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developement; developements; developer; developers; developes; development; developmental; developments; developpement; develops
  1. Impeded from developing herself on the seas, held up to ridicule by the absurd corridor of Danzig, whereby there is a Polish State in German territory, she cannot help seeking life and raw materials in Russia.

  2. If a people had conditions for developing rapidly it was Czeko-Slovakia.

  3. The United States, cancelling their, in great part, impossible debt, would derive the advantage of developing their trade and industry, and thus be able to guarantee credits for private individuals in Europe.

  4. She went about her business in a life of developing sunshine and beauty, herself the developing embodiment of both.

  5. The marriage ceremony is undergoing change, and the simple routine developing into a costly ceremonial, the details of which (e.

  6. In the later years a systematic policy of developing its western lands was adopted.

  7. A conflagration, beginning with world war, is upon the earth, developing into revolution and anarchy.

  8. The Papacy was foreseen and permitted as a part of God's wonderful plan for developing and testing His Church, proving who are worthy to be of the First Resurrection, joint-heirs with Christ.

  9. The men in whose hands at the beginning of the 18th century lay the task of developing and executing forest policies and of developing forestry practice came from two very different classes.

  10. This office, later, was changed to a Bureau of Forestry and Colonization, and a technically educated man was appointed as Provincial Forester, with a view of developing a forest management, at least in the Reserves.

  11. Roumania alone has systematically taken advantage of her freedom from Turkish rule in developing a modern civilization, and can also boast the beginning of a forestry system.

  12. Here, money is spent on developing means of transportation, and a better revenue is secured than in State forests.

  13. König became noted by his contributions to the scientific, especially the mathematical side of forestry, developing forest mensuration and statics.

  14. In 1898, the Dominion government had also recognized the need of more technical administration by instituting a Forestry Branch in the Department of the Interior under a superintendent with a view of developing improved methods.

  15. In literary direction his work lay not so much in developing new ideas as in formulating clearly the known ones, as evidenced in his celebrated “General Rules” in silviculture.

  16. Like Hartig, he was eminent in the three directions of practical, literary, and educational work, but he excelled Hartig in originality, developing new principles and thought.

  17. It is mentally educational in developing qualities of quickness, skill, and leadership.

  18. Commerce and manufactures went through crises of terrible difficulty due to the various changes of the war; but, on the whole, the industrial classes were steadily and rapidly developing in wealth, and becoming relatively more important.

  19. Other writers, in developing this thesis, had dwelt upon the elasticity of population.

  20. Working with this familiar material, based on the country and the developing life which was a part of his very self, Cooper wrote the first of his famous "Leatherstocking" series.

  21. In any critical sense, however, the thing that they stood for was only an expression of world thought and was one of the many out-croppings of the movement toward independence of spirit which had been developing for generations.

  22. At the same time the countryside was developing a native but not altogether admirable Yankee type.

  23. This was to some extent met by developing the water supplies at Ecani, Khalassa and Asluj, all places in No Man's Land some miles beyond our right flank.

  24. Critical learning was yet new in our literature; it had taken its birth in Italy, among a crowd of philosophers, rhetoricians and philologists, busied in developing the true principles of every species of literary composition.

  25. From groping for a cooperative economic order or self-employment, labor turned with the American Federation of Labor to developing bargaining power for use against employers.

  26. The officers and leaders of the Federation, knowing that they could not command, set themselves to developing a unified labor will and purpose by means of moral suasion and propaganda.

  27. Just as the capitalist class reached the threshold of the revolution psychologically below par, so the wage-earning class in developing the will to rule outran all expectations and beat the Marxian time-schedule.

  28. The photographer, without fear, illuminates his developing room with light transmitted through red or yellow glass; but he dares not use blue glass, for blue light would decompose his chemicals.

  29. Besides the enormous engineering work of rendering navigable one of the mouths of the Mississippi Delta, and the continuous labor of developing the more original and still bolder project for an Isthmian ship railway, Mr. James B.

  30. Spores of two kinds, the macrospore producing a prothallus with archegonia, the microspore smaller and developing antheridia.

  31. The advantages of developing a suggestion include the fact that some link in the logical chain may bear a more obvious relation to our problem than did the undeveloped suggestion itself.

  32. The individual in developing his own personality need not, necessarily, be selfish, nor is the enhancement of one's personality incompatible with altruism.

  33. A man in developing such a self is, indeed, in some cases practically committing social suicide.

  34. By much adulation the spirit of liberty was developing tyrannical tendencies, and by a kind of cross-fertilization was inspiring her votaries with the idea that freedom meant doing as they pleased, and dissenters be damned!

  35. These were artfully nursed by the wily Morrison, with the result that a dangerous friction was developing between the better disposed men and the restless growlers.

  36. With her every cylinder developing its full horse power, the aeroplane sky-rocketed upward at a rate that made Wandering William hold on for dear life.

  37. Clearly, therefore, some measure of separation from the full pulsing life of the world was, even in the most favourable circumstances, helpful in developing religious character.

  38. Precisely at this time and under the same circumstances, the ethnic religions around Israel were developing away from any higher elements they had contained, and were thereby, as we know now, hastening to extinction.

  39. That the Australians are fully alive to the importance of developing their foreign trade is seen in the efforts they have made to provide facilities for bringing their products to ocean ports.

  40. Americans travel extensively, but it is evident from the foregoing comparisons that the possibility of developing the passenger service in this country has by no means reached its limit.

  41. Greenish tones in the prints are caused by over-exposure and too much bromide in the developing solution.

  42. In developing rock the tray in all directions.

  43. Indeed, of late he had been developing cheer as well as courage, imbibing both, perhaps, from the roses in the vase on his employer's desk.

  44. Another chain of thought had been slowly developing in his mind during these past hours when he had been so closely companioned with the stranger.

  45. He was developing a strong distaste for those structures.

  46. The considerations which govern a confederacy as it is developing into a nation are very different from the considerations applicable to a full grown nation when threatened with dismemberment into a confederacy.

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