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Example sentences for "casuals"

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casu; casual; casuall; casually; casualness; casualties; casualty; casuarina; casuarinas; casuist
  1. The notion of a character like Mr. Carville came to me while I was busy finishing "Casuals of the Sea" during the late fall of 1912.

  2. One of the things for which Mark detested Brother Nicholas was the habit he had of showing off his poor casuals to the paying guests.

  3. Fox, of Wellington, Somerset, has for a long time taken pains to observe the tide of vagrancy flowing through his union, which receives casuals journeying northward.

  4. At present the treatment that female casuals receive is often unsatisfactory, and the complaints that Mrs. Higgs made of her experience in certain wards cannot be disregarded.

  5. As the number of casuals was decreased by the severity, the number in lodging-houses increased, and also there was a large increase in the percentages of offences of sleeping out and begging (as shown in a previous section, p.

  6. One from Ben informed me that they finally threw him out of the infirmary and put him in a Casuals company.

  7. Driven a lot, but now he's just out of the infirmary and is with a Casuals company at Le Mans.

  8. By this time it was about half past seven, and the majority of the casuals were up and dressed.

  9. In the whole of London the number of Casuals in the wards at night is only 1,136.

  10. He came over to England, got mixed up with thieves and casuals here, and did several short terms of imprisonment.

  11. Each of the Casuals is to the Officer in Charge merely one Casual the more.

  12. Open always, sir, until it was fall; while the fact of a good, fair bit of work being done first or after, would keep a good many of the canting casuals away.

  13. These served--and served efficiently--men taken ill on trains, or casuals passing through.

  14. And there is one other sentence in Casuals of the Sea that lingers with me, and gives a just trace of the author's mind.

  15. Looking over some books in the very same bookshop where Tommy had bought his friend's novel, I overheard another member of the Alvina's crew asking about "Casuals of the Sea.

  16. And Tommy went back to his yacht chuckling with delight, with a copy of "Casuals of the Sea" under his arm.

  17. I realized for the first time the truth of that background of aimless hazard that makes "Casuals of the Sea" a book of more than passing merit.

  18. They settled in New Southgate, a northern middle-class suburb of London, and here McFee was educated in the city schools of which the first pages of Casuals of the Sea give a pleasant description.

  19. That is the kind of tribute that Mr. McPee has paid to the Gooderich family in Casuals of the Sea.

  20. Neither Aliens nor Casuals of the Sea, which he had been at work on for years, met with the favour of New York publishers.

  21. Gradually, as I talked with him, I began to see into the laboratory of life where "Casuals of the Sea" originated.

  22. Casuals of the Sea is a novel whose sale of ten thousand copies in America is more important as a forecast of literary weather than many a popular distribution of a quarter million.

  23. Casuals set their snares in hedge-bottoms, but these are no good.

  24. It is useless for one union to take steps for driving casuals away from their workhouses simply to plant them on others.

  25. Some Boards of Guardians say the casuals are working-men honestly looking for work, and there is no doubt they are, but they know where they are going to get it.

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