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Example sentences for "happening"

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happed; happely; happen; happened; happeneth; happenings; happens; happes; happeth; happie
  1. Liebknecht deals, was tried in 1914 because at a public meeting she attacked militarism and the tragedies which were happening in the German barracks: brutal treatments, abuses and suicides of German soldiers.

  2. Look at what is happening in Germany to-day and test, as best we may, these two confronting theories concerning the influence of great men upon history.

  3. But some days afterwards he came to the governor's, who, happening to be in the yard when he came to the gate, ordered him away.

  4. And what happened to him is happening to thousands of other boys.

  5. Happening to meet the hearse conveying the remains of Byron, she became unconscious, and fell into mental alienation, from which she never recovered.

  6. And this happening of yesterday--" "What happened yesterday?

  7. In the mean time, things had been happening in the room where the Council waited.

  8. However, happening at that moment to remember Nikky with the brass inkwell, he forgot himself in amusement.

  9. They are only general expressions of the actual conditions in an existing struggle of classes, an agitation which is happening historically before our very eyes.

  10. For them, all social happening is only a condition to be created: and in order to accomplish this in the future they need an energy of resolution.

  11. Says it happens at times and gives the usual explanation about intensity of impression and the like to account for its not happening as a rule.

  12. There was something in the very air of it that exhilarated, that gave one a sense of lightness and good happening and well being; there was something in the sight of it that made all its colour clean and perfect and subtly luminous.

  13. Happening to stroll into the nursery at that moment, he smelt the cakes, saw them unguarded on the low table, and never stopping to think of consequences, swallowed all six at one mouthful.

  14. At length a trifle snapped our connections; for, a great noise happening near the courthouse, I put my head out of the window to see what was the matter.

  15. A copy of them happening to fall into the hands of the Count de Buffon, a philosopher deservedly of great reputation in France, and, indeed, all over Europe, he prevailed with M.

  16. A good many years ago, an English vessel happening to touch at the island of Bonavista, two negroes came and offered the sailors as many goats as they chose to take away.

  17. Our unconsciousness is aware of the catastrophe: it must be: our unconsciousness sees it; for it knows neither time nor space, and the disaster is therefore happening as actually before its eyes as before the eyes of the eternal powers.

  18. To-day it seemed like something happening far away--something that had not really happened at all.

  19. Thus they were compelled to yield, the Emperor himself happening into the hands of St. George, and six other viceroys into the hands of the six other Champions.

  20. Nothing kept happening to him like a tap in the head, like shells falling away.

  21. Things were happening too fast; Patrick wanted to slow down.

  22. Something is happening here but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones .

  23. The girl in his arms was frightened of him when he talked that way; and it was happening more frequently in these days of worry.

  24. Somewhere away up north, hundreds of miles beyond the jurisdiction of the Medicine Hat unit of the Mounted Police, events of concern to the Police were happening along the line of the transcontinental railway now under construction.

  25. He had no idea what might be happening in and about the shack, but he realised that only within its walls was his small force formidable.

  26. The same revolt against wantonly false teaching is happening daily in the professional classes whose recreation is reading and whose intellectual sport is controversy.

  27. We see this very thing happening often enough in the case of the healthy and vigorous poor man who becomes a millionaire by one of the accidents of our competitive commerce, and immediately proceeds to dig his grave with his teeth.

  28. Can you deny that what is happening is that the English people have become a Joint Stock Company admitting Asiatics and Africans as shareholders?

  29. We can put it into men's heads that there is nothing to prevent its happening but their own will to die before their work is done, and their own ignorance of the splendid work there is for them to do.

  30. Lorenz Oken thought very hard to find out what was happening to the Holy Ghost, and thereby made a contribution of extraordinary importance to our understanding of uninjured creatures.

  31. Thus, great things are not understood without the analysing of many operations, and the combination of time with many events happening in succession.

  32. But you can at least tell me about the Guardian, and what has been happening since I left.

  33. From me he was always eager to ascertain what was really happening beyond that high wall of untruth which the camarilla had so cleverly built up and preserved, and more than once had he entrusted me with certain secret missions.

  34. Fear of something happening caused us to disappear," he answered; then he practically repeated what Natalia had told me earlier in the day.

  35. The moment I turned my back upon the humdrum flute and embraced the 'cello, that instrument of romance, things began happening thick and fast in a hitherto uneventful life.

  36. Pere Michaux, himself more perturbed and angry than so slight a hurt would seem to justify, happening to look at her, was seized with an idea.

  37. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "happening" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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