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  1. Mr. M'Fadden had forgotten that the bustle of current life was no excuse for his folly; that it would be summed up against him in the day of trouble.

  2. Ladies, always curious to know what is prominent among the current events of the day, sent servants to ascertain what so attractive the posters contained.

  3. Could she add that to the poetry of her nature, how much greater would be her charm-how much more fascinating that quiet current of thought with which she seems blessed!

  4. The great white-lead establishments at Krems, whence, though incorrectly, the terms white of Kremnitz became current on the continent, have been abandoned.

  5. A current of water, which falls into the chest a, carries the fragments of ore upon the grates.

  6. The current of water is stopped whenever the chloride of lime is put in.

  7. These are true air-valves, which intercept a current of air moving in one direction from mixing with another moving in a different direction.

  8. With this precaution, the cooling goes on slowly and equably in every part, for no cooling current can have access to the interior of the oven.

  9. The finer ground matter is washed on a plane table, over which a current of water is made to flow.

  10. Vivian, these furnaces, alluded to above, present a peculiar construction, for the purpose of introducing a continuous current of air upon the metal, in order to facilitate its oxidizement.

  11. Heat the mixture of the dried chloride and bromide (or chloride and iodide) while a current of chlorine is made to pass over it, till no more bromine is carried off by the chlorine.

  12. His plan being a most complete scale of ventilation, where the aerial current is made to sweep every corner of the workings, is shown in fig.

  13. Poor Mildred felt dizzy, with so much moving water before her eyes, and in her ears the sound of the current below.

  14. Oliver told that among the many things which the current brought from poor neighbour Gool's, was a lot of harness from his stables.

  15. He believed, too, that with stout poles he and Oliver could shove the horse into the water; and, with a line tied to its head, tow it out of the still water into the current which yet ran from the quarry.

  16. I sat spellbound in my chair while she told me this and again the sense that I was being borne along, whither I knew not, by some irresistible current of fate, possessed me to the exclusion of all else.

  17. In a second the current caught him and began to whirl him away over towards the Twickenham side.

  18. Capitan in his eulogy, "our dear master kept himself fully in the current with all work relating to prehistoric archaeology.

  19. But the nineteenth century was not the seventeenth, neither was Sainte-Beuve a Boileau, to stem the current of exaggeration and egotism.

  20. There is nothing more wholesome than to dip into this strong and steady current of wise judgment.

  21. All things flow and nothing abides," said the Ephesian, and looked upon man in the midst of the universe as upon one who stands in the current of a ceaselessly gliding river.

  22. He who waits for peace until the course of events has become stable is like the silly peasant by the river side, watching and waiting while the current flows forever and will ever flow.

  23. The current ran directly across, and the banks gave way at such a rate that the men had been obliged already to tear up the front of the fort and remove it to the rear.

  24. The tops of the trees were seen moving in the strangest manner, in the central current of the tempest, which carried along with it a mingled mass of twigs and foliage that completely obscured the view.

  25. We bid adieu to our good friend Chardon; and his numerous and willing crew, taking the cordelle to their shoulders, moved the boat against a strong current in good style.

  26. The navigation was mostly performed by flat-bottomed boats, which during calm nights floated in the middle current of the river, so that the people on board could not observe the fish that had been hooked.

  27. Little or no current is met with, unless when the canoe passes over the bed of a bayou.

  28. The current very strong; but we reached Fort Pierre at half-past five, and found all well.

  29. When night comes on we dance and sing, Whilst the current some vessel is floating in; When daylight comes, a ship's on shore, Among the rocks where the breakers roar.

  30. Wherever a point projected, so as to render the course or bend below it of some magnitude, there was an eddy, the returning current of which was sometimes as strong as that of the middle of the great stream.

  31. The current of the Mississippi had forced its way against that of the Ohio, and in less than four hours we witnessed the complete breaking up of the ice.

  32. But the boat has reached the point, and there the current is to all appearance of double strength, and right against it.

  33. When they talked aloud there was a confused clamor; when they were more hushed there was always the oily murmur of Scottie's voice, taking the lead and directing the current of the talk.

