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Example sentences for "casualness"

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castyng; casu; casual; casuall; casually; casuals; casualties; casualty; casuarina; casuarinas
  1. By studying his audiences he caught the trick of holding the attention of large crowds; his old college sobriquet of "Foghorn" Harwood had been revived and the newspapers mentioned his engagements with a casualness that implied fame.

  2. Beneath the casualness of his tone there lurked a certain curiosity, a willingness to hear details.

  3. But really he had spoken of the competition with such an extreme casualness that with little effort she had dismissed it from her anxieties as involving a contingency so remote as to be negligible.

  4. It was his casualness that staggered her.

  5. He treated them with an off-hand casualness quite impossible to his daughter, to whom they were a race apart, to be pitied and dealt with gently.

  6. But this casualness of relations did not extend to the young girls.

  7. They come out with right gay success," responded the other, and in his manner, too, there was just the proper admixture of casualness and established friendship.

  8. The younger brother was flattered by this proof of esteem from the elder, but he did his best by casualness of tone to prevent the fact from transpiring.

  9. That was really what his boyish casualness meant.

  10. Certainly, sir," Burrill replied, somewhat disturbed by a casualness which yet suggested a method of getting at something or other.

  11. Quietly and with a fine casualness he conveyed the whole picture of the new order at Temple Barholm.

  12. The natural casualness of his way of jumping up to do the things prevented any suspicion of officiousness, and also prevented his waiting figure from beginning to wear the air of a superfluous object in the way.

  13. It was of a grossness one sometimes heard of in men of his kind, and yet it seemed in its casualness to out-leap any little scheme of the sort he had so far looked on at.

  14. The casualness of her tone was sublime; it was heroic; it made her feet small.

  15. Yes," said he, with all the casualness that he could assume.

  16. Carol was dismayed by the casualness of their cruelty, but she persisted.

  17. With an air of casualness Dick broke in with a question: "Who is this fellow Bloeckman, Gloria?

  18. Meanwhile, they met here to eat, closing their eyes to the economy displayed in infrequent changings of table-cloths, in the casualness of the cabaret performers, most of all in the colloquial carelessness and familiarity of the waiters.

  19. He wanted to stir her from that casualness she showed toward everything except herself.

  20. Here were two young people with fancy enough to distinguish a game from its reality--who by the very casualness with which they met and passed on would proclaim themselves unharmed.

  21. A tight grin creased Morrow's face as he followed with what casualness he could muster.

  22. Foster lifted his gaze with the utmost casualness and studied the two figures in the doorway.

  23. I think this appearance of casualness was caused by the stoic suppression of the symptoms of anxiety.

  24. The casualness with which he mentioned his Final Examination was superb--the examiners might have been respectfully waiting for him to arrive and discomfit them.

  25. George moved his gaze and looked with admirable casualness around.

  26. The casualness of her tone was not assumed.

  27. The same casualness that had served to put her at her ease at the Chateau de la Reine had the same effect now.

  28. I was most anxious to know what version of my extraordinary morning I was to give out to the world, but hung silent, positively abashed by the cool casualness of the other woman as she mixed her brew.

  29. I longed to break through her wall and to put my arms about her, and on the impulse of the moment I cast aside the pretense of casualness in our talk.

  30. With that casualness by which the Englishman conceals his emotions the surviving officers of battalions which had been battered for months in the trenches would speak of being "top dog, now.

  31. Indeed, the Englishman's phlegm is a sort of leash holding in check a certain recklessness which his seeming casualness conceals.

  32. But he did speak it, with an apparent casualness worthy of Waters Coryell.

  33. Peter winced and whitened a little about the mouth; then suddenly got up and with an exaggerated air of casualness set about picking up the papers on the floor.

  34. There was exuberant force in the man, over which his Village manner of sophisticated casualness toward all things lay like the thinnest of veneers.

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