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  1. One of the advancing horsemen threw up his arms and fell over backward, but the young American did not see him; for, without waiting to note the effect of his shot, he dropped the rifle and seized his revolver.

  2. Two more were killed before the panic-stricken horsemen were borne beyond range.

  3. She strained her ears—was that the sound of horsemen going down the trail?

  4. Time after time Hamilton returned to that mass of unconscious power, that with a single rush could have annihilated the little band of horsemen that handled them with the skill of a dealer shuffling, cutting, dealing a pack of cards.

  5. Almost mechanically the young Kentuckian yielded obedience; and in ten seconds after the two horsemen had cleared the waggon clump, with the shouting crowd that encircled it and were going at full gallop across the sand-strewn plain.

  6. The retreating horsemen have entered upon this open tract, but not got far over it, when Hamersley spurs his horse out of the timber tract, and pursuer and pursued are in sight of other.

  7. Then it would be certain death to them; for the situation is such that there could be no chance to escape, with fifty horsemen to pursue, themselves mounted upon mules, and therewith be reached without difficulty.

  8. Nearly simultaneous with the departure of the two horsemen came the closing scene of the conflict.

  9. Not necessary to say that the horsemen riding up to the ranche are Captain Haynes and his company of Rangers.

  10. Before clearing the skirt of timber, the two horsemen make halt--only for an instant, as if to reconnoitre.

  11. No other party of horsemen could be expected in that place.

  12. Evidently the horsemen do not design halting there, but will ride past, leaving it on their left.

  13. One comes near crushing half a dozen horsemen under its broad, spreading avalanche of boughs.

  14. The horsemen late upon the spot would seem dwarfs beside those now occupying it, who in comparison might be accounted giants.

  15. A yell from the savages told them they were seen, and simultaneously with the shout, they perceived a score of horsemen spurring from the crowd, and riding at full speed towards them.

  16. The laugh, in which Roblez heartily joined, was still echoing on the air as the two horsemen entered a pass leading through the mountains.

  17. The horsemen left their horses within Wells's fence; he himself took the lead, and the whole party rushed in together at the southern gate of the palisaded enclosure, drove out the plunderers, and retook a part of their plunder.

  18. Half an hour later a body of wild horsemen came towards them at full speed, and among them were their two couriers, Gaillard and Quesnel, waving a French flag.

  19. A few Deerfield men here joined the horsemen from the lower towns, as also did four or five of the yeoman soldiers who had escaped the fate of most of their comrades.

  20. When evening closed in she heard the sound of horsemen riding toward the camp, and as they drew near she heard the notes of a low, sweet song and readily distinguished her husband's voice among the others.

  21. While the horsemen reined in to wait in the sunshine, one of the men who had been walking alongside the litter began to converse solemnly with a shadowed figure beneath its awning.

  22. Cap'n, there's a mass of horsemen coming up the road from the town.

  23. At the foot of Crosby the trail of horsemen turned into the wagon trail leading past Gale's Ridge.

  24. He was relieved when his captor's attention was diverted by a party of horsemen who rode up in neat order and stopped before their leader.

  25. The horsemen paid no heed--nor did Staghorn expect them to, rationally.

  26. While he was wondering what this might be, he heard a clop-clop-clopping and was astonished to see three horsemen approaching the square.

  27. Behind them they could hear the thundering hoofs as the horsemen started in pursuit.

  28. French wars, crossed the Border and with a great host of hungry horsemen was harrying the country up to the gates of Durham.

  29. His keep was at Hole House, in Eskdale; but at the head of thirty-six bravely attired horsemen he came to Teviotdale and presented himself to the king, expecting to be received with favour.

  30. The heavy horsemen wore coats of mail, reaching to their knees, composed of rawhide covered with scales of iron or steel, very bright, and capable of resisting a strong blow.

  31. The site of the camp of Paetus was chosen for the place of meeting; and there, accompanied by twenty horsemen each, Tiridates and the Roman general held an interview.

  32. Sometimes armies consisted of horsemen only, or rather of horsemen followed by a baggage train composed of camels and chariots.

  33. The mailed horsemen charged at speed, and often drove their spears through the bodies of two enemies at a blow.

  34. The mailed horsemen approached close to the legionaries and thrust at them with the long pikes while the light-armed, galloping across the Roman front, discharged their unerring arrows over the heads of their own men.

  35. Ascertaining that it was Sheppard of whom this concourse was in pursuit, the two horsemen leapt the hedge, and were presently close upon him.

