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Example sentences for "lad"

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lacum; lacuna; lacunae; lacunar; lacustrine; ladde; ladder; ladders; laddie; laddies
  1. No sooner did the lad feel himself safe from pursuit, than he made his way out of the woods again, and ran with all speed to Mr. Stackridge's house.

  2. The men looked foolish, and were obliged to own that they had never dreamed of conveying either the nine-year-old lad or the female centenarian out of the state of Tennessee.

  3. To him he told his story, and showed his wounds, the sight of which filled the heart of the lad with rage, and pity, and grief.

  4. But Carl was not a lad to remain long bereft of his wits when they were so necessary to him.

  5. Sometimes it was a spirited recitative, ringing with cheery self-consciousness and the joy of being a lad of sixteen; at other times it was a solemn song, aglow with devotional ecstasy.

  6. His children spoke fairly good Yiddish One Saturday evening a pock-marked lad from the Sands, the son of a chimney-sweep, meeting me in the street, set his dog at me.

  7. Miss Lazar, half naked, had been dancing with various partners, most of all with a freckled lad of sixteen or seventeen who looked as though he were panting to kiss her.

  8. For thy servant became surety for the lad unto my father, saying, If I bring him not unto thee, then shall I bear the blame to my father for ever.

  9. For how shall I go up to my father, and the lad be not with me?

  10. He put the vision by: Let dusky Indians whine and kneel; An English lad must die!

  11. Now therefore, let thy servant, I pray thee, abide instead of the lad a bondman to my lord; and let the lad go up with his brethren.

  12. The right leg had been shattered below the knee by a round shot; the wound had bled profusely, but the poor lad managed to stanch it with his shirt.

  13. A lad of excellent parts and first-rate education.

  14. General Wilders dismounted, flask in hand, and the wounded lad was rewarded for his self-denial.

  15. A good lad Stanislas; I always liked him.

  16. She did not guess that the obvious unhappiness of the lad who had won the soldier's heart was being felt by Penhallow without his seeing how he could end it and yet not lessen the value of a just verdict.

  17. I am sorry to hear that a Christian lad like you should be fighting.

  18. As a result, out of the Squire's long and indulgent care of a lad who grew up a very competent carpenter, and gradually more and more an idle drunkard, Peter had come to overestimate the power of his claim on Penhallow.

  19. The loyal decisiveness of a lad of only sixteen years had settled the matter and relieved her of any need to personally warn Josiah.

  20. The lad was resolute and still fearful of making a noise.

  21. Oh, well, he's a rough lad and like enough sorry.

  22. The lad whom events had singularly matured listened to gay memories of West Point and to talk of cadets whose names were to live in history or who had been distinguished in our unrighteous war with Mexico.

  23. It was easy to see why the generous, good-tempered and pleasant lad failed to satisfy the town boys.

  24. Some pitying, dim comprehension of the delicately nurtured lad had brought to the social surface the kindliness of the girl and she said no more.

  25. The natural light-mindedness of a healthy lad easily disposes of the problems which disturb the older mind.

  26. I loved you in a boy's unmeaning way; I loved you as a lad and a man.

  27. Accustomed to be considered and flattered, his uncle's quiet reserve had seemed to him disappointing, and now of late this abrupt praise and accepting comradeship left the sensitive lad too grateful for words.

  28. Then, used to easy roadsters, he had been put on the Squire's rough trotter and led by the tireless lad had come back weary from long rides across rough country fields and over fences.

  29. The lad was puzzled by her failure to say more.

  30. The lad who left him was tired, but entirely satisfied with John Penhallow.

  31. Fine materials in that lad for a hero, you will say.

  32. I know you, dear; you are the young lad that gave me the tanner.

  33. The lad having opened the door for me, shut it behind me, and went away.

  34. Many a lad sighed the day he was brided; and a Nithsdale laird and two Annandale moorland farmers drank themselves to their last linen, as well as their last shilling, through sorrow for her loss.

