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particle; particles; particolored; particoloured; particula; particulares; particularise; particularised; particularism; particularist
  1. I have always been particular about my appearance," said Peabody plaintively.

  2. It is no particular object to me, for I can readily invest the money in some other way.

  3. I am not at all particular about increasing the amount of the mortgage, but, if by so doing it I can promote Tom's views, I won't object.

  4. Well, the blow-up didn't do you any particular good, but you are coming along all right.

  5. There's no money and no particular honor in the place he has now.

  6. I bought it, together with the house I live in, with money that was left me, and the fact that I am not compelled to scuffle for a living is no particular credit to me.

  7. I did not know anything particular to say, and yet I felt that people who have arrived at the dignity of keeping house must be conversational, must be easy and sociable in company.

  8. Corpse said never mind, shake him up some kind of a box he could stretch out in comfortable, he warn't particular 'bout the general style of it.

  9. Here he became even more fearfully impressive than ever, and emphasized each particular point by checking it off on his finger-ends.

  10. I detected no particular result, however, except that I had acquired a breath like a buzzard's.

  11. The clerk not only called his superior's attention to this thing, but in making up his brief of the case called particular attention to it in writing.

  12. I seemed to be sitting on a doorstep (in no particular city perhaps) ruminating, and the time of night appeared to be about twelve or one o'clock.

  13. At odd times during the day, when this joy forever happened to have nothing particular on hand, she put in the time by climbing up on places, and falling down off them, uniformly damaging her self in the operation.

  14. We need not mention the names of our friends, and perhaps the interpreter won't be very particular in making inquiries.

  15. Being engaged in particular service, the master of the lugger was allowed to proceed on his way, and the Thisbe stood back towards Cherbourg.

  16. They were not very particular as to which they took first.

  17. The colonel, who was in no wise particular as to what work he performed, at once took hold of Bill.

  18. He listened with an oppressed look, as to something the particular secret of which had to be reached by a determined effort of sympathy for those whom it affected.

  19. But she had not spoken of a particular person to meet him; and how, then, had she betrayed herself?

  20. He smoked,' Lord Avonley said of the second departure, to allay some perturbation in the bosoms of the ladies who had ceased to ride, by accounting for this particular mishap in the most reassuring fashion.

  21. Her particular news for him was of a disgraceful alarum raised by Captain Baskelett in the night, to obtain admission; and of an interview she had with him in the early morning, when he subjected her to great insolence.

  22. I have particular reasons for going to Lespel's; I hear he wavers toward a Tory conspiracy of some sort,' said Beauchamp.

  23. An appointment of her father's with Mr. Tuckham at Mount Laurels on a particular day she considered as of no consequence whatever, and she said so, in response to a meaningless nod.

  24. I would avoid it, for it cannot lead to particular harm; but I have an enemy who may poison your ear in my absence.

  25. His conscience approved him cheerlessly, as it is the habit of that secret monitor to do when we have no particular advantage coming of the act we have performed; but the righteous labour of his arm gave him high breathing and an appetite.

  26. By consolidation of all the interests in any particular line of trade.

  27. I'm more particular than ever about it just now.

  28. I believe it is part of your professional ethics, Mr. Christopher, to do no particular amount of talking except to your clients.

  29. For instance, as one of the directors I do not suppose there would be any particular harm in selling your business to the consolidation for a thousand in place of eight hundred.

  30. I thought there was a fresh crop of your particular breed of come-ons every morning.

  31. The particular piece of Roquefort, though, that fooled me into a Pullman compartment and kept me grinning like a drunken hyena all the way here, was a pinhead by the name of Edward Lamb.

  32. He was too hungry to be particular and was just about to start eating when a quick step behind him caused him to start violently, dropping the food he had in his hand.

  33. In cases of excerpts from periodicals the name of the magazine with the date of that particular issue is usually deemed sufficient.

  34. It induces tenacity in adhesion to systems adopted, and it leads to the adoption of new systems devised to accord with supposed idiosyncrasies of a particular collection--or pursuant to the ingenious inventiveness of a particular librarian.

  35. Each of these men would be justified in looking under the particular subject he had in mind, expecting to find either the material or a reference sending him to the chosen heading.

  36. Particular effort has been made to advertise widely the new List of subject headings and the A.

  37. Monotony produces fatigue; and because this particular road is one dead, monotonous level, more horses give out on it than on any other road leading out of London.

