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  1. Coming down to points in close contact with the curricula of schools, we all subscribe to the dictum of Ruskin that "Everyone, from the King's son downwards, should learn to do something finely and thoroughly with his hands.

  2. In the hurried curricula of to-day art plays a rather sorry part.

  3. That American colleges of thirty, forty, or fifty years ago should have objected to the introduction of the history of the fine arts into their curricula is easily understood.

  4. These supervisors should act as the educational principals of the schools where they have their offices for the time, and the whole body of supervisors arrange the curricula for all the schools.

  5. On examination I found that curricula are already being modified.

  6. All these curricula are in the main similar to those of the Western nations.

  7. The curricula of such colleges, both of the official ones of feudal lords and of private ones, were diverse, but generally comprised elementary as well as higher education.

  8. It supplied all the training materials, prepared the curricula for the schools, and the indoctrination of the people into the ideology of the Party.

  9. Thereafter, the curricula and organization of the German schools and universities were modified by a series of decrees in order to make these schools effective instruments for the teaching of Nazi doctrines.

  10. The decree expresses approval of the reformed curricula of Altona and Frankfort, and a desire for an extension of the experiment where the conditions are suitable.

  11. One is in the recognition of the real responsibility for the curricula of library schools.

  12. The curricula of the later schools have been modified somewhat, but changes have been unimportant as compared to the traditions retained.

  13. His point that in the first library school the influence of the university library was too marked and that university demands have had too much influence on the curricula of all schools, seems to me well taken.

  14. Illustration: Military engineering will become a popular and necessary part of the curricula of our colleges and technical institutes.

  15. Their curricula are similar to those used in the secondary schools.

  16. Latin is included in the curricula of only about one-half of the gymnasia of Norway.

  17. The Classics In common with those of many other countries, the school curricula of Norway have been saturated with the classics.

  18. The general curricula in the lyceums included the Romanian language, history, literature, the physical sciences, mathematics, and music.

  19. Along with the expansion of curricula and the extension of the time spent in primary grades, the regime has also reemphasized the importance of ideological and political indoctrination for the nation's youth.

  20. The Perseus Project, a database that provides a multimedia curriculum on classical Greek civilization, is a good example of the way in which entire curricula are being recast using information technologies.

  21. As schools increase in number, a classification of them according to curricula is likely to follow, and this difficulty may be lessened.

  22. They exhibit the same tendency which can be seen in the curricula of many colleges which offer courses upon every conceivable subject, the lasting value of which to those who pursue them is certainly questionable.

  23. With this secured, two curricula might be offered, one prepared for the needs of each class with appropriate methods of teaching, and offering varied proportions of the same subjects.

  24. Are the subjects now in our curricula properly balanced?

  25. Although experimental vocational training was introduced into the curricula of some gymnasiums in this period, other gymnasiums, particularly in the rural areas, required students to spend several hours weekly in formal vocational studies.

  26. It replaced the Committee for Science, Art, and Culture and oversaw, in broad terms, the curricula at all levels of education, including correspondence courses.

  27. Adaptation of agricultural school curricula to the new requirements and speedy retraining of specialists are therefore considered to be most urgent.

  28. Although the curricula of the foreign schools were similar to those of the public secondary schools, subjects were taught in western European languages, forming a link between Bulgaria and the West.

  29. The Church schools are recognised; but their rules and curricula must be submitted to the synod.

  30. Nor were they again opened until in 1886 the pontiff Makar signified his consent to the provisions of the ukase, subject to some small concession as to the scope of the curricula in schools of two classes.

  31. It was provided that their rules and curricula should be submitted to the synod at Edgmiatsin, and that this body should in turn transmit them for acceptance to the Minister of the Interior.

  32. Specialization in engineering curricula is a natural outgrowth of the evolution of engineering knowledge, and is in harmony with sound principles of teaching.

  33. With more or less extensive additions in scientific, literary, and linguistic fields they become the curricula leading to baccalaureate degrees as represented by Type III, to follow.

  34. Others followed in the nineties, but the general establishment of schools of commerce as parts of colleges and universities, as well as the inclusion of business subjects in the curricula of liberal colleges, took place after 1900.

  35. Seldom do we find curricula drawn up with the purely civic end in view, though many schools and associations throughout the country are agitating the question of organized training of men for public service.

  36. Other courses which appear not infrequently in college curricula are those in social, abnormal, and animal psychology.

  37. But, in any case, it is safe to say that French, Spanish, and Italian are now firmly installed as liberal studies in the curricula of most of our colleges.

  38. We shall consider curricula of the following types: Type I.

  39. More attention must be given to our curricula in this respect.

  40. The majority of Negro institutions--all included in this study--have published statements concerning religious education in their respective curricula and voluntary organizations.

  41. What then are the courses included in the curricula of these institutions?

  42. There are several so-called colleges having curricula for college grade of work prescribed but no students matriculated to take the courses.

  43. Evidence of this is found in the changes recently made in the curricula of and the requirements for graduation from the California State Teachers Colleges.

  44. The time of the Teachers Course is not far distant and it might be worth while to see what could be done without radical modifications in the curricula of the departments as they now are.

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