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  1. And on Friday, before the hour of public prayer, bid him here to the house, and I will come down and open the door for him.

  2. If thou do whatso I bid thee thou shalt see something greatly to thy advantage.

  3. I pray thee beare my former Answer back: Bid them atchieue me, and then sell my bones.

  4. Take a Trumpet Herald, Ride thou vnto the Horsemen on yond hill: If they will fight with vs, bid them come downe, Or voyde the field: they do offend our sight.

  5. They bid me also tell no one that they had given me these precious gems until the evening of my wedding-day.

  6. Meanwhile, Sir Priest, I bid you farewell, for I would speak to yonder lady.

  7. When she saw him, a frown crossed her sweet face and she bid him at once begone.

  8. Say not good-night, but in some brighter clime, Bid me 'Good morning.

  9. Tom wondered why the man bad not remained to see if his bid was accepted, for no one raised it at once, but he hurried off and did not look back.

  10. He could only offer five dollars more, and, if he bid it in a lump, some one might go to two hundred and five, and he would not get the boat.

  11. Would you really like to make a bid on that boat Tom?

  12. I'm ever so glad you'll let me bid on it.

  13. It was evident that the bully did not relish being bid against.

  14. Some man who bid on the boat at the auction, but who didn't go high enough," answered the lad.

  15. I have eighty bid for this boat--eighty dollars.

  16. The same objection applies to this set of three planes which I won't let you have neither, so don't bid for 'em.

  17. He attained to an immense height of popularity, and I shall always believe taught himself entirely out of his own head to growl at any person in the crowd that bid as low as sixpence.

  18. She's bid havid a plate of boiled beef id the bar,' replied Barney.

  19. He learnt that she had fallen into a deep sleep, from which she would waken, either to recovery and life, or to bid them farewell, and die.

  20. Well, I see that I'm fated not to capture you, so I'll bid you good day.

  21. Yet we are loath to shake hands with them and to bid you farewell.

  22. Seven letters lie on my table ready to be sealed, seven more went to the post-office this afternoon; but though I will not sleep till I bid you good-night, I will not write any more than just that now.

  23. You bid me lump my answers to you, but I hate to do that.

  24. I do not think it pleasant enough to wish to keep it for a single instant, without the idea of the duty of living, since God has bid us live.

  25. You bid me tell you how I am in mind, body, and estate.

  26. You bid me tell you when I shall leave America to pay my promised visit to my father.

  27. I have told you now all I have to tell of myself, and being weary in spirit and in body, will bid you farewell, and go and try to get some sleep.

  28. For Example: when I bid them lard a Fowl, if I should bid them lard with large Lardoons, they would not know what I want: But when I say they must lard with small Pieces of Bacon, they know what I mean.

  29. I fairly bid the Boarding Schools farewell," "Old Governess farewell with all my heart," are lines indicative of her attitude.

  30. The sun has already set, so we hastily bid them adieu and start for home, but not before they have sent their respects to Father and Mother Engle.

  31. While we were in this dilemma, the Chief of the natives in this part of the country, Hluganisa by name, with some natives came to meet us and bid us welcome.

  32. When the stranger comes among them, they always bid him welcome, and it is etiquette to let him remain for at least one day without asking him any questions as to his business among them.

  33. Duke of Bourbon allude to it: "They bid us to the English dancing-schools, And teach lavoltas high, and swift corantos.

  34. It occurs again in "Venus and Adonis:" "To bid the wind a base he now prepares.

  35. Now bid me run, And I will strive with things impossible; Yea, get the better of them.

  36. Lucetta: "Indeed, I bid the base for Proteus.

  37. Then I must bid you good-afternoon, for we are already at Fifteenth Street.

  38. I will give it now, as I bid you good-morning.

  39. As I shall be out when you get through, I bid you good-by now.

  40. She asked me to bid you good-by for her," answered Jane, quickly.

  41. I can scarcely bid you good-bye, even in a letter.

  42. Now am I of breath, speech, and speed possest, But at the setting I must bid adieu To her for the last time.

  43. Make your best bow to her and bid adieu, Then, if she likes it, she will follow you.

  44. And his long figurative passage beginning-- And can I ever bid these joys farewell?

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "bid" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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