  38. Try to search down a particular title by Stockton, or Bret Harte and you will soon despair.

  39. Publishing Board have been written for particular papers.

  40. Every community has within its borders specialists of various types; men who have given their lifetime to the study of some particular question.

  41. It may, without prejudicing applications from other institutions, deny the application of any particular library, because of lack of assurance as to the safety or intelligent use of the material if lent.

  42. In this particular part of the work the library assistant gains more by much reading than she does by experience.

  43. This particular Saturday afternoon I looked at our chimneys as I came down the street.

  44. There was no particular reason why he should have spoken to me, but he seemed to wish it.

  45. It is true that he is not in every particular what--well, what I should care to be myself.

  46. It is unnecessary to be 30 particular on these subjects.

  47. Down the neck and across the 20 shoulders, his mane, in repose as it was, half bristled and seemed to lift with every movement, as though excess of vigor made each particular hair alive and active.

  48. In came the cook with her brother's particular friend the milkman In came the boy from over the way, who was 15 suspected of not having enough to eat from his master.

  49. At one end are a number of flower-covered mounds, each one marked with a wooden cross, for this particular little field is one of the American Expeditionary Force's cemeteries.

  50. One of the most progressive states in this particular is Illinois, which has recently enacted a law for the reorganization of its executive branch of government.

  51. In rural districts, where the children live far apart, there is particular need for a common meeting place for organized group play, and the school is the most appropriate place for it.

  52. Children in particular should have their interest actively aroused and their support enlisted.

  53. Department of Agriculture for its List of Publications Available for Distribution; or for publications relating to particular topics.

  54. But they are subject to the same difficulties that individuals encounter in dealing wisely with particular cases.

  55. The reclamation of swamp or marshy land on particular farms of your locality.

  56. An outline suggesting a vital coordination between the civics and the history of these grades, and of particular service in the seventh grade, is given in United States Bureau of Education Bulletin, 1919, No.

  57. Medical treatment is of course given, but the means do not exist to give special expert treatment to particular classes of defectives.

  58. Sometimes they are due to selfish disregard by some persons of the rights and interests of others; but more often they are due simply to failure to see what the real results of a particular act may be and how it may affect other people.

  59. It studies the cost and profitableness of producing particular crops, livestock, and dairy products, the use of the woodlot, the most economic and effective farm equipment.

  60. The work done at your state experiment station (individual reports may be made on the several important lines of work, or on particular investigations or discoveries of interest).

  61. But the government represents community as a whole, and has the interest of the community as a whole in its keeping rather than the interest of particular individuals.

  62. Rage and despair do not commonly produce such reasonable effects; nor are they the instruments to make a man's fortune by but in particular cases.

  63. It would shut up mankind for ever in a stereotyped organization which is the vision of a particular thinker.

  64. In its industrial aspect, the International was an attempt to separate the interests of a particular class of workers throughout the world from those of their fellow workers, and to divide humanity against itself.

  65. But the biographer has evidently laid down beforehand in his own mind general laws which are fatal to all pamphlets as pamphlets, without consideration of their particular merits.

  66. Nor do I believe that even the particular phrase which has been deemed so fraught with treason to plutocracy would, if my critic examined it closely, seem to him so very objectionable.

  67. This is not altogether a bad start in the pursuit of the truth for which the world now craves, and which, we cordially admit, lies beyond the existing creed of any particular Church.

  68. A few years ago, the verger of Winchester cathedral asked a visitor who desired to be shown her tomb, "what there was so particular about that lady that so many people wanted to see where she was buried?

  69. Our idea of order would not be satisfied by a number of objects falling by mere chance into a particular figure, however intricate and regular.

  70. In these cooler times the parliamentary interest and weight of particular families annihilate all other pretensions.

  71. For this reason, as I am an old man, I take particular care to avoid being covetous, and telling long stories.

  72. Illustration] 'The idea of publishing a periodical paper in Edinburgh took its rise in a company of gentlemen whom particular circumstances of connection brought frequently together.

  73. The number and beauty of the temples were taken particular notice of; nor was the trimness of the walks and hedges without commendation.

  74. He had a particular carefulness in the knitting of his brows, and a kind of impatience in all his motions, that plainly discovered he was always intent upon matters of importance.

