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sensitive; sensitively; sensitiveness; sensitives; sensitivity; sensitizing; senso; sensor; sensorial; sensorium
  1. But I suppose I should find it too rough for my highly sensitized skin in the long run.

  2. A receptivity, sensitized to a high degree by the inspiration of new adventure, absorbed these impressions.

  3. Foods that cause the reaction are thought to be those to which the patient has been sensitized and to which he has not developed or maintained an efficient defence.

  4. In this way we explain the cases in which drugs and foods that are harmless to most people may be virulent poisons to those who happen to have been sensitized by a former overdose.

  5. If they are absorbed rapidly into the circulation of a patient who happens to have been sensitized to any of them, there is serious danger of anaphylactic shock.

  6. It is argued, and partially proved by practice, that the pollens to which the skin reacts are the pollens to which that patient has been sensitized and these pollens are selected for administration.

  7. The hay fever patient is a human being who, in some way, has been sensitized to pollen.

  8. But, says the immunologist, it was your parents who were sensitized and you inherited the anaphylaxis.

  9. This collodion is made of alcohol, ether, and gun-cotton, and sensitized with certain iodides and bromides.

  10. You must always work by the light of a candle, and it is a good plan to have a screen of yellow paper around the flame, so that no direct light may fall on your sensitized plate.

  11. I have shielded the sensitized plate by a wooden hood which permits no light to strike it except the slender ray that is doing the work.

  12. Three feet further away was a camera with a moving plate holder which carried a sensitized photographic plate.

  13. Unerring and resolute the sound came up, slowly at first and then faster, gathering strength into a steady drone as if every synapse were dredging, dredging deep into the sensitized structure .

  14. The rest of the tapes fed in, razoring through the rollers, past the selenic-sensitized tips of the relays.

  15. The photographic apparatus, properly so called, formed of an objective and camera with its sensitized plate, was inclosed in a cylinder 3½ inches in diameter.

  16. At first the film was not just what he required, but the Eastman Company after a time developed and produced the highly sensitized surface that Edison sought.

  17. It was coated with a highly sensitized surface, and microscopic photographs, arranged spirally, were taken upon it.

  18. The printing on the sensitized copper face through the stippled or half-tone negative is then effected either by daylight or by the electric light.

  19. In 1856 Norris produced sensitized dry films of collodion or gelatine (British patent No.

  20. A clean plate of glass is coated with collodion sensitized with iodides of potassium, etc.

  21. The face of the reversed negative is laid flat against and in direct contact with the face of the sensitized copper plate, and tightly held thereto by the screw clamps of the half tone printing frame.

  22. A sheet of paper, previously treated with a solution of chloride of sodium and dried, is sensitized in an alkaline bath of nitrate of silver.

  23. By the older method the negative thus perfected is placed in a printing frame in contact, under pressure, with sensitized transfer paper and is exposed to light.

  24. The negative (whether a single film or several) is then placed in a specially constructed printing frame in contact under pressure with a sensitized zinc plate and exposed to light.

  25. In what is called the direct method the half-tone screen is placed in front of the photographic plate so that it becomes also a half-tone negative from which a print is made on a sensitized metal plate.

  26. In working these processes a thick plate of glass, after certain preliminary treatment, is coated with sensitized gelatin.

  27. According to more recent practice the surface of the wood is covered with a sensitized coating, on which the drawing or design to be engraved is photographed.

  28. He gave his companion a glance which, swift as a flash of light upon a sensitized plate, took in every detail of the figure, the bizarre dress, the striking face.

  29. Fourth, there is a printing department in which phototypes are produced on sensitized paper from tracings.

  30. The mind is not to be regarded as a sensitized film which automatically records the impressions of the senses.

  31. In like manner, the brain may be sensitized by the administration of large doses of thyroid extract prior to operation, the threshold to injury in such a case continuing to be low to traumatic stimuli even under anesthesia.

  32. As the brain is thus remarkably sensitized in Graves' disease, we find that in these patients laughter, crying, emotional disturbances, and surgical shock are produced with remarkable facility.

  33. The girls of today need to be developed and sensitized spiritually that the imprint of purity and righteousness may be made upon the whole life.

