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  1. Harry had no time to express his contempt for embroidered robes; for just then one of his knowing friends came, by appointment, to accompany him to Tattersal's, where he was to bid for a famous pair of curricle grays.

  2. During the repast Miss Beaufort repeated the contents of the note she had received the preceding day from Lady Tinemouth, and requested that her cousin would be kind enough to drive her in his curricle that morning to Harrowby.

  3. It was near six in the evening before Mr. Somerset left his curricle at the little inn which skirts the village of Harthorpe.

  4. Conducting her through the unfrequented paths by which he had entered, he seated her in his curricle and whipping his horses, set off, full speed, towards the melancholy goal of his enterprise.

  5. And having followed her with their eyes, while she got into her curricle and started, they eventually retraced their steps towards the inner compound.

  6. Lady Feng quickly waited upon her, and in a while the two ladies got into one and the same curricle and drove over.

  7. But despatch four cart attendants, well up in years, to look everywhere for a spacious curricle for you as well as her, and a small carriage for the maids.

  8. Pao-ch'ai and Tai-yĆ¼ mounted together a curricle with green cover and pearl tassels, bearing the eight precious things.

  9. She herself then saw goody Liu into her curricle and start on her journey homewards.

  10. Declaring the curricle was his, and he should have in it whom he chose.

  11. Declaring the curricle was his, and he should have who he chose in it.

  12. The flat is in the canal; the curricle on board; my clothes not yet packed up; so good-by.

  13. My last went by water, in care of young Gibbs, the baker's son, with the curricle box, and some other articles which I have forgotten.

  14. We are to take them, with Miss Laight and Miss Brown, in curricle and coachee to Montalto to-morrow afternoon.

  15. The curricle was not there, Thomas was not there, it was growing dark, and a huge pile of clouds, looming above the roofs to westward, threatened tempest.

  16. He had come upon the Squire's horses, which had been brought to a stand with the near wheels of the curricle wedged in the ditch.

  17. I'm taking out things that are wanted in a hurry and the curricle is waiting.

  18. It is interesting to notice in this connection that the mode of attaching the two horses to the curricle was "precisely that of the classic car, only more elegant.

  19. It was in a curricle that Charles Dickens rode about so soon as he was able to afford the luxury of a private carriage.

  20. In the Prince Regent's time the curricle was "the most stylish of all conveyances.

  21. The tribus was the invention of Mr. Harvey, who also built a curricle tribus, for two horses, but neither was successful.

  22. He rang the bell, and inquired whether she was below, and was answered that she had gone out with Mr Warren in his curricle two hours before.

  23. He had not been gone long, when Mr Warren's curricle stopped at the door, and the young gentleman, on being informed that the Captain was abroad, inquired for Miss Montreville.

  24. But come, I perceive the curricle is ready; let us take a spank through the City, and look a little more minutely at the mercantile world.

  25. Thus saying, he made his way through the throng, and gave orders for the curricle to proceed home as soon as it could be extricated from its present confinement.

  26. By this time they were at the gate, where, finding the curricle and the nags all in readiness, Sparkle and Mortimer were soon horsed, and Tom and Bob seated in the curricle.

  27. I had not time to say more, when, with its pretty grey ponies, the curricle once more passed our way.

  28. At the gates I had the curricle waiting in which I had driven up.

  29. He would come up to Monsanto at twelve o'clock to-morrow night in a curricle in which he would drive Dick down to the river at a point where a boat would be waiting to take him out to the Telemachus.

  30. I had turned out upon hearing the curricle draw up.

  31. I think we may look upon this vehicle as the origin of the curricle of later years.

  32. This would be very similar to the curricle bars used in modern times, and would allow of more [Illustration: PLATE 1.

  33. There was a little variation in the shape of the body, namely, the full curricle patterns, and the half curricle with or without a boot--similar to a Tilbury or a gig body.

  34. The celebrated Romeo Coates drove a curricle in the shape of a shell.

  35. Having first been at the precaution to convince ourselves that his Grace's curricle lingered nowhere about the house, we went in and called for our modest refreshment.

  36. Tis papa's curricle coming up the hill, and on my life, it is papa within it.

  37. But sure enough the curricle went past us, and as it did so we could even detect the familiar voices issuing out of it, above the noise of the horses and the vehicle.

  38. I should never have given them another thought had it not chanced that when the village came into view there was the curricle again, standing at the door of the inn, and the grooms busy taking out the horses.

  39. He pointed as he spoke, and there was a high crimson curricle coming down the London road, with two bay mares harnessed tandem fashion before it.

  40. The groom was away, and I had to send a lad in search of him, while with the help of the livery-man I dragged the curricle from the coach-house and brought the two mares out of their stalls.

  41. It was close upon nine o'clock when we were ready to start for the Downs, and by that time my uncle's curricle was almost the only vehicle left in the village street.

  42. I've my light curricle and two new mares--half thorough-bred, half Cleveland bay.

  43. In an instant we were both out of the curricle and on our knees beside her.

  44. The pole of the curricle had splintered like a lance against the wagon: the light vehicle fell forwards, and I with it.

  45. The horses, already hurried and alarmed by the confusion, set off, and came in contact with a wagon, with such force that one of them was killed on the spot, and my curricle smashed to pieces.

  46. When I was very young I was once driving in a curricle through the town of J---- where I then resided.

  47. How lovely you would look, in that gown you have on, in a curricle drawn by grey horses!

  48. Coach and chaise, curricle and stick-chair, were encountered, and horsemen were frequent.

  49. The sight of the curricle acting satellite to the donkey-cart staggered the two footmen.

  50. A great noise of wheels, and a horn blown, caused them both to turn their heads, and they beheld a curricle descending upon them vehemently, and a fashionably attired young gentleman straining with all his might at the reins.

  51. Toward the curricle they directed what should have been a bow, but was a nod.

  52. About twenty yards ahead the curricle was halted and turned about to see the extent of the mischief done.

  53. I, however, preferred giving him an opportunity to escape, and having ordered my curricle I called at the brewery, to say that I was going to Chisenbury for a few days.

  54. Do you see that machine before us, a sort of cabriolet, with two horses drove in a curricle bar?

  55. Lord Berwick, like Lord Barrymore, wanted a tiger; while Somerset required a man whose curricle he could drive and whose money he could borrow.

  56. As mere pity and speech-making could be of no use, I drove over in my curricle to Gloucester, a distance of nearly forty miles, to see what could be done for the aggrieved prisoner.

  57. I next ordered my curricle and drove to Sir George Paull's.

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