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enured; enuresis; enuy; envelop; envelope; envelopes; enveloping; envelopment; enveloppe; envelops
  1. But slowly, and, as when first sighted, enveloped in a cloud of dust.

  2. By this time the smoke had completely enveloped the waggons, the enclosed space between, and a fringe of some considerable width around them.

  3. The brave words had scarce passed from Walt Wilder's lips when the waggons became enveloped in a cloud of smoke.

  4. There is, by the way, the term "snare," which is specially used with especial reference to catching the foot as distinguished from the net which enveloped the whole body.

  5. Then the Rifaee twisted a cobra round our joined hands, and requested me to spit on it; he did the same, and I was pronounced safe and enveloped in snakes.

  6. As soon as the hunters see a portion of the net fall, they run to the spot, kill the helpless creature that lies enveloped in the elastic meshes, drag away the body, and set up the net again in readiness for the next comer.

  7. The poignant romance of existence enveloped her in its beautiful veils.

  8. I said I didn't need anyone to tell me that, I said!

  9. And the murmur of the men in the inner room was thrilling to Hilda's ears.

  10. Only the sound of the cruel north wind and his more cruel breathing disturbed the stillness that enveloped them.

  11. She enveloped Rose in a comforting embrace.

  12. The flush which had come to her face at the door had never receded, and still enveloped her features charmingly, as she sat with bent head in the cool semi-gloom of the old library.

  13. She was happy and bright at tea, striving alike to entertain their guest and to lift the gloom which had again enveloped the Major.

  14. This moral atmosphere which enveloped her was so evident that even the dulled and warped sensibilities of Devil Marston, at their best but unformed and sickly fungi, recognized it, and trembled before it.

  15. Julia felt that a new existence was opening up for her, and it looked formidable enough in the uncertain atmosphere which now enveloped it.

  16. A shiver as of the pangs of death enveloped him on the instant.

  17. She could see him at the piano in the drawing-room, completely unconscious of his surroundings; enveloped in the music he himself was making.

  18. Mrs. Mallory enveloped me, thick boots and all, in grateful smiles.

  19. In a moment her hand was in his; her eyes were dancing with pleasure; her smile enveloped him in an atmosphere of welcoming friendliness.

  20. Soon the flares and fires of the train were left behind, and we were enveloped and smothered in the vast silence of the desert.

  21. The smoke enveloped up, pouring out the door.

  22. All things lay alike in the blaze, enveloped in a white glimmer of heat and wet, and between the branches of the trees around us the sky was veiled in blue.

  23. They are enveloped by nature, the principle and the adornment of the subtle or mysterious meaning which links them all together.

  24. The riders on horseback are enveloped in a cloud of dust.

  25. The Maria was heeling to the squall by the time the Celebrity appeared at the cabin door, enveloped in an ample waterproof, a rubber cover on his yachting cap.

  26. And it may have been that his success encouraged him as he saw emerging, as the result of his handiwork, an unexpectedly attractive--if still somewhat serious-woman from the gloom that had enveloped her.

  27. Suddenly Austen was enveloped in a flame of wrath that rose without warning and blinded him, and it was with a supreme effort to control himself that he stopped in the doorway.

  28. The change in the elderly lady's own expression, and incidentally in the atmosphere which enveloped her, was remarkable.

  29. Though a desire to meet and talk with quality pushed him hard, he would not go a step to the ordinary, and gave orders to be served in our room, thus fostering the mystery which had enveloped us since our arrival.

  30. Enveloped in white flannel, she met his early train at the Ferry; an unusual compliment to a guest, had he but known it, but he accepted it as a tribute to the Church.

  31. His personality is as deeply enveloped in the mists of the past as are the personalities of the great prehistoric discoverers.

  32. The atmosphere of romantic fable in which it is enveloped even gives it a certain plausibility of effect almost amounting to epic unity.

  33. It enveloped her as, half running, mindless of her footing, slipping as she went, she hurried toward the other side of Galeria.

  34. He saw the light that enveloped her as an armor far less vulnerable than any wall, and the splendor of her was growing in his eyes.

  35. The negro obeyed him promptly, and apparently with but little trouble; ascending higher and higher, until no glimpse of his squat figure could be obtained through the dense foliage which enveloped it.

  36. Thus, from beneath the black veil, there rolled a cloud into the sunshine, an ambiguity of sin or sorrow, which enveloped the poor minister, so that love or sympathy could never reach him.

  37. The spirit of the sixties still breathed from it and it enveloped Miss Ann as in olden days.

  38. After they had driven away, the buggy enveloped in the inevitable cloud of limestone dust, Judith still stood in the yard until she saw the cloud, little more than a speck in the distance, turn into the Buck Hill avenue.

  39. Clinging to one of the great fluted columns she tiptoed, trying to peer through the cloud of limestone dust that enveloped the approaching vehicle.

  40. What damage we were producing among the enemy could not at first be ascertained, for all the ships, from our rapid firing, were enveloped in clouds of smoke.

  41. Again the light of the Zeppelin enveloped them.

  42. The whine of a machine gun sounded as the searchlight of the pursuing Zeppelin again enveloped the bold little aeroplane.

  43. A moment later a blinding white light groped across the waste of tossing waters and enveloped them in its glow.

  44. But suddenly the glowing light enveloped them in its full blaze.

  45. The intense heat of the blaze and the shower of falling embers that enveloped them added to their discomfort.

  46. But papacy, feudalism, and knighthood, as they had risen and flourished together, were enveloped in the same fall.

  47. To the scholar it seemed good materials enveloped in a very unworthy covering.

  48. The flames mounted very slowly; and when at last they enveloped her from the crowd, she was still heard calling on Jesus, and declaring, "The voices I heard were of God!

  49. He was enveloped in a kind of blanket cloak, carried a pole in his hand, and wore a broad, peak-crowned sombrero of very greasy straw.

  50. Next morning there was no chance of proceeding so early as they had wished, for all the swamp was enveloped in a dark grey fog or mist, and it was nearly noon before the sun had succeeded in dispelling it.

  51. When the fog rolled in from the Golden Gate, and enveloped the great city of Saint Francis in its cold vapors, the Island of the Angels lay warm and bright in the sunshine.

  52. His death added to the deep gloom and sadness which enveloped us all.

  53. I was enveloped in a perpetual steam-bath.

  54. On, on, on traveled the destructive element, until it seemed as if the whole forest was enveloped in flame.

  55. A large travelling-cloak enveloped his form, and a Phrygian cap covered his head.

  56. She lifted her head; and raising herself slowly, so as to lean upon her hands, she gazed stupidly into the Stygian blackness which enveloped her.

  57. She quickly enveloped herself in a loose mantle and stepped forth into the main apartment, where Tucca had lighted an oil lamp to assist the gray, uncertain light of dawn.

  58. He tried to swing loose, but clouds of smoke and almost instantly a mass of roaring flames enveloped both vessels, and the admiral was lost.

  59. At the same moment the boatswain called out that the enemy was coming aboard, and even as he spoke the pirate sloop came drifting out from the cloud of smoke that enveloped her, looming up larger and larger as she came down upon them.

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