  34. Two windows were open in this higher room, and a sharp current of the night wind blew across him, clearing his mind as rapidly as wind blows away a fog.

  35. For one thing, the end of that chase would have removed one of the few vital current bits of news.

  36. Then there was a current of curses, a swift hissing of invective.

  37. Looking up to the top of the cliff, from the place where he stood, he figured that a man could have jumped clear of the rocks by a powerful leap and might have struck in the swift current of the stream.

  38. Magnus is as good an electrician as he is a chemist, and he could easily rig up some kind of transformer reducing the power of the current just enough to paralyze the victim--death by a myriad of small shocks instead of one big one.

  39. To love like Laetitia Dale, was a current phrase.

  40. When we cannot think ourselves into sympathy with the great features of a country, we learn to ignore them, and put our head among the grass for flowers, or pore, for long times together, over the changeful current of a stream.

  41. Your wife's current account wasn't flowing quite strongly enough, was it?

  42. Moreover, John's increasing prosperity gave his play a fine stability and confidence; he used to feel that his wife's current account merely lapped the base of a solid cliff of capital.

  43. Soon after this John received a note from Sir Percy Mortimer, asking if he could spare time to visit the great actor-manager some evening in the course of the current week.

  44. The reasoning which applies to the Times and to State Papers, applies to newspapers generally, and to the distribution of the prices current of merchants, and of magazines, monthly publications, and bulky parcels of every description.

  45. The conductors of both the trains informed him that there is usually a current of air through the tunnels, and that the smoke disappeared in from fifteen to twenty minutes.

  46. The current is sluggish, not exceeding two and a-half to three miles an hour, except during the floods, when it increases to about five miles.

  47. The current of the St. Lawrence runs where the bridge is constructed at a rate never less than six miles an hour, and in some parts of the stream its rate is ten.

  48. The one cylinder which alone was at work during my visit produced a strong current through the heading, and a perceptible current almost up to the face of the excavation.

  49. The quick passage of a train always produces a current in the direction of its motion, and if made by a train running downward, and therefore using but little steam, its effect in clearing the tunnel is very marked.

  50. At times the current of cold air through the tunnel is so strong, that it would be an inconvenience to the trains if not checked by the curtains.

  51. Even in England, the rain dripping in a stream from the telegraphic wire to the post is sufficient to stop the working of the wire, inasmuch as the electric current escapes directly to the earth, and is then dispersed.

  52. Is it the heaving of the AEgean sea, or is it the ocean current Glimma?

  53. There was no current to speak of; if it had been spring, now, she'd have travelled a long way down.

  54. Thracian race numbers its own authors, and Apollo was the parent of Linus, a Muse of Orpheus, who with his song moved rocks and tamed wild beasts, and held the current of Hebrus in sweet suspense.

  55. The Wolf high up the current drank, The Lamb far lower down the bank.

  56. If the current is strong, or, in other words, if the discharge is a high frequency one, it does.

  57. Fortunately, since the air is positively electrified and the earth negatively, certain of these differences are remedied by the aerial that connects the two, the current discharges partially seeping off through the ground.

  58. When the terminals are connected with a current the jar will not only receive but will retain a charge equal in pressure to that of the device sending the current.

  59. Stop the current that is going through his body," explained Walter.

  60. And of course there is danger from the current at all times if one is not careful.

  61. Hence we use some type of induction coil by means of which a battery current of such low pressure and diffused flow as scarcely to be felt will be transformed or concentrated into a pressure that is very powerful.

  62. Mr. Dillon's knowledge of Russia is so extensive that his article on Japan and Russia in the current Contemporary claims special attention.

  63. The boat twisted its way through a current that boiled up from below in whirlpools.

  64. The light of the room seemed to vibrate with life, and their bodies to be so charged with an electric current so etherial that it seemed that their spirits must be freed from all earthly hold.

  65. Would that all parents might feel the responsibility of maternity, as that pure being did, who gave the richest, warmest current of her life to bear those children on.

  66. You have left him because there was wanting that heart reciprocity, which is the vital current of conjugal life.

  67. The warm current of my love has not departed; it has turned to crystals around my heart, cold, but pure and sparkling.