  75. But as it is required that all coxcombs hang out their signs, it is, on the other hand, expected that men of real merit should avoid anything particular in their dress, gait, or behaviour.

  76. By it immense fortunes have been got to particular men, most of them obscure and unheard of; happy for their own characters, and for the nation's trade, if they had still remained so.

  77. From hence he adjourns to the play-house, where he is to be met again in the side box, from whence he makes his court to all the ladies in general with his eyes, and is particular only with the orange wench.

  78. With these hopes I shall, in a short time, offer for sale magnets armed with a particular metallic composition, which concentrates their virtue and determines their agency.

  79. It was profusely illustrated: the major part of the cuts, some of them of particular excellence, were by the hand of the gifted and unfortunate Seymour.

  80. There are several things common to all these travellers, and yet peculiar to every particular traveller.

  81. Sundays in the year, except in the Easter season and the Ascension festival (up to Whitsun Eve), and except on any other festival marked by the use of white, which takes precedence of the particular Sunday.

  82. In obeying this explicit direction, the Minister must consider that hasty and inconsiderate almsgiving, especially by will, such as bequeathing doles to the inhabitants of particular places, has been productive of much evil.

  83. In selecting the particular Sentences for use at certain seasons it seems suitable to use in Advent, 'Repent ye,' &c.

  84. As soon as the most minute tendency to vary in any particular direction has been descried in any living creature, the fancier can exaggerate the difference to an extent inconceivable to the inexperienced.

  85. The extinction of any particular species may in some instances have been due to the extinction, or loss by other means, of its own appropriate food.

  86. The growth of picture-writing itself must have been extremely slow, from the difficulty of establishing an agreement as to the meaning of particular representations.

  87. What, then, is there to determine variation in any particular direction, and what limits are there, if any, to the system of interminable change which the principle of variation seems to involve?

  88. It remains only to say a few words on the argument from the calculation of chances which is supposed to reduce the survival by natural selection of any particular useful variation almost or altogether to an arithmetical impossibility.

  89. To the parental factors of any particular offspring must be added those which are constituted by food and climate and a multitude of changes and chances in the whole course of its existence.

  90. That the law of God is perfect, follows from the very thought of God; that any particular exposition of that law to finite minds either is or can be perfect, is almost, or altogether, a contradiction in terms.

  91. Still east of this is the hilly belt of country comprising eastern Franklin, Hampshire, and Hampden Counties, and the whole of Worcester County, to which range no particular name has been given.

  92. In this particular he manifested the same accuracy which marked his knowledge of current affairs.

  93. But on this particular evening when he was smoking his after-dinner pipe on the flagstoned porch with Corona for his companion, there were phenomena apparently unexplainable on any purely material hypothesis.

  94. Could he take a further advantage of their generosity by involving them still more intimately in his own particular entanglement?

  95. There was no one in sight in this particular alley of the crowded yard, and he dropped to the ground and slid the door back into place.

  96. For some unexplainable reason the world, his particular world, seemed to have lost its malignance.

  97. I thought he looked as if he might be out here for his health--like a good many other fellows who have no particular use for a doctor.

  98. I suppose you have reasons of your own for wishing to shift the responsibility for this particular loss to my shoulders.

  99. The outlet with which Sir Thomas Wyat was acquainted lay on the other side of the cavern; nor did he know how to discover the particular passage leading to it.

  100. In less than an hour, they met together at a particular tree, and the formidable circle was complete.

  101. They feed on carrion and have a particular liking for horse flesh.

  102. To sum up, the trapper who makes a success of trapping wolves must make a study of it and must often contrive methods suitable to his particular trapping grounds.

  103. When setting traps at your bait you only catch two or three, and by this time all the coyotes in the country have seen their comrades' doom at this particular place, and will stay clear of the place in the future.

  104. I decided, therefore, temporarily, to use no bait, but to try trail setting, for nightly two particular paths were literally covered with wolf tracks.

  105. The same baits that are recommended for wolves are also good for coyotes, but the coyote is not so particular regarding the condition of its food and will eat tainted flesh, greedily.

  106. His particular horde of marauders, too, was specially celebrated among all the others, on account of a mysterious and magical banner which they bore.

  107. There was, it is true, a particular reason in this case why the forms of divine service should be faithfully observed, and that is, that the war was considered in a great measure a religious war.

