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Example sentences for "envelopes"

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enuresis; enuy; envelop; envelope; enveloped; enveloping; envelopment; enveloppe; envelops; envenom
  1. Not one of those little mauve envelopes which you look for every day and which decide what your temper will be.

  2. He looked at the envelopes one after another, hugely amused.

  3. He brought the evening letters, and the girls speedily took all the envelopes and newspapers from the tray and began to sort and open them, while the major-domo entered into conversation with his mistress, and the Rev.

  4. Two sheets cream vellum paper one reserve two envelopes when I was in Wisdom Hely's wise Bloom in Daly's Henry Flower bought.

  5. This plebeian Don Juan observed me from behind a hackney car and sent me in double envelopes an obscene photograph, such as are sold after dark on Paris boulevards, insulting to any lady.

  6. Incog Haroun al Raschid he flits behind the silent lechers and hastens on by the railings with fleet step of a pard strewing the drag behind him, torn envelopes drenched in aniseed.

  7. So he took a bundle of wisps of letters and envelopes out of his pocket.

  8. He took both envelopes to me, and asked me to read them out in turn: I did, and mamma's said fourteen thousand pounds: and his said fourteen thousand pounds.

  9. The foreman found them Mitchell's newspaper list, and envelopes by the hundred, and while the copies were pouring in, all hands were folding and addressing them to the London and provincial editors.

  10. We sell the paper at a penny a sheet, and the envelopes will cost you eight cents a package.

  11. He put the money in his pocketbook, and the paper and envelopes in his jacket- pocket, and returned to the tavern well pleased with his success.

  12. Her schoolgirl letters, it had been understood, should be given the first place on the stacks of envelopes each incoming ocean steamer brought in its mail bags.

  13. When Mr. Vanderpoel reached his office and glanced at his carefully arranged morning's mail, Mr. Germen saw him smile at the sight of the envelopes addressed in his daughter's hand.

  14. All formal invitations are to be enclosed in the two envelopes as above; less stately affairs requiring but one envelope; send by mail.

  15. This was enclosed in two small envelopes and sent by mail.

  16. Under the electric-light he drew the folded leaves one by one from their worn envelopes and spread them open before him.

  17. The backs of the envelopes were uppermost, and across the top one was written in a dim, twirly hand and faded ink, the initials B.

  18. Many a pictorial curiosity passes through the post; and the industrious letter-sorter is often bewildered as to where to despatch missives, the envelopes of which bear hieroglyphics which would positively out-Egypt Egypt.

  19. Many most humorously addressed envelopes were received by our soldiers during the Egyptian War.

  20. It descends suddenly and envelopes us in darkness, tangible and real.

  21. The waters piling themselves up are as elemental and chaotic as nebulae or the seething envelopes of the sun.

  22. Unfortunately, we cannot use large envelopes on account of the weight; but always, when two copies have been ordered, they are sent in tube form.

  23. Several adepts have expressed willingness to correct letters of less experienced students, provided stamped envelopes be enclosed for the reply.

  24. With this she smeared the gum on the flap of envelopes in preference to the more ordinary use of the tongue on such occasions.

  25. For every position that offered, which was few, there was a mob of women with their smirks and smiles and references in white envelopes that they were trying to keep clean as the days went by.

  26. And then I discovered she was sending out little envelopes and getting little envelopes in return.

  27. Swept by various emotions, the boys stood there gazing first at the envelopes and then at Lieutenant Mackinson.

  28. Tie the envelopes in the case with raffia, tape, or cord.

  29. Holding the envelopes firmly within the cover, make holes with an eyelet punch at the points placed for them.

  30. Fit the envelopes within the cover, to leave an equal margin around the front and ends of the case.

  31. Ask me what you will," begged Don Luis, as he sank into an easy chair close to the table on which Tom began to arrange his envelopes of specimens taken from the mine.

  32. For a moment or two Reade studied what he had written on the various envelopes before him.

  33. These specimens he placed in sample envelopes and stored in his pockets.

  34. From the ore that was being shoveled back he chose other small specimens, labeling the envelopes in which he stored them.

  35. They passed into the house, and, stopping in front of the writing-table, the nun looked to see if there were paper and envelopes in the blotter.

  36. Once during these weeks I paid a short obligatory visit to the printing-office, and gave Anthy the name of my uncle in California and got the envelopes that had been printed for me.

  37. The workman has a subconscious yearning to scratch together a nice soft heap of manila envelopes and lie down on that couch for a six months' ear-pounding.

  38. The soft down, which envelopes the seeds of different species of gossypium, or cotton plant, is the cotton of commerce.

  39. The weary ruling of paper, and making envelopes ceased.

  40. Soon after the envelopes of three necessary sizes gave out, and I made the envelopes.

  41. I made myself a beautiful die for note paper yesterday and printed it on my envelopes to-day.

  42. I made myself a lot of envelopes to-day and second-coated the canvases of yesterday's stretching.

  43. Another had the diabolical wickedness to wafer and seal up envelopes "containing nothing inside.

  44. Long envelopes were continually being dispatched to the post, to appear with astonishing dispatch on the family breakfast-table.

  45. Three white envelopes lay there, and a rolled-up magazine, all addressed to herself.

  46. Envelopes white and envelopes blue, long manuscript envelopes, which Margot recognised with a reminiscent pang; rolled-up bundles of papers.

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