going through all the different events.

  24. And a boy, who grew to be the school athlete and my chief friend, beat a great many.

  25. There was a quarrel between the athlete and an old German who had a barber's shop we passed every day on our way home, and one day he spat through the window and hit the German on his bald head--the monitors had not forbidden spitting.

  26. But I could not even argue with the athlete who still collected his butterflies for the adventure's sake, and with no curiosity but for their names.

  27. We started to row home, and when dinner-time had passed for about an hour, the athlete lay down on the bottom of the boat doubled up with the gripes.

  28. The German ran after us, but when the athlete squared up he went away.

  29. I was very much afraid of physical pain, and one day when I had made some noise in class, my friend the athlete was accused and I allowed him to get two strokes of the cane before I gave myself up.

  30. The athlete was our watchman and our safety.

  31. Still, though many a young athlete naturally went amiss under this severe handling, there is no doubt that these professional trainers used to turn out their charges in very fine condition, on the average.

  32. Pace kills, and it is condition which enables the athlete to endure the pace.

  33. That they were crowned with good success his record as an athlete shows, for he twice won the Diamond Sculls, and also held the Wingfield (amateur championship) in 1861.

  34. And Bhima then summoned to the combat that athlete known by the name of Jimuta who was like unto the Asura Vritra whose prowess was widely known.

  35. No one but an athlete with muscles and nerves of steel could have performed such a feat, or that which made Dennis Ryer, of the crew of Engine No.

  36. Younger by ten years than the other, he was much the stronger and abler, the athlete of a camp where there were no weaklings.

  37. A glorious athlete such as 'tis woman's prerogative to outwit--as Delilah outwitted Samson, as Omphale conquered Hercules.

  38. The excitement of this bellowing athlete was contagious.

  39. Most of these twelve were arquebusiers; and besides the weight of the ridiculous little cannon, they had their ponderous flintlocks and their clumsy armor,--poor helps for scaling heights which the unencumbered athlete finds difficult.

  40. Tenderly they lifted up the wounded officer and bore him back to camp; and there, under the gentle nursing of bearded men, he slowly recovered strength, and in time became again the daring athlete of other days.

  41. However some Nemesis overtook him, as it does a too successful athlete just at the termination of his course.

  42. You Christian people ought to train your spirits at least as carefully as the athlete does his muscles.

  43. How many things did the athlete at Corinth do without in his training?

  44. When long waists and narrow hips held sway, Agatha presented a faultlessly correct outline; when the coquettish athlete adorned magazine covers, Agatha might have passed for her sister.

  45. He was an athlete in his leisure moments, a business man at all times.

  46. School games and odd trials of skill will probably give the aspiring athlete some idea of the direction in which he is better than, or as good as, his fellows.

  47. The young athlete should find for himself which method suits him best.

  48. Here the athlete begins his run to the centre of the bar slowly, then he increases his speed a little, finishing with a quick run and a bound.

  49. After becoming fairly proficient with the lighter weights, heavier clubs might be used with advantage, say three or four pounds each, but a practised athlete of great muscular power may safely swing clubs of twenty pounds or more.

  50. He said this because the Jones boy was as nimble as an ape when he found an opportunity to show off his gymnastics; he dearly loved to hang from a limb by his toes, and carry on like a circus athlete or trapeze performer.

  51. He is studying law at the College and is very popular with a certain set here--quite an athlete and a social star--and he simply dances attendance on Ruth when she is here.

  52. It was a gold medallion--a first prize for a half-mile contest--and Donald knew enough about swimming to give Moodey credit for being an athlete of distinction.

  53. He is like an athlete with weak legs, but powerful arms and shoulders, trying to win a foot race instead of a hand-over-hand rope-climbing contest.

  54. The glutton thinks of his stomach; the scholar of his knowledge; the athlete of his prowess, and the seeker after power, of his ambitions.

  55. No one is accredited with standing as an amateur athlete who has ever "lost caste" in this way.

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