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centavo; centavos; centenarian; centenarians; centenary; centerboard; centered; centering; centerpiece; centers
  1. I am monarch of all I survey; My right there is none to dispute: From the center all round to the sea, I am lord of the fowl and the brute.

  2. As the autumn drew to a close, the whole Mississippi Valley, from the Missouri to the Gulf, was shaken to its center by continued earthquakes.

  3. The world will remember the great gang battle, fought at Worth and Center Streets, between the Eastmans and the Five Points.

  4. Meanwhile the wren-head public packed itself ten deep about the center of excitement.

  5. Casey strode into the Stag, his bosom a storm-center for every black emotion.

  6. The latter explained that, while Ellison and Razor had spread wreck and havoc among the monkeys and macaws, they had avoided even a remotest entanglement with a huge cinnamon bear, chained in the center of the room.

  7. In the center of the room stood a pedometer.

  8. The lumber, therefore, is always sure to incline from the center of the channel toward either shore.

  9. Loristan turned back into the room and stood silently in the center of it.

  10. Loristan said to him a thing which was like the sudden lighting of a great light in the very center of his being.

  11. The inspector was in the center of the line.

  12. The cook-stove occupied the center of the room, and around it a narrow space had been left for the dancers.

  13. He squatted on the floor in the center of the back wall, and places had been left at his right and left for Ambrose and Simon.

  14. In the center a small fire burned on the ground, and behind it sat five dark-skinned figures in a semicircle.

  15. In the center of the shed Ambrose left the miller's tithe in payment, with an ironical note affixed to one of the bags.

  16. The little cars scooted up and down the two center lanes while pedestrians, poor benighted souls, kept to the side walkways.

  17. Seated cross-legged on the rug in the center of the room, and looking like an impossible combination of the last Henry Tudor and Gautama Buddha, Thomas Boyd did nothing either.

  18. In the center was a body of Mexican cavalry, headed by their commanding officer, who, hat in hand, was haranguing them.

  19. Selecting two apples, one enormous, the other medium size, she carefully introduced a reed through the center of the smaller apple, thus causing it to revolve on its axis.

  20. In the center of the apartment, with an open book on the table before him, sat the teacher who officiated at prayers.

  21. Now close one eye and making your hand describe an arc through the air, like the arc that a shell would describe, see how nearly you can bring the pencil-point down on the center of the target.

  22. But with helium in the gas-bags the engines can be placed inside the balloon envelop and the propellers can operate on the center line of the car.

  23. Not only can you land the pencil on the penny, but you will be able to bring it down on the very center of the target.

  24. There was one of these cars forward, and one at the stern, while near the center were two cars side by side.

  25. At the center of the Zeppelin the bombs were stored, and there were electro-magnetic releasing-devices operated from the pilot's room by which the pilot could drop the bombs whenever he chose.

  26. There was a deck extending along the top of the balloon which was reached by a ladder running up through the center of the airship.

  27. In the center of the vessel was the main hatchway, leading up to the conning-tower, which was large enough to hold from three to five men.

  28. The arm of a crank is the distance between the center of the shaft, and the center of the crank-pin.

  29. The throw of an eccentric corresponds to this, and is the distance between the center of the shaft and the center of the eccentric disk, as shown at a in Fig.

  30. When the speed falls below the normal, the weights move toward the center and the cut-off is lengthened.

  31. A represent the center of the main shaft, B the crank-pin to which the connecting-rod is attached (see H, Fig.

  32. The oil is pumped through a filter to a central reservoir, seen above the center of the engine, and from here delivered to all bearings by gravity.

  33. One of the advantages of the cross-compound engine over other forms is that the cranks may be set 90 degrees apart, so that when one is on a dead center the other is approximately at its position of greatest effort.

  34. The disk is keyed to the shaft, and as the shaft revolves, the center of the disk rotates about it as shown by the dotted line, and gives a forward and backward movement to the valve rod equal to twice the throw a.

  35. On the 26th of January I introduced a very small needle through the cornea and the center of the iris; but I could not destroy any of the adhesions which had shut up the pupillar opening.

  36. The connection m of the word-image-center W with the diction-center D, i.

  37. He can not yet frame correct sentences to express the movement of his thought, because his diction-center D is still imperfectly developed.

  38. The connections between the impressive sound-centers and the motor speech-center are injured.

  39. The path leading from the word-center to the dictorium, and the word-center itself, must have been as yet too little used.