  68. His being awoke to life under the new current of earnest words which flowed in his own narrow stream of life.

  69. Soon the current of their lives mingled; the green banks of peace were in view.

  70. The new pair took up the deep current of their lives with united strength, and merged their efforts into one channel, each distinct, but flowing in time to the divine order, enriching each other's lives.

  71. All night he laid awake, his being transfused with a new current of thought, and his life going out and soaring upward into a higher existence.

  72. Two years passed away, and the current of life grew stronger, as each wave inflowed to the shore where Dawn sat, waiting for shattered barks.

  73. A strong current of individual life, too, is setting in, which inspires every speaker and writer with high and noble thoughts, and they are forced to give bread and not stones to the multitude.

  74. A motor on an entirely new principle for the application of the alternating current with results obtained, and the economic outlook of the invention.

  75. Moreover, the two bobbins may be supplied by the secondary current of a transformer by producing the difference of phase, as in the first case.

  76. In this it meets with a current of cold water which condenses the steam, the water being thereby heated to about 78° C.

  77. Send a current through a coil of wire round a piece of iron, or take any other arrangement for developing powerful magnetism, and then suddenly stop the current by breaking the circuit.

  78. To keep him awake I retail some piece of current engine gossip.

  79. The engines chiefly, with an under-current of "other things.

  80. And it had to be done, for the tide and the current were taking us up to Lundy, where half-tide rocks would soon cook our goose, as the saying is.

  81. A whimsical cross-current dragged the little boy twenty feet off to one side, and shot him into a shallow side channel.

  82. There he lay, half in the water, half out of it, the silken white floss of his hair all plastered down to his head, the rippled current tugging at his scratched and bitten legs.

  83. Immediately afterwards the current swept him to mid-stream.

  84. The bear, realizing that the little one's cries had brought no succour, came out from its hiding confidently, and down to the shore, and straight out into the water till the current began to drag too savagely at its legs.

  85. He was in the grip of the wild current and could only race on, trusting to master each new emergency as it should hurl itself upon him.

  86. A current of tension ran down the troop with as much reality as a current of water runs down hill.

  87. A spindly lighthouse was flashing, seeming more to reflect the sunlight from outside than to be burning within, and a current the color of coffee and cream with a dash of vermilion in it, went by us mottled with patches of floating mud.

  88. This seems a monstrous egotism, but it is not arbitrary; in one sense it was the least pretentious of attitudes, since it was limited to the description of a current view, not of a separate or prior object.

  89. Your Highness has a current account with them in Vienna," observed Monsieur Leroy.

  90. By its banks the great religious houses of the Black and White Friars rose, and the boundary cliff hewed by its current may still be traced in the steep rise up Ludgate Hill, which tries the patient omnibus horses day by day.

  91. At Penton it should be always summer, with dog-roses and sweetbriar, with placid red cows grazing on the tender grass, with boats tethered in the lazy current round the bend of the Hook.

  92. The long ends of the straw sweep in the water, and there is no moving until the current increases.

  93. Only the birds of the current year are done, as the marks generally last for life, and though they are accustomed to see too many people to fear mankind, the handling naturally frightens them.

  94. The stream is slow, and it is only the swift current of St. Patrick that enlivens it lower down.

  95. All the yellow and brown flat-leaved green things that grow thickly near the edges are barely able to keep their heads above the stream, and the long reeds bend with the current like curved swords.

  96. From Wargrave to Henley the current is almost due north, and likewise from Surbiton to Brentford.

  97. From Westminster to the Tower or Fleet prison, how many prisoners have come and gone--come up against the current full of hope, and returned of hope bereft!

  98. But that the Embankment does not always suffice to curb the current was proved not so long ago, for in March, 1906, there was a combination of circumstances which swelled the volume of water abnormally.

  99. Beyond Teddington we are in Twickenham Reach: Where silver Thames round Twit'nam meads His winding current sweetly leads.

  100. As we pass softly back up the current to Eton, we think how often in this reach the incomparable Izaak and his friend Sir Henry Wotton fished together.

  101. Of course, since the Embankment was made, and the river no longer wanders uncurbed over the lowlands and meadows of Westminster, the current runs deep and strong and no fording is possible.

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