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  1. With the plates to which I refer, I found that I only required to use for a 7½ × 5 plate one grain of pyrogallic acid in about three ounces of developer to get full density without the slightest difficulty.

  2. The Golden Rule is a wonderful developer in human life, a wonderful harmoniser in community life--with great profit it could be extended as the law of conduct in international relations.

  3. There is no higher rule and no greater developer of the highest there is in the individual human life, and no greater adjuster and beautifier of the problems of our common human life.

  4. Wratten Process Plates give excellent results, and the following is a good developer to use with them: Glycin 15 grammes 1 oz.

  5. This developer should be used for 6 minutes at a temperature of 50deg F.

  6. Mix a fresh weak developer, or dilute the same developer and add a few drops of bromide of potassium.

  7. In the first place, as the light to which the plate has been exposed is very strong, the picture must be put in the developer in a very dim light, not allowing any of the direct rays from the red light to strike the plate.

  8. As soon as the plate is covered with the developer put a cover over the tray, and do not expose to the light till time for the picture to begin to appear.

  9. SMITH wishes to know what will keep films from curling when in the developer The films should be soaked in water till they become limp before they are placed in the developer.

  10. Let the picture come up rather slowly, and after detail is well out take the plate from the developer, rinse in clear water, and put it in a stronger solution of developer till it has attained the right density.

  11. A weak solution of developer should be used to start the development.

  12. The hypo should be in a tray or box placed conveniently at hand but not so located that it will be liable to become mixed with the developer or in any way to splash or spot the plate.

  13. Place it face side up in the tray and quickly pour the developer over it, being sure that the solution covers the surface immediately, to avoid unequal development.

  14. After we have prepared the hypo and the developer we are ready to develop the plate.

  15. Developer D (Bayer) is dioxy-naphthalene-sulpho acid, and simply requires dissolving in water to make the bath.

  16. Glauber's salt, then diazotise and develop with fast blue developer A D.

  17. Developer B (Bayer) is ethyl beta-naphthylamine, in the form of its hydrochloric acid compound.

  18. Some of these take the form of special preparations of the colour manufacturers, and are sold as naphthol D, naphthol X, red developer C, etc.

  19. Naphthylamine ether= is used as a developer for blues in conjunction with the Diamine blacks.

  20. Sometimes two developers are mixed together, in which case care should be taken that an alkaline developer naphthol or phenol be not mixed with an acid developer (phenylene diamine, naphthylamine, etc.

  21. Developer F (Bayer) is a mixture of resorcine and soda ash.

  22. Developer A (Bayer) is a mixture of beta-naphthol and caustic soda in the powder form, so that a solution is obtained by simply adding water.

  23. Glauber's salt, then diazotise and develop with blue developer A N.

  24. These latter are sent out under such designations as Developer B, Developer A N, or Fast-blue developer.

  25. Benzo-nitrol developer is sold in the form of a yellow paste.

  26. This is a very good plan if one has a quantity of plates to develop which have been exposed at different times and under different circumstances, as it saves preparing fresh developer after development has been started.

  27. As soon as the image flashes up, showing that the plate has been over-exposed, take it from the developer and place it in a dish of clean water to stop development.

  28. Unless the plate has been very much over-exposed, by taking it from the developer and using the restrainer carefully, a good negative can usually be obtained.

  29. Add to this weak developer a few drops of a solution of bromide of potassium, prepared with a quarter of an ounce of bromide of potassium and five ounces of water.

  30. Turn the developer from the tray and rinse the tray.

  31. Mix up a weak solution of developer, or dilute this same developer one-third with water.

  32. The first tray contains normal developer, the second tray contains developer prepared for over-exposed plates, and the third for under-exposed plates.

  33. To the last he called Spinoza a mere developer of Descartes, [1231] whom he also habitually resisted.

  34. Then it must be the most wonderful developer you used, or was it that this was the second exposure given to the same plate?

