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Example sentences for "sensitiveness"

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sensing; sensit; sensitised; sensitive; sensitively; sensitives; sensitivity; sensitized; sensitizing; senso
  1. It was further noted that the sensitiveness to light rays, after the eye had been rested, was developed in a special order; the first color which was recognized being red, then followed yellow, while green and blue respectively succeeded.

  2. After the eyes of the subject had thus been rested in the darkness, it was noted that the sensitiveness of his sight had been increased threefold.

  3. Some interesting researches have lately been published in an Italian journal concerning the influence of repose on the sensitiveness of the retina (a nervous network of the eye) to light and color.

  4. He, when he felt it his duty to speak plainly, spared the feelings of none by an incisive criticism which cut to the core, and yet an over-sensitiveness made him writhe under the slightest censure.

  5. His sensitiveness on this topic was of course well known to Minna.

  6. Illusive hopes and irresponsible deceptions She lacked sense a little and sensitiveness much To be popular is not necessarily to be contemptible Who say 'God bless you' in New York!

  7. No doubt it is terribly difficult for many of them to feel either beauty or ugliness, good or evil, but without that sensitiveness of the intelligence they can never hope to criticise the productions of the human mind.

  8. The view of the children towards the problem must depend entirely upon their upbringing and the degree of sensitiveness in their relation to their mother.

  9. This, along with his own latterly broken health, and a sensitiveness which made him keenly alive to criticism, doubtless fostered the tendency to what was often superficially called his cynical view of life.

  10. His extreme vanity and sensitiveness to criticism made him often vindictive, unjust, and venomous.

  11. With these physical defects he had the extreme sensitiveness of mind that usually accompanies chronic ill health, and this sensitiveness was outraged incessantly by the brutal customs of the age.

  12. By the application of pressure, any degree of sensitiveness may be attained, merely observing the deflection of the galvanometer needle.

  13. An astatic galvanometer is that in connection with which an astatic needle is employed, by the use of which the sensitiveness of a galvanometer is greatly increased.

  14. The objection to this fuze, which was used by the Allies in their destruction of the Russian fortifications at Sebastopol, is the want of sensitiveness of sulphide of copper, and the consequent necessity of a very powerful firing battery.

  15. Hyper-sensitiveness may cause bashfulness, but there are many thousands of hyper-sensitives who have not a spark of bashfulness in their condition.

  16. It stimulated the morbid sensitiveness to doctrinal aberrations until the most trifling dissidence was capable of arousing insane fury, and of convulsing Europe from end to end.

  17. Such exaggerated conscientious sensitiveness could not but be peculiarly exasperating to the more worldly members.

  18. It shows the sensitiveness of the hierarchy that this harmless nympholepsy was deemed worthy of severe repression.

  19. Tissot[44] says that he has found that the sensitiveness of a coherer formed of nickel and iron filings can be increased by placing it in the magnetic field, the lines of which are parallel to the axis of the tube.

  20. He ascertained that there was a complete correspondence between the sensitiveness of the tubes used as telegraphic instruments and the form of the characteristic curve of current and voltage drawn by the above-described method.

  21. The object of bevelling off the plugs in the Marconi tube is to enable the sensitiveness of the tube to be varied by turning it round, so that the small quantity of filings lie in between a wider or narrower part of the gap.

  22. We pass on to notice the remaining devices for restoring the metallic filings tube to a condition of sensitiveness or receptiveness.

  23. These facts deserve special attention, they show how much more the susceptibility and sensitiveness of children need to be taken into consideration than is commonly done.

  24. The improper performance of the functions of the skin seems to cause a peculiar sensitiveness of the air-tubes, and to render them liable to the occasional occurrence of that spasm which produces asthma.

  25. Now this despondency came partly, I think, through the very sensitiveness of the Hellenic nature.

  26. That is to say, in those days there was an intense sensitiveness which kept men of different sections of the country apart from each other.

  27. By the addition of some coloring matter to the emulsion, the light sensitiveness of the film toward some individual colored rays is increased, but the sensitiveness for the stronger refractive rays is, as a rule, generally reduced.

  28. I am aware that a delicate sense of honor often comes between a man and his opportunities of profit, and that a fine sensitiveness is rarely appreciated at its value by those who employ professional service.

  29. On the contrary, to an emulsion made after Henderson's method, double the quantity of coloring matter can be added before flowing, without reducing the sensitiveness perceptibly.

  30. If this should be too strong, the total sensitiveness will sink (decrease); but when too weak, the color sensitiveness is much reduced.

  31. If the emulsion contains iodide of silver, it has a greater sensitiveness for light blue and blue-green light.

  32. The result is a loss of the total sensitiveness for white light.

  33. Although the eosine permits a large limit in the quantity, it will reduce the sensitiveness greatly in larger quantity.

  34. The prevalent misconception on this point was in part due to his excessive sensitiveness to criticism and his resentment of it when hostile.

  35. It would be vain to deny his sensitiveness to this hostility.

  36. Their movements were free and graceful, and their sensitiveness so acute that the slightest agitation made them start, taking tremendous springs.

  37. You must have thought me ridiculous because of my sensitiveness and my tears.

  38. How many of them are carried through society as clogs or excrescences which a polite world is bound to tolerate with more or less equanimity, according to the amount of sensitiveness bestowed by nature and cultivated by art!

  39. When people who possess fine feelings are poor, their sensitiveness is indeed a cross both for themselves and their friends to bear.

  40. It is a sensitiveness which sometimes amounts to lunacy, and sometimes even tempts to suicide.

  41. His sensitiveness was exhibited in another way,--mortification if an accident befell him.

  42. She had culture, moral power and earnestness in a high degree, warmth of sympathy and sensitiveness to all beauty, but she had no saintliness.

  43. Her sensitiveness was great, and contact with an unappreciative and unsympathetic public depressing to a large degree.

  44. Her gray-blue eyes, under noticeable eyelashes, expressed the same acute sensitiveness as her long, thin, beautifully shaped hands.

  45. This sensitiveness to the changes of the outward world is a large element in her mind, and indicates the reality of her poetic gifts.

  46. Perhaps, to those who have any sensitiveness of observation, such doubts are even the more painful the more vaguely they are implied.

  47. Priestesses of Baal must have revolted the sensitiveness of the daughters of Levi.

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