  40. This is connected by means of the intercentral paths v with the motor speech-center M.

  41. Thus, by easy stages, he soon reached the distinction of being the center and principal figure of an admiring crowd.

  42. Leaving the train at Philadelphia, Webster made his way through the crowded streets to the center of the city.

  43. It was his mysterious fellow-traveler, who, stepping into the center of the room, glanced quickly around, apparently looking for some particular face.

  44. It was a two-story and basement brick building, the parlors of which were elevated several feet above the ground, and entrance was obtained by ascending a flight of steps in the center of the edifice.

  45. Frank and Harry, standing on the opposite ledge, ready to catch him as he landed, heard the boy scream in mortal terror as he shot over the center of the black gulf.

  46. The Hotel Grand Central was a long building with a red-tiled roof and the invariable patio in the center off which the room opened.

  47. All the treasures of Golconda might have been concealed under the mighty rock and the boys would have no more chance of getting at them than if they had been securely locked in the center of the earth.

  48. His contention did indeed seem unanswerable and, till the boys and their guards had reached the center of the courtyard, no more words were exchanged.

  49. We will mark out a space there extending in a semi-circle of which the center will be a point directly below the quesal’s beak and see what we can turn up.

  50. When he came to he found himself in the center of an excited group.

  51. In the center of the road, quite oblivious to the oncoming automobile, was an odd figure, that of a small man in a rusty, baggy suit of black.

  52. That stone's a large flat one and goes right through the center of the wall," he mused.

  53. The man of science was in the center of a large, round hole full of black mud that bubbled and boiled and steamed as if it were alive.

  54. We accept the fact that the center place where the City New Jerusalem is to be built, is in Jackson Country, Missouri.

  55. It was to be through the high council of the chief or center stake of Zion, in which jurisdiction the Twelve Apostles had no business whatever.

  56. Then she leaned over again, putting her palm on the center of the seventh stone, and pressing down upon it.

  57. All along the center of the room were two rows of rude benches put together to make one long table.

  58. There was a wide silver candelabra in the center of the table, covered with a gold-colored silk shade.

  59. The lettuce and garlic reposed in a tin plate in the center of the improvised table, and a loaf of bread lay on a clean piece of paper at one side.

  60. At the carved oak table in the center of the hall sat three men wearing red caps, and all down the dusky corridors other red caps bobbed up and down as citizens walked to and fro debating and wrangling.

  61. Dian stood still in the center of the drawing-room and pondered.

  62. In the center of a long hall some men in uniform sat writing at a table.

  63. She tried to think of these happy times as she danced in and out of the arched doorways and about the big table in the center of the hall.

  64. People were burned for saying that the earth was round, for saying that the sun was the center of a system.

  65. Suppose I should say that at the center of the earth there is a diamond one hundred miles in diameter, and that I would give ten thousand dollars to any man who would believe my statement.

  66. The water rushed down so swiftly to get through that it swelled in the center in a long frothy ridge of waves.

  67. By dint of muscle and a good vault he finally landed in the center of his canvas.

  68. Ken saw bubbles rise and break on the surface, and there was a slight rise or swell of the water toward the center of the channel.

  69. In a few minutes the boat was again in the center of the great pool among the rolling tarpon.

  70. He stood in the center of the narrow space between Doctor Bimble's laboratory and the rear of the Gage establishment.

  71. With a great effort he crawled away from the door thinking the air might be not so stifling toward the center of the tunnel.

  72. The greenish light seemed to have grown a trifle dimmer, but the waning of the glow only lent an added touch of hideousness to the object in the center of the nimbus.

  73. In the center of the room lay a curiously twisted figure, garbed in pajamas of pink flannel.

  74. It had already relieved him of much worry and enabled him to center his thoughts and efforts on the task before him.

  75. While his thoughts had been far away, his eyes had been steadily fixed on the two photographs in the center of the page spread out at his feet.

  76. They approached the center of Chinatown, keeping in the shadows whenever possible.

  77. The point of luminance grew larger and larger, swelling into a circle of pale radiance, and in its center he saw something that caused him to wonder whether he was dreaming a madman's dream.

  78. The invalid sat on the cornstalk in the center of the sand painting, facing east.

  79. The invalid took his seat in the center of the painting with his knees drawn to his chin.

  80. A large fire burned in the center affording both heat and light.

  81. As the artists were to begin the painting with the center of the picture only a portion of the ground color was laid at first, in order to enable them to work with greater facility.

