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Example sentences for "casualty"

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  1. Then they wired forward to our hospital, at that time ten miles ahead, for an ambulance, and proceeded to bury their only casualty and the dead Askaris.

  2. We had pushed on faster than our supplies, and with the equipment of a Casualty Clearing Station we had to do the work of a Stationary Hospital.

  3. At Handeni, ours being a Casualty Clearing Station, our equipment included 200 stretchers, with little hospital equipment, beyond the men's own blankets and their kit.

  4. For news had come to him that the Gold Coast Regiment had been in action and their impetuous courage rewarded by captured enemy guns and a long casualty list.

  5. Then at last the railway opened up a big Stationary Hospital, our Casualty Clearing Station moved further to the bush, and Sister Mabel's work was done.

  6. Downtown the clock on the Trojan Life & Casualty building gave them four minutes to get there.

  7. Before that army had succumbed it had added to Grant's casualty list, from the time he crossed the James, another sixty-odd thousand men, thus doubling the ghastly record of his losses.

  8. As this was the only casualty in the Regiment, during the Mine Run campaign, the death which Col.

  9. But soon the novelty began to wear off, and as the raids became more frequent and the casualty lists grew larger, people began to murmur against the policy of taking these attacks "lying down".

  10. They have been in casualty lists on all our fronts.

  11. To attend these a casualty surgeon is employed.

  12. The enemy losses were also severe, as appeared from a casualty list of the 1st battalion 1st King’s African Rifles which was captured later.

  13. The difficulties were accentuated in this case by the fact that Captain Klinghardt was taken ill with typhoid and became a casualty just at the critical moment.

  14. The rescued men were passed back to their lines, and--most of them--to the casualty clearing stations.

  15. So it had been quite a battle after all, as fights were going in those days, when any scrap that resulted in a casualty was known as a hardly-contested engagement.

  16. But there was still one task to accomplish--the preparation of the casualty list: The regiment had suffered heavily.

  17. The casualty roll was heavy for the sector was strongly fortified and the enemy made a most determined resistance.

  18. Considering the desperate advance made by the 92nd Division from Pont a Mousson the morning of November 10th, through a valley swept by the tremendous guns of Metz and thousands of machine guns, the casualty list really is slight.

  19. Of course this imperative claimant had to be paid or else the bank would have to stop, and this was a casualty which Potts could not yet face with calmness.

  20. On the 12th of September a distressing casualty occurred.

  21. The only casualty on our side was a camel belonging to “C” Company.

  22. After the assurance from the people of Lille that the war was over, this was regarded as a heavy casualty list.

  23. The only unpleasant feature in an otherwise very satisfactory forty-eight hours in the line was the casualty just before the relief to Private R.

  24. A low decoration to casualty ratio is traditionally used as one measure of good unit performance.

  25. Then it is that he gets reckless, looks over the parapet every now and then, and in other ways shows an overconfidence which always results in an increase in the casualty lists.

  26. Those casualty lists of the first Imperial Army!

  27. At Ypres we started our great casualty lists with ten thousand.

  28. At a Base Hospital you see something which you don't see at a Casualty Station--sisters, mothers, sweethearts and wives sitting beside the beds.

  29. After two changes into other ambulances at different distributing points, I arrived about nine on a summer's evening at the Casualty Clearing Station.

  30. The Casualty Clearing Station is the first hospital behind the line to which the wounded are brought down straight from the Dressing-Stations.

  31. The nurses at the Casualty Clearing Station can scarcely help but understand.

  32. The next step on the road to Blighty is from the Casualty Station to a Base Hospital in France.

  33. The sisters at the Casualty Clearing Station--they understood.

  34. The war is now reaching the stage where we shall all have to look forward to large casualty lists-- dead, wounded and missing.

  35. The casualty lists of these first few days will undoubtedly be large.

  36. Cronje emerges with a casualty roll of 170 men, and the only inconvenience from our bombardment experienced by the ladies was the slight abrasion of a young woman's forefinger!

  37. Graspan, suffered an extraordinary casualty at the Modder River fight.

  38. The raiders suffered one additional casualty during the operation.

  39. The stated casualty figures, however, did not reflect the true cost to the Marines.

  40. The two Marine platoons secured the village without a single casualty and counted 13 enemy bodies.

  41. Finally, the bulk of the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, then in the perimeter after the casualty evacuation, would make an amphibious landing beyond Point Cruz to slam shut any possible escape route.

  42. In these last weeks there were few casualties among the Boers, because they kept well out of casualty range.

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