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Example sentences for "puppy"

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  1. Meanwhile, the leather merchant would lead his living investment back to John Street like a puppy dog; and, having there immured him in the hall, would depart for the day on the quest of seal rings, the only passion of his life.

  2. We really must get him to stand against that young puppy who is member of the House of Commons only because his father is a peer, and never votes more than twice a session.

  3. For myself, I declare that when she came down and walked in the garden, I became like a little waggling puppy dog, so great was my desire to attract her attention.

  4. If Ruddy should happen to catch the cat--well, then Rick and Chot were ready to stop the puppy from doing her any harm.

  5. But Ruddy was only a puppy and his thinking-out of things was not as clear as it became afterward.

  6. Ruddy knew that as well as the boys did, for the puppy was getting hungry, too.

  7. It was not as nice as he could have wished, but often he had found a perfectly good bone in this way--a bone which was not too hard for his puppy teeth that were fast growing stronger.

  8. Dimly he remembered some puppy days; brief, happy ones with his mother.

  9. And the man had taken Ruddy with him on the ship, and then had come a terrible time in the storm, when the red-brown puppy was washed overboard.

  10. Again Rick threw his arms about the wiggling, brown puppy whose tail was wagging so joyously.

  11. Yes, a puppy will stay with anyone," said Mrs. Dalton.

  12. Ruddy remembered that his puppy brother had howled and had held his paw down among the bushes while the mole clung to it, much as Sallie hid her leg in the leaves now.

  13. He would point to the house, and, with a sad look and with drooping tail, the red-brown puppy would slink back.

  14. The bit of bread and meat the coast guard had given him was hardly enough for a small kitten, and Ruddy was quite a large puppy now.

  15. But we know that the coast guard was only telling the puppy to shelter himself from the storm.

  16. But this isn't such a puppy as I thought at first.

  17. It was the smell Ruddy did not like, for it brought back to him the memory of a man who had been cruel to him--a man who had beaten and kicked him--who had filled his puppy days with misery.

  18. No, and it won't hurt much if our puppy dog gets hold of her," added Helen.

  19. Our puppy dog got hold of her the other day, and he dragged my doll all around the kitchen and all her clothes were torn off and she's chewed and she isn't fit to be seen.

  20. I can't have her in the play with me, though I did at first, before the puppy chewed her.

  21. Throw a new-born puppy into the river, and, after some helpless floundering, he will be drowned.

  22. A young puppy will go blundering with the stick against the stile, and, perhaps, go back home, or get through the bars and leave the stick behind.

  23. Then the king sprinkled it, and unscrewed and examined it, and a puppy came out of it.

  24. I was assured the puppy would oppose me," grunted the latter; "'tis his constant practice.

  25. The novice class is for dogs bred in the United States who have never won a first prize, wins in the puppy class being excepted.

  26. It is best to buy a dog about six months old--old enough to be over puppy ills and not too old to learn new tricks.

  27. Trying to house-break a very young puppy is cruelty pure and simple.

  28. If that is all he wants let him get some friend to give him an Airedale puppy or let him buy one as cheaply as he can, but he is going to lose half the pleasure of owning a good dog of a good breed.

  29. In picking out a puppy select the bright little chap to whom you are naturally attracted--I am advising the "dog owner" who knows the breed well enough not to be interested in any litter not of orthodox breeding.

  30. Her first big winning puppy was Briarwood, who came out in London in 1896.

  31. A little shelf, about three inches from the bottom and two inches wide, tacked round the box will prove to be good puppy life insurance, for it keeps them from being pressed to death against the sides of the nest.

  32. After this first worming, they should have similar treatment every six weeks till they are six months old, and twice more after that before they are out of the puppy class.

  33. A puppy of that age, over distemper and house broken, is as satisfactory as it is possible for a pup to be.

  34. It is well to take a puppy destined for a show career and to teach him to show.

  35. He'd feel as lost 'way down there on the buffalo as a puppy in a corn-brake.

  36. I was almost relieved when a hard try to bite on the part of the puppy imparted to Flurry's language a transient warmth; but the reaction was only temporary.

  37. When pressed to expound this dark saying, Flurry smiled wanly and snipped a second line in the hair of the puppy that was pinned between his legs.

  38. You see, I'd never been shoppin' for dogs before, and I hadn't kept track of the puppy market quotations.

  39. The little rascal was gettin' a full set of puppy teeth.

  40. He's over intense and if he got the real before he's had his puppy loves it would go hard with him.

  41. The squaw, holding the puppy by the legs, was swinging him to and fro through the blaze of a fire, until the hair was singed off.

  42. A small boiled puppy was served up as a parting feast, to which was added, by way of dessert, a wooden bowl of gooseberries, from the mountains.

  43. They had lost some of their puppy awkwardness though none of their puppy playfulness, and were fast developing into strong-boned, active dogs.

  44. The puppy class was disposed of first, and then the novices.

  45. But a puppy born of trained parents gets the pointin' habit almost by instinct, and retrievin', too.

  46. He described to them the crowded halls, the long rows of dogs of many breeds chained in little stalls on benches, the arrangement of novice and puppy and limit and open classes for the different breeds, and all the rest of it.

  47. Several of the boys made a pilgrimage to Thornboro one day early in June and found Tom engaged in combing the soft, puppy hair out of the coat of one of the young Airedales.

  48. It ought to be about time to cut down to four meals a day now, and give 'em shredded wheat or puppy biscuits.

  49. Of course, I sometimes give a puppy a piece of cookie or something to show him he's done what he ought to, but I never use the whip.

  50. At first the puppy was frightened, but finding that he was not attacked he made one or two playful little lunges at the bulldog and then stood off and barked shrilly at him, Remus joining in the chorus and struggling to be set down.

  51. Jack, to whom the care of one small puppy seemed a considerable responsibility.

  52. The puppy took the tea quite eagerly and lapped some of the egg.

  53. I saw a titled puppy touch her fingers--I heard him prattle love in her ears.

  54. And Dolly says you are a fright,' sighed Mysie, condoling with a very awkward-looking puppy which she was nursing.

  55. The puppy fell down with a flop, and began to squeak, while the girls, crying, 'Oh!

  56. What a swaggering puppy must he take me for!

  57. I never saw such a bouncing, swaggering puppy since I was born.

  58. A Puppy is said to be, 'the progeny of a bitch,' but so is the bitch herself.

  59. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "puppy" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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