  82. The center figure is one of the Hostjobokon, and upon this figure the invalid for whom the ceremonial is held sits.

  83. The fifth and center branch of pine covered most of the circle, its tips pointing to the east.

  84. The line running down through the center of the face calls upon the gods above to send down rain upon the earth and health to all people.

  85. The camp was surrounded by piñon brush and a large fire burned in the center of the inclosure; there was much meat roasting over the fire.

  86. In point of fact, there had come to be a new center of wide-spread dominion in Western Europe.

  87. For some years he and his friends formed an unofficial center of opposition and criticism.

  88. East of the Franks and Saxons, were the valiant Lombards, who made their way southwards to the center of Europe, and finally to the Danube.

  89. The Queen of Scots was the center of the hopes of the enemies of England and of Elizabeth.

  90. Ancient history had its center in the Mediterranean.

  91. Each had its own civil organization, a capital, and a center of worship.

  92. The center of power was now in Erech, now in Ur, or Babylon, or some other city, whose king ruled supreme over numerous vassal kings.

  93. With the fall of the Ancient Persian Empire, the center of power was transferred from Asia to Europe, where it has since continued, though still in the hands of the same Aryan race.

  94. At the time of the Mongol conquest, Novgorod was the center of Russian dominion.

  95. There, at Ephesus, this apostle lived until the reign of Trajan, and from that center exerted a wide influence, the traces of which are marked and various.

  96. Heliopolis, with Tum for its sun-god, is the center of the new symbolical lore of the priesthood.

  97. Italy was the main center and source of this intellectual movement, which gradually spread over the other countries of Western Europe.

  98. Cecile stood by the round table in the center of the room.

  99. Miss Smith was sitting by the round table in the center of the room, partaking of a cup of English tea.

  100. And then there was a cathedral-like building all arched and spired, standing in the center of a twelve-pointed plaza.

  101. The herd broke, stampeding outward from its center like a bursting shell.

  102. And in the center of it stood a dark tower of stone, a cyclopean bulk that Stark knew must go down an unguessable distance to its base on the bedrock.

  103. When it was concluded they had the three empty kegs lashed in a triangle about five feet apart, while two planks crossing the triangle, assisted to keep all firm and tight; floating in the center of the triangle was the keg of water.

  104. Approaching carefully and noiselessly he saw a group of five men sitting and drinking round a fire made on the ground, in the center of one of the windowless rooms, the smoke finding its way out through the roof.

  105. The colonel now rode forward to the center of the line, and said in loud tones, "Men, I have a piece of news to tell you which I think that you will be glad to hear.

  106. It was in the center that their great effort was made.

  107. Villette's division was sent from the French center to join the fray, while Hill sent up reinforcements.

  108. So quiet was the village when he entered, that he at first thought it was deserted; at last, however, he saw a light in one of the houses in the center of the village.

  109. Armed men were coming out of the cottages, and gathering in a group round a rough stone cross, which stood in the center of a sort of green.

  110. There flashed into his mind his own arrival at St. Marys, the northern center of his vast diocese; the joy with which the neighboring Indian tribes had welcomed him and the name "The Rising Sun" which they had forthwith given him.

  111. It all seems to me so magnificent in its scope, and, as for Mr. Clark, who is evidently the center of the thing, one cannot but admire his incredible energy.

  112. It was perhaps half way between the rapids and the center of the village.

  113. It was so obvious that he was the center of the whole affair, and from him there seemed to spread out into the wilderness long filaments over which there trickled an unending stream of information.

  114. This accomplished, he disappeared in the bush and two hours later reappeared bending forward under a pack strap whose broad center strained against his swarthy forehead.

  115. She surveyed Clark a little breathlessly and with an overwhelming sensation that here was the nerve center of this whole gigantic enterprise.

  116. In ten years St. Marys will be the center of great and widespread activities.

  117. He Who is the Heart and Center of the Bayán hath written: “The germ that holdeth within itself the potentialities of the Revelation that is to come is endowed with a potency superior to the combined forces of all those who follow Me.

  118. Center your energies in the propagation of the Faith of God.

  119. Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and center your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements.

  120. Center your thoughts in the Well-Beloved, rather than in your own selves.

  121. Thou art still, through the grace of God, a center around which His beloved ones have gathered.

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