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filliped; fills; fillum; filly; film; filming; films; filmy; filo; filoselle
  1. Yes, Tom had gone, for by this time the story of the possible success of a real feature written by a Chicago boy and being filmed at Chicago's front door had become town talk.

  2. Important scenes were filmed not once or twice, but six, eight, ten times.

  3. There were to be a number of scenes on board, but they would not be filmed until the yacht was farther out.

  4. Do you mean to tell us you went and filmed our parts with somebody else in the cast?

  5. Again she was upon the crest whence an alluring prospect stretched; but now she looked with eyes not filmed by ignorance; now could have seen desert places, pitfalls, if such had been, but saw that there were none.

  6. Filmed in France in 1932, with Emil Jannings.

  7. She sat with eyes half closed, filmed with suffering.

  8. She looked at Standish and then at Dick Allport, and there came into her eyes a queer, glazed stare that filmed their brightness.

  9. His face was transfigured, his eyes filmed with dreams.

  10. The pavement was hot to his thinly filmed feet.

  11. His glazed arms and legs and torso glistened with all the colors in the spectrum; while under the filmed bulges of glass his eyes looked as large as apples.

  12. The filmed sequence still played on the small Wall opposite her cell.

  13. She had almost completed the statement when the filmed sequence ended.

  14. For two hours each evening, while filmed sequences are shown to the home audience, the stars retire to Antola's for sandwiches, drinks and shop talk.

  15. For instance one can be filmed writing a letter, which can be closed down and handed to a messenger, which action can be followed by the letter itself being thrown on the screen.

  16. His eyes were half-filmed over by a growth of morbid membrane, and what was not yet covered shone red and irritated.

  17. He got the impression that those washed pale eyes were filmed with dreams, and that the intelligence, the thing, that dwelt within the skull, fluttered and beat against the dream-films and no farther.

  18. The moon was in her second quarter, slightly filmed with very high thin clouds, that disappeared as night advanced, leaving the sky and stars in all their lustre.

  19. Some few scenes were filmed aboard the craft, but there was not much work for anyone, and the time was most enjoyable.

  20. You might have filmed a good rescue scene.

  21. The "rock scene" that was to be filmed now was to take place out on a little rocky group some distance from shore.

  22. In the big room brilliant with electric lights as well as from the illumination that came through a sky-glass, there were several scenes from different dramas being filmed at the same time.

  23. These scenes were those that had to be filmed on the ship itself, and they kept everyone busy.

  24. It was three weeks after the first and only engagement they had taken part in, and, meanwhile, they had filmed many more peaceful scenes of army life on the front.

  25. They filmed many stirring scenes, and the records they made now form an important part of the archives of the War Office in Washington, the films so strangely lost and recovered being considered most valuable.

  26. Later they moved on, with the theatrical company, to the coast, where they filmed a realistic picture of a wreck.

  27. Then the scenes were enacted over again, but with more tenseness and with a knowledge that every motion was being filmed with startling exactness.

  28. This skirmish had no particular part in the general story, but it was filmed just the same, as it could be spliced in with the other fighting scenes.

  29. The preliminary advance of the carriage, containing Ruth and Alice had been filmed all right.

  30. This was filmed separately, while other camera men, in the made street, took pictures of the activities there.

  31. You know, 'A Daughter of the Woods,' and some of the scenes were filmed in the park.

  32. While Estelle was being filmed down by the stream, one of the assistant camera men, a new hand, prepared to take a scene where a Southern farmer rides up to warn the Confederate cavalry of Estelle's escape, so they may take after her.

  33. Afterward, when it was put into the barns she jumped into the soft and fragrant pile of the mow, and was filmed that way, the scene to be used in one of the many rural dramas.

  34. Finally he reached the top of the tree, and pretended to be looking for a path for the lost ones, while Russ, always at the camera, successfully filmed him.

  35. During the next few days several farm scenes were filmed by Russ, and a number of partly finished plays were completed, the reels being sent to New York for development.

  36. A little later the end of the interrupted scene was filmed again, and then the actors and actresses were at liberty for the rest of the day.

  37. In the afternoon, the ocean, a short distance from the ship, grew filmed and opaque, a milky blue shot with purple shadows.

  38. The granite countenance of fortune, her eyes filmed like frozen pools, which keeps alert and bright the voyager who is unprotected from her unscheduled and unmoral acts except by his own ready buckler, is watched for you by others.

  39. An occasional lurch of the coach brought down a fringe of raindrops from its eaves that filmed the windows and shut out the sodden prospect already darkening into night.

  40. Quite an elaborate drama was to be filmed and the "full strength of the company," as Paul laughingly said, was required.

  41. Arrangements having been made, the company one morning went to the old fort and there Russ filmed many scenes.

  42. You'll have to be filmed here, anyhow," Russ told the girls.

  43. Russ, who had enough of the pictures of Mr. Bunn and Mr. Sneed leaving in the boat, filmed the captain in the act of receiving this message of good cheer.

  44. Alice, who had overheard the talk, while Mr. Towne was being filmed in his muddy state.

  45. It's often filmed by movie people; but never in the winter before, that I know of.

  46. My sub-consciousness must have filmed the words, and especially the girls' names.

  47. Of course he'd like to have both the bandit and the army ships up at the same time, but he's short a pilot and the scene must be filmed this morning.

  48. The company will be here next week to start work on the outdoor scenes, all of which will be filmed here.

  49. At the close of the second dog-watch it began to snow, and within an hour the barque was filmed with the flakes and appeared as a ghost-ship in the velvet darkness.

  50. As the skipper surmised, the glasses of the side-light towers were filmed with frozen spray and the lights were barely visible.

  51. There was a faint murmur from the shingles above; then suddenly the whole window was filmed and blurred as if the entire prospect had been wiped out with a damp sponge.

  52. Through the glass, clouded from within by their breath, and filmed from without by the rain, some vague object was moving, and what seemed to be a mop of tangled hair was apparently brushing against the pane.

  53. Joe," remarked Blake, when they had filmed several views of the scenes at the levee, "suppose we take the boat down stream a short distance.

  54. The work of saving their belongings was being undertaken by many of the people of the village where our friends stopped, and scenes of this were filmed by the moving picture boys.

  55. I only wish we could have filmed the burning cotton barge, but we had enough to do as it was, to get clear of it ourselves.

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