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  1. These geometrically carved circular blocks are of not infrequent occurrence on the Mexican plateaux; of their use nothing is known, but they seem to bear a vague resemblance to the Aztec calendar and sacrificial stones to be described later.

  2. For four or five miles after entering the canyon, the shapeless heaps of adobe debris were of frequent occurrence on the banks of the stream.

  3. Silver is of much rarer occurrence than copper, was obtained probably from the same region, and is almost invariably found in the form of sheets hammered out very thin and closely wrapped about small ornaments of copper or shell.

  4. Similar works were said to be of frequent occurrence in that region.

  5. The cross-lines pecked in on the sides with some sharp instrument, are of rare occurrence if not unique.

  6. The cuicillos are numerous throughout the whole region, and marine shells are of frequent occurrence in them.

  7. This report would not be worth recording were it not for the fact that similar tables are of frequent occurrence in Chiapas, as will be seen in the following chapter.

  8. A peculiarity of this monument is that the arms are detached from the sides at the elbows; free-sculptured limbs being of rare occurrence in American aboriginal carvings.

  9. The chief feature at Tikal is the occurrence of many palaces or temples of hewn stone in mortar, on the summit of hills usually of slight elevation.

  10. Of the remaining figures, shown in the cut on the following page, the red hand is of frequent occurrence here, and we shall meet it again farther north, especially in Yucatan.

  11. The occurrence of the remains of an altar, looks like the period of Indian worship.

  12. It explains most of the Latin and French words and phrases of frequent occurrence in newspapers.

  13. Live and Learn; or, One Thousand Mistakes of Daily Occurrence in Speaking, Writing and Pronunciation, Corrected and Explained.

  14. It Corrects and Explains 1,000 Mistakes of Daily Occurrence in Speaking, Writing and Pronunciation.

  15. It is evident, however, from the surprised questioning look which greets my appearance, that visits from strangers are not of very frequent occurrence there.

  16. The latter especially is so probable an occurrence to any of us, that we are at once impressed by the necessity for providing some means for its alleviation.

  17. Yet I have a kind of intuition of the occurrence of some tragedy, Marion," he added, recollecting how her brother had stolen in secret from that denuded house.

  18. But the whole occurrence was a grim and terrible repayment of an old debt.

  19. At the quickening she sacrifices a young pig and charges it to convey her prayer to Doh Tenangan; and on the occurrence of any untoward incident, such as a fall, the prayer and sacrifice are repeated.

  20. The ceremony of casting out evil spirits is of frequent occurrence among Malanaus, and the noise of gongs and drums throughout the night, lasting every night for sometimes a whole week, cannot fail to impress even a casual observer.

  21. The age at which he repeats it depends in part upon the occurrence of an opportunity; it commonly falls between his eighth and fifteenth year.

  22. No authoritative evidence of their occurrence in Borneo is forthcoming, and one can confidently assert that there are no Negritos in Sarawak.

  23. In the section covered by this book, found only in northeastern and south central Utah, with possible occurrence in northwestern Colorado.

  24. Its occurrence in northern California is rather rare, and is confined to only a few higher mountain ranges.

  25. The occurrence of mink away from water can not be considered normal, because this creature ranks second only to the otter, among southwestern carnivores, in its preference for an aquatic life.

  26. A characteristic of the weasel family is the occurrence of anal glands which secrete a liquid having a powerful odor.

  27. Her little brothers, but ten and twelve years of age respectively, nobly seconded her efforts; but the whole glory of the splendid defence was due to Madeleine, whose account of the occurrence is extant.

  28. This most ancient of all worships, though it is of very frequent occurrence among the Dakotas, does not take place at stated intervals, as among the old nations of the East, nor does the whole tribe participate in the ceremonies.

  29. It is wonderful that such mistakes are not of frequent occurrence when one remembers the hot hasty work often done by committees, and the complex entanglements of sentences on which they have to work.

  30. Scott attributed to an incidental occurrence at his father's table the direction given to the great pursuit of his life.

  31. The voyage was fair for the time of year, and was marked only by the tragic occurrence of a sailor falling from the cross-trees into the sea and being drowned.

  32. So melancholy an occurrence naturally excited great attention, and long lingered in local memories.

  33. On unpacking his bag he looked into his diary and found that the time she had mentioned corresponded exactly with the strange and unusual occurrence to himself as they were floating down the Mississippi.

  34. The occurrence was so unusual and the impression of it was so strong that he made an account of it in his diary.

  35. We may say that an animal "experiences" an occurrence when this occurrence modifies the animal's subsequent behaviour, i.

  36. A recollection is aroused by something which is happening now, but is different from the effect which the present occurrence would have produced if the recollected event had not occurred.

  37. It is precise even if it is false, provided some very definite occurrence would have been required to make it true.

  38. When, on the other hand, a mental occurrence has not sufficient connection with objects external to the brain to be regarded as an appearance of such objects, then its physical causation (if any) will have to be sought in the brain.

  39. So far, therefore, as our definite knowledge goes, memory may require for its causation a past occurrence as well as a certain present state of the brain.

  40. We can more or less guess how an occurrence produces a change in the brain, and how its repetition gradually produces something analogous to the channel of a river, along which currents flow more easily than in neighbouring paths.

  41. The causal laws which our arguments would assume could be verified by the future occurrence of events inferred by means of them.

  42. But this whole manner of viewing our dealings with universals has to be abandoned when the relation of a mental occurrence to its "object" is regarded as merely indirect and causal, which is the view that we have adopted.

  43. They moved upon their seats out of the posture in which they had remained fixed during the narrative, and sat in an attitude which denoted that their curiosity as to the cause of this strange occurrence had been long since allayed.

  44. Galba had already been deliberating and seeking advice as to the adoption of a successor, and this occurrence hastened his plans.

  45. This occurrence deepened Vespasian's desire to visit the 82 holy-place and consult Serapis about the fortunes of the empire.

  46. As they appeared all quite attentive, I came near to them to see what was the cause that had brought them thither, and what occurrence seemed to rivet their attention.

  47. Having once entered into the dark way of superstition, man is hurried on in countless false directions by fear, hope, and other passions, in the midst of the daily occurrence of multifarious and unforeseen events and circumstances.

  48. And as I gazed my heart swelled and the water came into my eyes, for the scene recalled the memory of a tragic occurrence which had for years cast a gloom on my life.

  49. He put the occurrence into his report; and next forenoon Jellypod was sent for to the orderly room, and had the opportunity of realising with what emphasis and fertility of invective old Growler could administer a wigging.

  50. Gothic window, would have attracted instant attention, had it not been for the occurrence of the same lines in it which prevail beneath it.

  51. It was owing to the spread of this doctrine that it became a not uncommon occurrence to find Buddhist relics in a Shinto shrine, or a Shinto image in a Buddhist temple, and the names of Shinto deities were confused with Buddhist titles.

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