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Example sentences for "athleticism"

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athir; athirst; athlete; athletes; athletic; athletics; athout; athrill; athrob; athversary
  1. For a short time the hold of athleticism was weakened, and as it weakened, the hold of literature became more firm.

  2. Athleticism had had a disastrous effect on them.

  3. Their activity was simply wonderful, and if they could have brought that show of vigorous athleticism and that terrible determination of countenance to bear upon their Madi enemies they must have carried consternation into their ranks.

  4. The best muscle of every tribe is diverted to warlike pursuits or to the athleticism of the chase.

  5. In Panhellenic games as well as at present, athleticism in its manifold forms was one of the most characteristic expressions of adolescent nature and needs.

  6. Athleticism is now the form into which these wilder instincts can be best transmuted, and where they find harmless and even wholesome vent.

  7. Machines supersede muscles, and perhaps our athleticism gives skill too great preponderance over strength, or favors intense rather than constant, long-sustained, unintermittent energy.

  8. Nor did the officers in charge of companies feel any compunction to prescribe athleticism as an antidote to immorality.

  9. Had not the worship of athleticism been already firmly established in the schools themselves it would never have occurred to them to run it as a stunt.

  10. The cult of athleticism has been for a long while the target at which the enemies of the Public School have launched their abuse.

  11. The greater the honesty in tackling the moral question, the less will masters feel themselves forced to recommend athleticism as an antidote to immorality.

  12. It may, indeed, be advanced that were there another focus, athleticism could not exist in its present state, and that there would be no need for a reduction of the age limit.

  13. The three main causes for athleticism were removed, and in consequence there was no athleticism.

  14. If not another article appeared on public school sport, the cult of athleticism would still continue; it would continue because as things are at present there is no other focus for the enthusiasm and partisanship of a boy of seventeen.

  15. The creed of athleticism speaks its latest word here.

  16. The worship of athleticism breeds a professional or semi-professional class, but it is surprising to know how little an effect it has upon the crowd of city people who join in all the rites of adoration.

  17. Some one or other has been trying to frown down what he calls the excessive athleticism of our public schools.

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