  34. They explained to me that I must have sensitized cards, then the imprint could be made.

  35. The principle of the process is this: An organic, tacky substance is sensitized with potassium bichromate, and exposed under a reversed positive to the action of light.

  36. Through the ages, however, the human race had more or less come in contact with all the proteins in their world and hence rarely became highly sensitized to any protein occurring in nature.

  37. One was the case of a little girl who had somehow or other become sensitized to the protein of wasp toxin and who suffered almost immediate death from anaphylactic "choc" as the result of being stung by that insect.

  38. As in the carbon process, it is necessary to place a border of black paper at the back of the negative, and to cut the sensitized tissue a little larger than the opening.

  39. When the sensitized plate is dry the edges are cut with a knife, the glasses serving over and over again.

  40. The exposing of a sensitized plate to the action of light.

  41. A dry-plate process in which gelatin is used as a substitute for collodion as the sensitized material.

  42. A positive picture produced with sensitized collodion on a smooth surface of black varnish, coating a thin plate of iron; also, the process of making such a picture.

  43. The eye is about one million times faster than the most rapid sensitized emulsion which chemists have yet produced.

  44. At the instant of exposure the claw is free of the film, or in the "out position," as it is termed, so that the sensitized ribbon is absolutely still.

  45. The result is the presentation of two emulsion faces on either side of the frame and each face resembles the sensitized side of a dry plate.

  46. Even the slightest vibrations will be indicated, and upon a large or small scale according to the rapidity with which the travelling sensitized surface is moved through the camera.

  47. Not only is the extent of the vibration photographed and capable of being calculated by means of the calibration, but, as the sensitized ribbon is travelling continuously past the lens, the duration of the vibration is photographed as well.

  48. If this is not supplied, and if the operator wishes to avoid the waste of 2 or 3 feet of sensitized ribbon, the deficiency can easily be remedied.

  49. By this means, also, he is able to use the standard cinematograph camera and film without any modifications, the images upon the sensitized celluloid ribbon being of the normal size.

  50. The reason why it offers the best chance of securing a continuous record is that its sensitized ribbon is mounted upon a drum, a single winding of which produces a photographic record about 3 feet 6 inches in length.

  51. Perhaps the most extraordinary feature of this development is that the very sounds of the heart palpitations can be committed to a sensitized surface in a continuous manner.

  52. An enlarged image of the string is then thrown upon the sensitized ribbon in the camera by means of a powerful microscope lens.

  53. The camera is fitted with a lens made from quartz, which permits the maximum quantity of the actinic rays to pass through to the sensitized film.

  54. The results upon the sensitized surface were merely the paths described by the moving lights.

  55. The whites may appear yellow from imperfect washing, imperfect toning, imperfect fixing, or from the use of old sensitized paper.

  56. A piece of sensitized paper of the exact size of the plate is taken and examined by transmitted light in the dark room.

  57. Ordinary sensitized paper may be preserved for a considerable time if, when dry, it is placed between sheets of blotting-paper saturated with a solution of carbonate of soda, and dried.

  58. No doubt every printer is aware that the prints produced from the same negative and on the same sample of albumenised paper similarly sensitized vary considerably in richness and depth on different days.

  59. A sensitized photographic film is wrapped around a drum and held by spring clamps.

  60. A dark box which is designed to hold a sheet of sensitized paper in place of the tracing paper, can be fitted in place of the tracing desk.

  61. And it has been known to photographers for fifty years that this light--easily isolated by dispersion through prisms--will act on a sensitized plate in an utterly dark room.

  62. That it exposes on a sensitized plate new stars in der heavens invisible to der eye through the strongest telescope?

  63. From the negatives secured in this way a series of positives were obtained in proper order on a strip of sensitized paper.

  64. The printed image shows on the yellow ground of the sensitized side as a faint grey, the darkest portions assuming an orange-grey tint, whilst the lighter parts remain all but invisible.

  65. In the dry frosty air of winter, sensitized tissue will dry without heat, and continue soluble for a considerable length of time, often as long as a month, or even longer.

  66. The beginner will certainly first obtain his tissue ready made, and he can purchase it ready sensitized or otherwise.

  67. A negative after been thoroughly dried may be used for printing without any further treatment, especially if only a few prints are required and the ordinary ready sensitized papers or emulsion papers are used.

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