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  1. His whole life was spent chasing happiness, but his sixty horsepower auto wasn't fast enough to catch it.

  2. We are convinced that our personal horsepower can be of vastly more use to you than our brain-power, which doesn't amount to much.

  3. I used to drive a horsepower gin wagon in slavery time.

  4. He is certain that he drove a "Horsepower Gin Wagon" during "slavery times", and that he was seven or eight when he drove it.

  5. When I was driving that horsepower gin wagon.

  6. Seemingly, the moment this enormous narwhale came up to breathe at the surface of the ocean, air was sucked into its lungs like steam into the huge cylinders of a 2,000-horsepower engine.

  7. Under the combined efforts of wind and 400-horsepower steam, it was traveling at a speed of thirteen knots.

  8. If their beam carried a hundred thousand horsepower in a ten-foot square beam, in every ten square feet of our shield, we'd have to have one hundred thousand horsepower.

  9. But if I send a million horse, I have to handle it, and a ship can't stand several hundred thousand horsepower roaming around loose as heat, let alone the weapon itself.

  10. They've made us the armature in a five hundred million horsepower electric motor.

  11. Power was flowing in already at a rate of nearly one hundred thousand horsepower per minute, thanks to a special line given them by New York Power (a Kendall property).

  12. If you had five-horsepower work to perform how foolish it would be to install a two-hundred-and-fifty-pound engine.

  13. This was a long narrow affair with a four-cylinder thirty-horsepower engine.

  14. Down this we whooped at the full speed of our thirty-horsepower engine.

  15. Craven struck with flaming bolts, utilizing the power he had absorbed from the fifty billion horsepower Greg had thrown at him.

  16. A dozen terrific beams, billions of horsepower in each, stabbed back at the Invincible as the Interplanetarian shunted the terrific energy influx from the overcharged accumulators to the various automatic energy discharges.

  17. From the Invincible a fifty-billion-horsepower bolt of living light and fire sprang out as all ten engines thundered with an insane voice that racked the ship.

  18. But when he takes care of cosmics backed by five billion horsepower .

  19. Ten engines every one of them capable of over five billion horsepower and every one of them screaming!

  20. A beam smashed out, with the engines' screaming drive behind it, billions of horsepower driving with unleashed ferocity at the other ship.

  21. He sent a stabbing beam of half a billion horsepower slashing at the Interplanetarian.

  22. He could pour a billion horsepower into them for hours and still have room for more.

  23. Their little packs flared brilliantly for an instant under the thousands of horsepower of energy lashing at the screen, then flashed away, and the opalescent relux yielded a moment later, and the figure went twisting, hurtling away.

  24. A streak of the soil about two feet wide flashed into intense radiation under the impact of millions on millions of horsepower of radiant energy.

  25. And as you poured millions of horsepower into it all day to fill it, it naturally raised merry hell when it let loose.

  26. Arcot--set it down and let her rip on about half a million horsepower for a second or so.

  27. His weight per horsepower was not improved upon for many years.

  28. One important figure--the horsepower actually utilized during the first flight--is quite accurately known.

  29. Indeed, working motors of one-half this weight per horsepower [9 pounds per horsepower] have been constructed by several different builders.

  30. The chaps in the Wabbly can probably put ten thousand horsepower in a damned beam.

  31. Rolling onto the taxiway, he was thankful for the 2,000 horsepower of engine to “plow through the mud.

  32. It was powered by two Pratt & Whitney radial engines of 1,200 horsepower each.

  33. The Deutschland is driven by two 600-horsepower Diesel engines, each of which has four cylinders.

  34. The first thing to do toward getting the power plant is to beg, buy, or borrow a small electric motor which will develop not less than 1/30 horsepower and at the same time run on a battery of not more than 3 dry cells.

  35. As great as this weight may seem, it is much lighter for the horsepower produced than the old-fashioned gasoline engine.

  36. He had hardly reached there when the stillness was punctured by a crash of shifting gears and the racket of a sixty horsepower engine thrown into sudden, furious action.

  37. He let in the clutch with a bang and it was only a matter of seconds before the ninety horsepower car glided in through the Seventy-second street entrance to Central Park and swung into the dark reaches of the East Drive.

  38. While the average supporting surface is in favor of the aeroplane, this is more than overbalanced by the greater amount of horsepower required for the weight lifted.