  108. The particular details of these contentions have in these days, in a great measure, lost their interest for all but professed historical scholars.

  109. These have no particular place in the system but their appearance in art and literature is natural, since they are decorative though not essential parts of early Buddhism.

  110. Particular ceremonies or traditions such as the sacred meal known as Prasâda and the stories of Krishna's infancy.

  111. The story does not say that whenever the White Islanders held a religious service the deity appeared, but that on a particular occasion when the deity appeared they ran to meet him and saluted him with a hymn.

  112. Yet the respect shown to particular images seems due not to old tradition but to modern and wrongheaded interpretations of their meaning.

  113. It does not provide an authorized version for the edification of the faithful, but it presents for the use of the learned all translations of Indian works belonging to a particular class which possess a certain age and authority.

  114. The Empire ceased to be a political power in the Tarim basin but intercourse with Central Asia and in particular the influx of Buddhism increased, and there was also a return wave of Chinese influence westwards.

  115. There are also wandering monks who have ceased to belong to a particular monastery and spend their time in travelling.

  116. Under the influence of the Kâlacakra the Lamas did not become theists in the sense of worshipping one supreme God but they identified with the Adi-Buddha some particular deity, varying according to the sects.

  117. My use of pantheistic in particular may raise objection, but it seems to me that Tao, however hard to define, is analogous to Brahman, the impersonal Spirit of Hindu philosophy.

  118. He is not in religious matters the counterpart of the secular arm, but rather a private practitioner, duly licensed but of no particular standing.

  119. I include the following story as a specimen, and take it in particular as being quoted quite seriously by certain anti-Napoleonic writers in the endeavour to bolster up a feeble case.

  120. In his particular line he was a great force with a brain that took spasmodic twists.

  121. Amelia was the wife of Farcillo, and a virtuous woman; Gracia, a young lady, was her particular friend and confidant.

  122. And when we look at it in one particular aspect, it is still magnified, and grows brighter and brighter the more we reflect upon its eternal duration.

  123. If we admit that the development of the human intellect at any particular period is worth studying, then all books are, or may become, useful.

  124. Be not over particular as to hours, or the time of day, and you will soon find that all hours are good for the muse.

  125. Attention has been defined as the fixing of the mind intently upon one particular object, to the exclusion for a time, of all other objects soliciting notice.

  126. In any case, great care must be taken to have the clearest proof, before proceeding to fasten the offense upon a particular individual.

  127. The practice of libraries in this particular of administration differs widely, as do the opinions of librarians regarding it.

  128. When this has been done thoroughly, the objects can be run over in any order from beginning to end, or from end to beginning, or the place of any particular one can at once be given.

  129. You are searching among them for a particular volume that is again wanted.

  130. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "particular" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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    absolute; accurate; adjunct; adventure; angle; article; aspect; attentive; captious; careful; case; categorical; censorious; certain; characteristic; choose; choosing; circumstance; circumstantial; citation; close; component; concrete; conscientious; constituent; contingent; correct; count; critical; dainty; datum; defined; defining; definite; delicate; demanding; demonstration; detachment; detail; detailed; determinate; different; differential; difficult; discriminating; distinct; distinctive; distinguished; distributive; division; divisional; dole; each; eclectic; elective; element; episode; equal; esoteric; especial; event; exact; exacting; example; exceptional; exemplification; exigent; experience; express; exquisite; extraordinary; facet; fact; factor; faithful; fastidious; feature; fine; finicky; fixed; fraction; full; fussy; graphic; half; hap; happening; illustration; incident; incidental; individual; individualistic; inner; installment; instance; intimate; isolated; item; itemized; local; lone; main; matter; meticulous; mincing; minute; minutiae; narrow; nice; noteworthy; occasion; occasional; occurrence; one; only; ordinal; parcel; particular; peculiar; percentage; perfectionist; personal; phenomenon; picayune; point; portion; precious; precise; priggish; private; proper; proportional; proportionate; prudish; punctilious; punctual; puritanical; quadrant; quarter; quota; quotation; reality; reference; refined; regard; religious; remainder; respect; respective; rigid; rigorous; sample; scrupulous; section; sector; segment; selective; sensitive; separate; several; share; single; singular; sole; solitary; special; specific; squeamish; strict; subdivision; subgroup; subtle; term; thing; thorough; typical; unique; very

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