  36. This fall saved him, for the horsemen passed over him.

  37. Casting a careful look round to assure themselves that there were no witnesses to their contemplated deed, one had already raised his pistol when the Brunswicker horsemen arrived on the spot.

  38. The German horsemen took up their quarters in the adjacent villages.

  39. Instead of prudently escorting the vehicle the two horsemen went on in front.

  40. Your six thousand horsemen wait not in the courtyard out there.

  41. It consisted of the maidens Margaret Douglas and Maud Lindesay, with Sholto MacKim and a dozen horsemen belonging to his Grace of Brittany.

  42. All the night from distant parishes and outlying valleys horsemen had been riding, clothed in complete panoply of mail.

  43. After I inquired how he got to Bagdad so soon, he told me he had joined the horsemen from Nazzip who protected me.

  44. All day, held spell-bound by this wonderful sight, the hermit crouched in the shadow of the rocks, and all day the sea of horsemen rolled onward over the plain beneath.

  45. The horsemen you saw were my brother the Prince and his groom," said Osra.

  46. The trail is fresh; the horsemen are not far off.

  47. The final arrangements had been scarcely made for the encampment, ere the sound of horses was heard, and two horsemen arrived at a gallop.

  48. When they were only a few paces off, the two horsemen showed themselves.

  49. The horsemen continued to advance at the same pace, not appearing to notice the curiosity they excited.

  50. Since we have been following Don Estevan's trail, you have seen that a strong party of Indian horsemen has joined him, I think?

  51. On arriving there they were stopped At the same moment, three horsemen galloped out of the city, bounded over the drawbridge, and went to meet them.

  52. A band of horsemen has passed by here this very day," he replied.

  53. As we have said in our previous chapter, Flying Eagle started on the trail of the horsemen whose footsteps had been perceived by Marksman.

  54. Gradually the sound came nearer, the steps grew more distinct, and a band of horsemen at length appeared, marching in close column.

  55. After a few hastily exchanged words, the six horsemen rejoined the detachment, which had remained motionless in the rear, and entered the city with it.

  56. The two horsemen shook hands, one turned to the right, the other to the left, and they set off at full speed.

  57. The horsemen were well pleased, and they told how they had ridden thrice through the helterskelter of the fleeing enemy.

  58. A squadron of the cavalry was fanned out ahead, scouting, and day by day the trudging infantry watched the blue uniforms of the horsemen as they came and went.

  59. He organized a camp-meeting, and one night at an early hour during its progress a party of horsemen rode through.

  60. The report of the gun attracted attention both in town and camp, and suddenly a party of horsemen dashed toward the latter, firing their weapons.

  61. The alarm was not premature, for the horsemen were hotfooting in the wake of the negro and reached the office almost as soon as he.

  62. Fronting the place and extending a long distance were deep and tortuous gulleys, and in their progress the horsemen became entangled and bewildered as in a maze and their formation broken.

  63. His horsemen hard behind us ride-- Should they our steps discover, Then who will cheer my bonny bride When they have slain her lover!

  64. The heathen are coming; Horsemen are round the walls, Riding and running; Maidens and matrons all Arm!

  65. Then, while the bull was still angrily endeavoring to get at the man, the corral gate opposite was thrown open and six or eight horsemen entered, riding with quiet unconcern.

  66. Once or twice we passed horsemen who were coming out of the yards of their tumble-down houses, women and children crowding round.

  67. No less characteristic than these daredevil horsemen were the lines of great two-wheeled carts, each dragged by five mules, three in the lead, with two wheelers, or else perhaps drawn by four or six oxen.

  68. It was here that the horsemen had gathered, and one of the pens was filled with an uneasy mass of cattle.

  69. The horsemen began to tease the animal, flapping red blankets in his face, and luring him to charges which they easily evaded.

  70. If he had thrown the man, the horsemen would have had to work with instantaneous swiftness to save his life.

  71. Again it was urged into a gallop, the calling horsemen following and repeating their performance.

  72. The Huguenot horsemen numbered not eight hundred, as the author last quoted states, but about one hundred and twenty--"six vingts.

  73. With the secret connivance of Charles, he had recruited in France a body of five hundred horsemen and a thousand foot soldiers, among whom, as was natural, the Huguenot element predominated.

  74. And yet (which is marueile) though they serue all as horsemen in the warres, and eate all of horse flesh, there are brought yeerely to the Mosco to bee exchanged for other commodities 30.

  75. Twenty horsemen rode forward from the Thingmanna host before the battle-array of the Norwegians; and they were wholly clad in chain-mail and their horses like unto them.

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