  35. The plate in question was a Wrattens ordinary, developed with Ilford Pyro Soda developer prepared at home.

  36. The developer is the one which I have been using for the last three years, and the plate, the one I charged on Saturday night out of a new box that I had purchased only on Saturday afternoon.

  37. The Pyro Developer with Metabisulphite of Potash.

  38. If denser, then the soda is increased, and the water in the developer is reduced.

  39. If the contents of metabisulphite and pyro-soda developer are increased, it will act very slowly; larger quantities of the metabisulphite of potassium, therefore, act like a strong retarder.

  40. Eikonogen is another organic reducing agent, discovered by the writer in 1880, and introduced as a developer by Dr.

  41. It has long been known in photography, that a developer must be of the nature of a reducing agent, either inorganic or organic, and many hydroxylic and amidic derivatives of hydrocarbons come under this category.

  42. Eikonogen and hydrochinon are good developers, and do not stain the hands; but ferrous oxalate is the developer most used.

  43. One may use almost any kind of developer with bromide paper.

  44. The unused developer produces the best crystals for the purpose, and the pure ammonio-oxalate is vastly better than either.

  45. If old oxalate developer be exposed in a shallow vessel in a warm place, a deposit of light green crystals will be formed, composed of an impure oxalate of iron.

  46. The plate is first placed in water or rinsed under a gentle stream from the tap till all greasiness has disappeared, it is then placed in a flat dish, and the developer applied.

  47. If the developer is well rinsed out of the film, the exposure to artificial light necessary to make a print will have no injurious effect upon the negative, which is, of course, later fixed and washed as usual.

  48. The print is washed, then surface dried or blotted off on a pad and laid film upwards on a sheet of glass, and the following developer is applied with a wad of cotton wool wrung out: Pyrocatechin 5 gr.

  49. A pocket is provided for the liquid developer in one end of the tray when it [Illustration: Developing Tray with Glass Bottom] is turned up in a vertical position.

  50. Do not try to save them by rushing them out of the developer into the short-stop or fixing bath.

  51. If one has neither a test tube nor developer tube, an empty pill bottle may be used.

  52. Printing is best done on contrasty development paper with developer not too strong.

  53. But that the developer may conceivably be made in much greater quantities and spread much wider than it is at present is an altogether different thing.

  54. The only developer of any practical importance is a solution of [beta]-naphthol in caustic soda, which produces primuline red.

  55. The development for plates in this class may safely be rather vigorous--that is, with a normal developer and the plate carried to a fairly good printing destiny.

  56. A suitable metal hydroquinone developer is made as follows: Metal, thirty grains; hydroquinone, thirty grains; twenty ounces of water.

  57. The temperature of the developer should be kept from sixty-five to seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

  58. The sensitiveness with this developer is at least equal to that when iron developer is used, frequently even greater.

  59. This advantage becomes particularly apparent with emulsions prepared with ammonia, which frequently show with ammoniacal developer green or red fog, or a fog of clayish color by reflected, and of pale purple by transmitted light.

  60. Mr. Goodall then proceeded to make an enlargement on a 12 by 10 opal, using a sciopticon burning paraffin; after an exposure for two and a-half minutes the developer was applied, and a brilliant opal was the result.

  61. But put in the developer by crossing with a pure coloured form and their variety of constitution can then at last become manifest.

  62. It gives great sensitiveness to gelatine and collodion emulsions--combined with pyro for a developer it prevents fog--and is employed in the preparation of sensitive papers.

  63. I can see that you're convinced your developer has extraordinary powers.

  64. There must be an infinite number of dimensions registered on the film, but my developer varies.

  65. I wanted a developer that would give a more sharply defined image.

  66. A special solution must be added to the developer to keep the lights pure.

  67. If one uses hydrochinon, which is a favorite developing agent with amateurs, dilute the developer and add from three to seven drops of iodide solution.

  68. The beginner should stick to one developer till he has learned just how to use it.

  69. If the rest of the image does not follow the high lights in a reasonable length of time, take the plate from the developer and place it in clean water.

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