  35. I heard the voice of that lad Andrew Lammie; can the chield be drowning that he skirls sae uncannily?

  36. And I shall tell ye the tale as the honest lad told it to me.

  37. The savage stood a moment, and glared at this handsome lad of his tribe.

  38. Annette remained during the balance of the night with her aunt; but she arose before the dew was dry, and with the other lad at her side, for Julie would not remain behind her mistress, was off at a brisk canter towards Fort Pitt.

  39. The law of constitutional guarantees became the law of public order.

  40. In May, 1870, they marched out in front of the Villaneuva theater and fired volleys into the crowds that were entering.

  41. The Marquis of Gonzalez was killed by his own cowardly men for refusing to surrender.

  42. The fighting within its walls after an entry had been made was exceedingly fierce.

  43. In the pulpit is the lad whom we already know.

  44. Arrived there, he sought out his own apartment, and with the help of the lad cleared it of everything it possessed in the shape of chairs or clothes or table, leaving only a little straw, on which the family were to lie.

  45. The utter dreary formalism of the old-fashioned Evangelical drove many a bold lad into dissipation.

  46. They were the only clothes of a little lad who, hatless and shoeless and shirtless, was lying on the ground—to be trampled on by horses or men, it seemed to matter little to him.

  47. The world has a great fascination for a lad brought up in a pious home, to whom it has been represented as a waste howling wilderness, peopled with devils fearful to gaze on.

  48. The lad was steady, of a cold temperament, very selfish, and ambitious to rise in the world.

  49. That lad up yonder was his only son, and had been set apart from his childhood for the service of the altar.

  50. They beamed at Mary Louise genially and went on with their song.

  51. John Grant middle-aged bachelor Harry Grant younger bachelor Ellen Grant Pearson married daughter Corinne Pearson granddaughter, girl of nineteen Hannah and William Groben servants at Dark Cedars.

  52. He didn't bother to talk quietly: I could hear every word he said from the kitchen.

  53. You must be tired, dear," she said tenderly.

  54. Then it was that Nathaniel raised his voice; but the captain gave him no satisfaction, declaring it was the duty of a true lad to stand by his mother, and that he would lend his aid to none who had a home, and in it those who cared for him.

  55. Among those who served some of the gentlemen even as Nathaniel and I aimed to serve Captain Smith, was James Brumfield, a lazy, shiftless lad near to seventeen years old.

  56. I know not how it chanced that I, a lad whose apparel was far from being either cleanly or whole, should have dared to raise my voice in speech with one who was said to have talked even with a king.

  57. As it was, I went directly to Captain John Smith, my master, telling him all Nathaniel's story, and asking if the lad had not shown himself made of the proper stuff to be counted on as one of the adventurers.

  58. It was noonday when he and two of his fellows arrived at the village; a market lad directed them to the house.

  59. He was dressed in a cheap, soiled homespun, and would have passed as a farmer's lad if a townsman vigilant in the service of King George had not recognized him.

  60. A lad who wore the dunce-cap often was before him.

  61. Why didn't he storm and rage as he used to in the old days when a lad in torn nankeens and begrimed face was brought to that desk like a culprit before a tribunal of justice?

  62. From a distance he looked like an old man, but he had not reached his thirtieth year, and so clear were his eyes and complexion that, on a closer observance, he might have passed for a lad of half the years he bore.

  63. As when I was a lad I took no delight in the pleasures of lads of my own age, so when I was a man I did not go the way of men in that absorbing passion to which is given the name of Love.

  64. I observed, as the lad grew up, that he became more and more perplexed by the relations which existed between his parents.

  65. Then came an urgent letter from young Almer, whom I have not beheld since he was a lad of nine or ten, begging of me to put the house in order for you and your lady, to whom I, as an old gallant, am already in spirit devoted.

  66. He was a young lad then, an orphan, and has been hanging about ever since.

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