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  1. Something is apt to come along that you would give a heap to get, and if you're out of films you feel like kicking yourself.

  2. The blankets and a few other things of value were also placed in safety, while Alec again tested the supports of his "clothes line" on which those precious films were strung to dry.

  3. He stared at Billy as though almost tempted to beg that worthy to stay behind and protect the films by his presence, which Billy absolutely refused to do, rightly interpreting the look.

  4. Alec was anxious to get to work developing some of the rolls of films he had taken, in the expectation of making good any failures.

  5. Alec had finished his work and had the well-developed films hanging to dry, securely fastened to his stout cord with snap clothes-pins, so there was no danger of any unfortunate catastrophe happening to them before they were thoroughly dry.

  6. Alec, as he busied himself with his development tank, anxious to find out how his films were going to turnout.

  7. Films may be kept from curling by soaking the film, after fixing and washing, in a solution of one-quarter ounce of glycerine and 16 ounces of water.

  8. Set the board in an upright position till the films are dry.

  9. SMITH, Trenton, New Jersey, asks for a good developing solution, how to polish ferrotype plates, and how to keep films from curling when drying.

  10. These films have been shown in hundreds of theaters throughout the Dominion.

  11. Of course, there were no films in those days and the inventor had used translucent glass to obtain the results.

  12. About 1900, longer films came into use, which necessitated a change in handling.

  13. The department is completely equipped to take and produce motion picture films of the highest quality.

  14. Illustration: THE NEW ARC LAMP] “The films then had one perforation on either side of each picture.

  15. He could have a projector 'head'--the thing that snatches the films down in front of the lenses and then holds them each a fraction of time before the light to let the image get itself impressed on your eye.

  16. These visible films or membranous exuviae of objects, which the old philosophers talked about, have no real existence, separable from their illuminated source, and perish instantly when it is withdrawn.

  17. This is inconvenient and tiresome where a great many films are to be developed.

  18. Illustration: An Ordinary Piece of Board Shaped for a Handle and Notched for the Scraper Blade] Photographic Tray-Rocking Stand Films develop better if the tray holding the solution is kept in motion or rocked.

  19. How to Make Advertising Lantern Slides Procure some old discarded photographic films and remove the gelatin coating by soaking them in hot water.

  20. Obtain quite a number of old photographic films and remove all the gelatin by washing them in hot water.

  21. The negative and positive films must be drawn through a space admitting light while their gelatine surfaces are in close contact.

  22. An Easy Way to Develop Roll Film This is simply a different motion to the tiresome seesaw one usually employs when films are being developed.

  23. I usually tank my plates and films and use Azol for developing, sometimes Pyro.

  24. And the Graflex is not so very heavy when a film pack or cut films are used.

  25. In fact, a sort of circulating library already exists, films or mutoscope pictures being rented for a reasonable sum; and thus many of the most important of the world's happenings may be seen as they actually occurred.

  26. The makers of the moving-picture films have photographic studios suitably lighted and fitted with all the necessary stage accessories (scenery, properties, etc.

  27. Produced by the Fordel Films for the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery of the U.

  28. The following films in the Magic of the Atom Series were produced by the Handel Film Corporation.

  29. At the little telegraph office of the town, John dispatched their report to the Daily Independent, also mailed at the local postoffice the promised films of the encounter with the condors.

  30. After the meal, which was very appetizing and refreshing, they spent a short time preparing their reports to the Daily Independent, and then accompanied their host to the post-office, where the letter and roll of films were mailed.

  31. Films are rapidly superseding text books in many branches.

  32. This board has to pass on all the films before they are released and if the pictures are in any way contrary to morals or decency or are in any respect unfit to be displayed before the public, they cannot be put in circulation.

  33. Muybridge utilized these films for the photographic analysis of animal motion.

  34. By the use of sensitive films of gelatine bromide of silver emulsion the time required for the action of ordinary daylight in producing a photograph had been reduced to a very small fraction of a second.

  35. I have the films here," he added, exhibiting the camera as tangible evidence that he was not yarning.

  36. From the films you run here that you hate so much?

  37. A large sign rested on an easel announced the films of the evening.

  38. Now, on the films that you watched, do you recall whether those films show you looking at the men?

  39. The films showed that Ruby was standing at Harrison's shoulder.

  40. Did any one of these films that you watched show you reaching out and touching the coat of Ruby?

  41. On one of the films I do, but whether it was on the TV or one of the camera pictures, I don't remember.

  42. In any other films which you have seen, is there depicted the episode where the newsmen moved out from the position that you have marked with an "N" on the north wall of the entranceway to between the jail office and the ramp?

  43. Was this a showing that the police department made to you, or were you shown any films by the police department?

  44. If you were shown these particular movie films, TV films that you saw, could you pick yourself out for us?

  45. I do recall now and I know where he was standing, next to him, from films I have seen since then.

  46. This letter that was written the 27th was before I ever saw any films or magazines, either one.

  47. Do you recall in looking at those TV films whether you show up in the TV film?

  48. Do you recall in any of these films a shot of Ruby standing behind a very large man, standing right up at the back of a very large man, a very tall man, a man perhaps a head taller than he?

  49. And he said, "Well, I will send the films to you.

  50. Momchiloff, renowned at the time as a Germanophil, they were welcomed with great pomp at Buda-Pest and declared in ceremonial orations to be brothers of the Turanian Magyars; but Momchiloff deprecated this idea.

  51. The Turks were quite as ready to bind themselves in this fashion.

  52. And can we demand that the Venetians of that time shall answer the reproaches which it pleases us to make?

  53. The cameras which used films were a Panoram Kodak of 5 inches focal length, with films 12 x 4 inches; a No.

  54. The rubber films strike together, assume the form of planes, and meet at four sharp edges in the centre of the pyramid.

  55. In the cube, thin, smooth films of soap-suds proceed from the edges to a small, quadratic film in the centre.

  56. The tendency of soap-films to assume smaller forms may be directly demonstrated by a method of Van der Mensbrugghe.

  57. The Commissioner widened his eyes as Drew handed over the camera, with a request that the films be developed and prints made within twenty minutes.

  58. The last two films have perfect samples of finger-work.

  59. Friend Edwards: I saw one of the films run off at a picture house a few days ago and I think they are the greatest Western scenes that I have ever witnesed--that is, they are the truest to life.

  60. After a day of this severe sunshine there comes commonly a darker day of cloud, still hard and forbidding, though milder in promise, with a sky of lead, deepening near the horizon into darker films of iron.

  61. And yet, until the minds of men are purged from the films of a false philosophy and sectarian prejudice, they seem afraid to look at the plain, obvious meaning of this and other similar passages of Scripture.

  62. Then he began opening the boxes of old films and twined their contents about the floor, pinning them to the curtains, twining them about the legs of the chairs, all the time whistling the "Soldiers' Chorus.

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