  39. The Wright outfit, which is admittedly one of the most effective in use, takes one horsepower of force for the raising and propulsion of each 50 pounds of weight.

  40. That this new plan is effective is evidenced by the fact that the machine has been elevated to an altitude of 40 feet by using one-half the power of the 30-horsepower motor.

  41. At first thought, the propeller and similar adjuncts being equal, the inexperienced mind would naturally argue that a 50-horsepower engine should produce just double the speed of one of 25-horsepower.

  42. If the moving object is advancing at a right angle to the wind the following table will give the horsepower effect of the resistance per square foot of surface at various speeds.

  43. The horsepower required varied as the velocity, so the factor governing the maximum velocity of flight was the horsepower that could be developed on a given weight.

  44. As shown in the table the ratio of power required increases rapidly as the speed increases until at 60 miles an hour approximately 3 horsepower is needed.

  45. After the tests, Wilbur Wright said: "It is our intention to put together a machine with specially designed propellers, specially designed gears and a motor which will give us 65 horsepower at least.

  46. The full energy of a 50-horsepower motor is utilized.

  47. Of this power, as has been already stated, 12 horsepower is consumed in meeting the wind pressure, leaving 38 horsepower for the purpose of making progress.

  48. It could not be depended upon to deliver an energy of 30 horsepower continuously for any length of time.

  49. Since the kilowatt purchased for 10 cents is a kilowatt-hour, the equivalent horsepower is for the same length of time.

  50. With motors of a horsepower or more it is necessary to state the number of phases included in the circuit.

  51. They are made to develop 1/30 horsepower and in other fractional sizes for both direct and alternating current.

  52. The commercial kilowatt is rated at an hour of time, and is, therefore, equal theoretically to 1-1/3 horsepower for one hour.

  53. A 1/2-horsepower motor is amply large to operate a family washing machine.

  54. Suppose that a 1-horsepower motor is required to work on an A.

  55. This is found by dividing the horsepower developed during the test by the builders' rating.

  56. Therefore, to find the boiler horsepower developed during a test, calculate the evaporation from and at 212° F.

  57. A boiler horsepower means the evaporation of 34.

  58. In the case of the boiler tested, 109 horsepower was developed.

  59. Their 4,800 horsepower hurled them on at a pace that made the Spitfires and the Defiants hustle.

  60. The 1,000-horsepower Merlin engine was throbbing, hurtling him up and into the night.

  61. It is equipped with a new type of Renault-Mercedes eight-cylinder motor, giving 240 horsepower at the highest crank shaft speed.

  62. The motor is a regular 100-horsepower Antoinette.

  63. Indeed, more than four million horsepower of waterfalls are harnessed by Tesla's alternating current system.

  64. You know that the lightest and most powerful gasoline engines used on aeroplanes nowadays generally develop only one horsepower to two and one half pounds of weight.

  65. Bleriot then brought out his great 80-horsepower monoplane, but the test flights were discouraging.

  66. The disks in the little 110-horsepower engine which we saw, were only a little larger than a derby hat were only nine and three quarter inches in diameter, while in his larger turbines he simply increases the diameter of the disks.

  67. What the inventors did to keep their biplane glider in the air indefinitely, however, was to add several hundred pounds to the weight in the shape of a sixteen-horsepower gasoline motor.

  68. It was driven in the early Bleriots by a 23-horsepower Anzani motor, but more lately the Bleriot machines have carried Gnome motors.

  69. A good crusher driven by eight horsepower will turn out from forty to eighty cubic yards of two-inch stone per day of ten hours, and will cost from four hundred dollars upward, according to quality.

  70. Silently Mr. McGuffey nodded an endorsement of his comrade's indicated horsepower and peculiar masculine beauty in the days of the latter's vanished youth.

  71. Hicks and Flaherty were sizeable persons and while, individually, they were no match for the tremendous Gibney, nevertheless what they lacked in horsepower they made up in pugnacity--and the salt sea seldom breeds a craven.

  72. If he is satisfied to pull only the load that he has, well and good, that is his affair--but he must not complain if another who has increased his horsepower pulls more than he does.

  73. A ten-horsepower engine will not pull as much as a twenty.

  74. He answered something in this fashion: Yes, there is a big future for any light-weight engine that can develop a high horsepower and be self-contained.

  75. The highest horsepower was in "Model K," the six-cylinder car, which developed forty horsepower.

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