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  1. Presently we heard the most horrible gong, such as we use on our patrol wagons and fire-engines at home.

  2. They called out the fire-engines to pump the water up in the main thoroughfare, but on a side street I stopped the carriage for half an hour and watched four Arabs working at the problem.

  3. Whenever we felt ourselves going aground on a sand-bank we just reversed the engines and backed off again, or else put on extra steam and ground our way through it.

  4. The "Sarnia" stopped her engines when about a mile from the shore.

  5. The engines in the railway yards made loud and prolonged noises in imitation of barnyard inhabitants, flags and handkerchiefs were waved, and many cheers given to speed the Battalion on its way.

  6. Cape Guardafui was passed soon after lunch, and the following evening the ship stopped her engines for half an hour in order to exchange messages with Aden, which was dimly visible through the thick bluish haze of stifling heat.

  7. The remainder of the troops were looked upon as mere accessories, engines useful to clear the way for the "achievement" of the equestrian order.

  8. But the citizens, regardless of all save their liberty, continued to ply their engines against the tower, though every stone that was cast forth fell in death among their children[244].

  9. Besides the engines of the mangona kind, formed by a sling and weight, there was another class constructed on the principle of the cross-bow.

  10. Tacitus, indeed, tells us that the barbarians borrowed these engines from those of the Romans; deserters or prisoners from whose ranks taught to the Northmen the art of their construction.

  11. The two passenger engines were out of the question, for they were already well guarded, but the little switching locomotive lay at the northern end of the yard, and had not as yet been seized by the deputies.

  12. There's a couple of passenger engines in the roundhouse, but they ain't fired.

  13. His sanctity, and reverend character, His pious eloquence, made engines for me, Might save a world of anguish to my soul, And smooth my unwelcome purpose to Hortensia.

  14. Then he slowed his engines and allowed the storm to push him backwards.

  15. Yes, but the poles, wires and canvas have to be put together just right, Sam, and those engines are as powerful as they are light.

  16. Presently the engines dropped to idle, and the rumble of surf became audible.

  17. The engines coughed a couple of times and then caught with a roar.

  18. Two more splashes in quick succession and then the engines picked up speed, the dark shape of the wing overhead moved off, and we were alone.

  19. Capable of "walking away" with a load of eighty wagons, or approximately 900 tons, these powerful goods engines proved themselves a valuable asset, and so a determining factor in influencing the course of events.

  20. Some of the new engines were made upon this plan, which involved the adoption of some of the most troublesome of the machinery.

  21. The engines were doing astonishingly well to-day, but who could ensure their lasting qualities?

  22. His engines were needed to save the mines.

  23. One of the earliest of these double-acting engines was erected at the Albion Mills, London, in 1786.

  24. Rumors of new inventions of engines far excelling his continued to disturb Watt, and much of his time was given to investigation.

  25. Enquiries began to pour in for pumping engines for mines.

  26. We have seen before that Watt had to retrace his steps and abandon for a time in later engines what he had before ventured upon.

  27. One source of serious trouble arose from Watt and Boulton having been so anxious at first to introduce their engines that they paid small regard to terms.

  28. Several orders for Watt engines had been received, and as much depended upon the success of the first, Watt resolved to superintend its erection himself.

  29. In other cases, when plenty of cold water cannot be had, I intend to work the engines by the force of steam only, and to discharge it into the air by proper outlets after it has done its office.

  30. Behinde the Engines wente men with shouels and Mattockes, to throwe downe houses, bulworkes, and to rule and gouerne the Engines.

  31. All the while that the Engines were a makyng, our men came not out to fight, beyng occupied in the worke, but onely to defende their lodgyng.

  32. The stones came also so thicke from the house toppes, that the engines were soone at an ende.

  33. Not that you are much worse than the fire engines and ambulances.

  34. But none of these engines are perfected," he added.

  35. Captain Wilson received from the Queen the lists she had prepared of tools, engines and material for carrying out her schemes of improvement.

  36. The clanking and rattling of the donkey engines were plainly audible across the water.

  37. When they had finished, Mr. Wardrop delivered a lecture on repairing compound engines without the aid of the shops, and the men sat about on the cold machinery.

  38. As soon as the last bolt was in place, men tumbled over one another in their anxiety to get to the hand starting-gear, the wheel and worm, by which some engines can be moved when there is no steam aboard.

  39. At the same time men took off the nuts of two of the great holding-down bolts that serve to keep the engines in place on their solid bed.

  40. And if engines have any soul, as their masters believe, he was quite right.

  41. The engines aren't worth their price as old iron.

  42. The skipper unearthed some stale ropy paint of the loathsome green that they used for the galleys of sailing-ships, and Mr. Wardrop spread it abroad lavishly to give the engines self-respect.

  43. You cannot stop engines working at twelve knots an hour in three seconds without disorganising them.

  44. None who had seen the engine-room believed that anything short of new engines from end to end could stir the Haliotis from her moorings.

  45. She left at two in the morning, having cut her moorings, and it was none of her crew's pleasure that the engines should strike up a thundering half-seas-over chanty that echoed among the hills.

  46. He would at the last have made shift to run to Singapore, and gone home without vengeance taken to show his engines to his brethren in the craft; but the others and the captain forbade him.

  47. They nearly wrenched off the wheel, but it was evident to the blindest eye that the engines stirred.

  48. As it sank again, the engines - and they were triple expansion, three cylinders in a row - snorted through all their three pistons.

  49. Our fast mail came in just then, and after the engines were changed, the engineer and conductor came into my office for their orders.

  50. They were buying engines by the hundred on the Rio Grande and Santa Fé and the A.

  51. Orders of all kinds have to be made, engines and crews kept working together and trains moving.

  52. The air was so still, crisp and biting that the air-pumps of the engines had that peculiar sharp, snappy sound heard only in a panting engine in cold weather.

  53. It seems to me they ort to keep up their engines here in pretty good shape.

  54. It was a still dark night, and I tiptoed down to the end that overlooked the city and stood looking at the lights and listening to the music of the switch engines in the yards below the hill.

  55. Of the many men who ran engines at the front, with me in the old days, I recall few whose lives were purposeless; almost every one had a life-story.

  56. Since he had modeled his clay engines in the bog, his young ambition was to be an engine-man; and to be an assistant fireman was the first step toward this position.

  57. The issue of the Watt trial, however, which declared all such engines to be piracies, brought to an end for a time a business which would otherwise have proved a very profitable one, and Trevithick's partnership with Bull then came to an end.

  58. Modeling of engines in clay continued to be another of his favorite occupations.

  59. In 1808, Stephenson, with two other brakesmen, took a small contract under the colliery lessees, brakeing the engines at the West Moor Pit.

  60. Watt's patent-right expired in 1800, and from that time the Cornish engineers were free to make engines after their own methods.

  61. In the neighborhood of Killingworth, the cattle in the fields went on grazing while the engines passed them, and the farmers made no complaints.

  62. An attack made on the cross-wall from its southern side ended in total failure; his siege- engines were burnt, and the storming-parties repulsed at every point.

  63. What a pity," remarked Cleon, "that we brought no siege-engines with us!

  64. Here several fire-engines were standing in full play surrounded by a swaying mass of human beings.

  65. After many long hours the engines stopped.

  66. At last the engines began to work; we were off.

  67. This also tempted him, that he had in his hand one of the most awful engines of nature; I mean gravitation, that mad and quickening rush by which all earth's creatures fly back to her heart when released.

  68. We shall take our turn at these great engines that devour distance and defy time.

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